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[Poll] How would you rate episode 605?


How would you rate episode 605?  

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The real question isn't what to rate the episode, but whether anyone who really enjoys GoT and asoiaf can ever reasonably be expected to feel happiness again.


The writing on this show manages to somehow continue to get worse. I am willing to believe at this point that d&d suffered some serious head trauma and/or someone went back in time and yelled "be a retard" over and over while warging them.

I mean, the idea that the writing on GoT would be on par or possibly worse than two and a half men is something I never would have believed, but here it is.


I am really stunned. I mean, it is such a shockingly stupid episode that, at this point, I think it should actually come with a warning.

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2 hours ago, Channel4s-JonSnow said:

Ok had a bit of time to gather my thoughts.

My copy was quite low quality so I'll try and watch a good one later to try and see if it changes my mind, but I'm still pretty unhappy with the things that happened in this episode, mainly because the pacing seemed all over the place.

- Sansa: Well I didn't mind this part, felt a little forced but it was to have that interaction between her and LF and really making it clear that Sansa is pissed at him and wants him to pay for what he did. I also liked that she lied to Jon, seems an interesting twist. It all felt rather plot heavy though, like they needed to hit a number of plot points, and couldn't do it elegantly.

- Arya: This seemed to go on forever, and I don't know why it was necessary. Why have more fight training? We've seen that so many times already. Faceless man talk was cool. But the Troupe.. I dunno.. something really off about it, and it went on SO LONG. I love Kevin Eldon (who played Ned Stark) but his presence here was wrong, it was too over the top and unrealistic, it didn't feel like a play from medieval times, it felt like a modern sketch show. What was the point of showing the entire Stark storyline on screen? The whole section could have been done in a couple of minutes really. 

- Dany. What was up with this. It as cheesily horrible, and poorly shot and directed. Felt so soapy. So now all Jorah has to do is go away again and get cured? Ugh.

-Bran. Ok I don't know what to think about this, it might be better on rewatch, but my inital thoughts are it was incredibly rushed, for what is some MASSIVE bits of information, to screw it up in the way they did was pretty annoying. The WW's origin is  important, so why show it in a such a shoddy way. Ok the COTF look like Star Trek aliens, which I don't like, but they shoved in the way they did it in such a clumsy manner. And now the 3 eyed raven is dead.. was that all he does?! I liked the Hodor reveal, but it doesn't make up for the cheesy Doctor Who style ending. 


I too am conflicted and disappointed by the 3 eyed Ravens death, it feels way way too soon and like he has bought little knowledge to Bran. All that work to get there just to view the Stark kids playing and be a prop in Hodors story. It felt way too rushed and I remember thinking Is that it?! Also the Arya scene was stupid, more fart jokes again and then a dick and then a dick joke, lame. Now we come to Euron the kin and kingslaying two eyed villain, and he comes to power by literally A DICK  JOKE, I mean seriously? For the old gods and they're gods sake, Euron pulls out 3 dick jokes after acknowledging regicide and kindlaying and becomes king:bs:Is that the best D$D can do, I really wanted more and I am blown away by the decline in quality of GoT, I gave it a 3

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27 minutes ago, Modesty Lannister said:

Not enough can be said about direction and editing of this episode. Both shone during d(c)drowning of Euron and during the last scene, of course. Beautifully built up drama. 

However, writing still remains the weakest link of the show.

This pretty much sums up my feeling about this episode (and many of the latest ones). Superb acting, brilliant directing and editing, excellent music, great production values, but very poor writing.

When I rate a drama, I place a lot of importance to the writing (it weighs about 50% of my score). That's why I tend to rate the episodes very low of late. This one has been a 4 for me.

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 I am a lifelong fantasy fan. Sword and sorcery has been my escape since I was a small child. For almost my entire life, my favorite genre of literature has been treated like the above movie. I would rate this movie a 1.


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1 hour ago, Valetudo said:

And the way the found to show us 3ER transferring a massive amount of important knowledge to Bran was to have him showing Bran a vision of his dad leaving for the Eyrie???? Is that really the kind of useful information that you have to transmit at all costs?

If they had at least shown us Bran having various short flashes of different memories before this particular one , I could be OK with the "transferring as much knowledge as possible while we still have time" approach. But that's clearly not what was shown on the show, only what was told by the producers to justify it.

I gave this episode a 3

I treat it more as a side effect while all other information was being transferred :)

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30 minutes ago, Channel4s-JonSnow said:

Its strange, there is a Star Trek Vibe going on here, where every Odd numbered episode is really good and all the Even ones are really crap. Is this some sort of Trekky tribute?

Most people liked episode two better than 1. 

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5 minutes ago, Rhollo said:

There is no objective way of rating a TV show (or any other form of art).

Sure. But it's one thing to dislike the show on its own merits. Comparing it to the books, especially when we are at a point where people have no idea what's in the books, is not a real legit comparison. 

Its jusy people who did their head in the sand and justify everything they like as GRRM and then call everything they don't a D&D creation. 

Then nitpicks that most people just aren't going to care about. Like how fast LF gets around. 

