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[Poll] How would you rate episode 605?


How would you rate episode 605?  

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Season 6, ep. 5: Another decent 8. This season is far better than last.

Sansa's arc in particular is vastly improved. I love her rebuke of LF, but do wonder if the Showrunners realize they're also rebuking themselves for the implausibility of mastermind LF not knowing about Ramsay's notorious ... proclivities (unless he's *supposed* to be rather obtuse?). But yeah, liked pretty much everything about her this episode (esp. the cloak).

Kingsmoot: I'm glad they had one, and it made sense to reduce it to Euron vs. Yara/Asha; but it felt a tad perfunctory, and Asha in the books makes better points than Yara in the show. Theon's presence was a nice touch, although sadly led to another emasculation joke.

Arya's arc, which had been even more static in the show than in the books, seems to be moving now. Westerosi politics is a riot. Meereen ... interesting enough; why Varys is pooh-poohing a potential ally I don't know. Danaerys and Jorah: brief but touching.

Which leaves Bran: fascinating revelations about COTF creating the WW/Others. I tend to find fight scenes boring-ish, since the narrative can kind of sit around while a lot of mayhem and yelling and grunting goes on; but this one actually felt suspenseful.
Although I'd been spoiled about Hodor, it still had an impact--mainly because the incident didn't just kill the poor chap; it made him lose his wits.

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I gave it a 3.

The kingsmoot was done in the most underwhelming way you could imagine. Awful dialogue, and Euron, dear me ... The plotholes in terms of time management alone are ridiculous. Littlefinger in Mole's town - trying to explain away the plotholes of the last season by making it even more confusing. And the last scene ... just cheap. At least Hodor's death had an emotional impact, otherwise what a waste of the CGI-Budget. The show seems lost and trying to cover that by just tying up as many loose ends as possible. The only thing that still works is the music, which is better at storytelling than both camera and script.

The only saving graces: Thormund smiling at Brienne. The play in Braavos. The cloak Sansa made.

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1 hour ago, FacelessMan666 said:

Sinply put, a 10/10 doesn't have to go above your expectations or even be the greatest thing you've ever watched. A 5 year old could tell you this 

Thank you soooo much, I feel so enlightened now! 

And you know something, a five year old could also write a better show than got.

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