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6 hours ago, Sir Drew said:


If last week showed improvement, this knocked it back down again. Emilia Clarke was really bad in her scene and the teary-eyed goodbye to Jorah had me laughing. Jesus wept, the man’s an obsessed stalker. Arya’s scenes continue to bore: now she’ boxing with the waif! The play was entertaining, but too long, and they’re dragging the life out of this stuff now.

The Kingsmoot was atrocious. From Theon upstaging Yara to Euron arriving like a drunk at a wedding, no charisma or charm, no dragon-horn. Somehow he wins the Kingsmoot, but Yara still has more supporters, enough to steal most of his ships, but it’s okay he’s going to make 1000 more with...what? Jon hasn’t changed at all, the Night’s Watch no longer votes, and Sansa has become yet another cipher in the show bleating about ‘ruvenge’.

The Others reveal...who cares? They’ve created zero tension or mystery surrounding this, nobody in that cave has been established as an interesting, sympathetic character, so why should I care about them dying? The scene where the children ‘create’ the Night’s King looked really cheesy. I wasn't too impressed by the action scene at the end: the Children’s napalm bombs amuse me more than they look cool, Summer’s death was weak and bordering on offensive, the wights are the least threatening things on the planet: one slap, I swear, and they go down.I'm pretty sure Hodor's name-origin will be different in the books. They kinda wasted Sydow. 

For me, everything you said.  I give it a 5 too.  Also, I did not find the actual ending, the death of Hodor all that moving.  I do like the CoTF and the WW story and will rewatch to catch what I may have missed.  

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Question to everybody giving every episode 1s: Have any of you ever seen Birdemic: Shock and Terror? THAT is a 1. Yes, yes, opinions differ, yadda yadda. I guess in all your opinions production values are taken for granted and don't factor into ratings anymore.

Imagine The Godfather having shaky camera or bad audio throughout. Would it still be a 10/10 movie? In the same vein nothing deserves a 1/10 when it at least has good cinematography, sound, editing, etc. The production values alone make it a 5/10 by default. The writing and acting determines whether it's higher than that, but it shouldn't drop any lower.

Bottom line: You give it a 1/10, your opinion has no value to me. Go watch Birdemic or some Ed Wood movies if you want to know what "bad" means.

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34 minutes ago, lancerman said:

Sure. But it's one thing to dislike the show on its own merits. Comparing it to the books, especially when we are at a point where people have no idea what's in the books, is not a real legit comparison. 

We have a pretty good idea what's in the books. Not when it comes to plot, of course, but things like characters and world-building are pretty well established and we can still make comparisons in that department.

Although these things can change too as the story progresses, there won't be a sudden un-tabooing of king- and kinslaying all over Westeros or a revenge-crazy Ellaria in the future books, that's pretty much for sure.

34 minutes ago, lancerman said:

Then nitpicks that most people just aren't going to care about. Like how fast LF gets around. 

How many people have to care that something stops being a nitpick and become a valid criticism ? And who is defining that threshold ?

Edited by Rhollo
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8.5-9 from me.

It was a great episode in my point of view. The best one since Hardhome, though this one struck an emotional chord in me.

Every scene beyond the wall was amazing. They also confirmed two things for me. Years ago my bf asked what Hodor means and as I was scrolling down through fb an imagine about men holding doors for women came up and I jokingly said 'hey, maybe it means hold the door'. Then I actually googled it to see if there are any discussions about it and I came across quite a few. The second thing is I always thought the children of the forest created the white walkers. I was not sure how, but I had this gut feeling.

Arya's scenes were wonderful and somewhat sad. You could see the pain in her eyes as she watched the play. 

Sansa  has every right to be cold towards Littlefinger. Why did she hide her meeting with LF from Jon? We will see how this plays out. I liked that they plan to gather an army. Looking forward to see this. Tormund making eyes at Brienne and her saying 'that man with the red beard' were some little bits of comic relief.

Dany had a toughing scene with Jorah and I think it's the best acting so far from Emilia.

Meereen was more interesting this week than it has been in a while. Still not perfect, but a lot better than cock jokes.

The Ironborn scenes were ok. It was nice to see Theon all cleaned up. Alfie is an amazing actor.

My favorite part was what happened beyond the wall. Seeing everyone sacrifice themselves so that Bran can escape was very sad. I had tears in my eyes as I heard Summer's cries of pain. All throughout the Hodor scene I kept my mouth wide open. It was beyond sad and very tragic.

The shots of the scenery were awesome too.



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I gave it a 5 just because it was exciting to watch at the end and season 6 hasn't been quite so bad as Season 5. But still a lot that didn't make sense. The Kingsmoot made very little sense. Why can Euron just confess to killing Balon and then announce his intentions to kill Yara and Theon and no one gives a damn? Does kinslaying mean nothing? It's the same "no one liked this guy anyway" excuse they used for Doran's death. 

The revelation regarding the origins of the White Walkers was given very little weight. Hodor's origin story was given more screen time and importance! And don't get me wrong that was a cool scene and I was genuinely sad to see Hodor (and Summer) go. But I feel like they really undersold a reveal we've been waiting for for so long.

The play scene was a little long for my liking. I'm always aware of how strapped this show is for time. So it felt like D+D self-indulging in being "meta". 

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