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[Poll] How would you rate episode 606?


How would you rate episode 606?  

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I gave it a 7. I did like the Dany scene at the end cause I was waiting to see a "holy crap" moment with the Dothraki and I got that. I liked seeing Benjen/CH merge even though sounds like it's different than the books. Interesting that people still think white walkers don't exist. Think that others would have heard about stuff like that by now at least to some degree.

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7/10 wasn't a bad episode, it did seem a little pointless at times and it wasn't very entertaining, glad to see Coldhands confirmed as Benjen I have no idea why they didn't introduce him earlier. Danys scene feel like that scene from avatar to anyone else??

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19 minutes ago, Emanresu said:

For sure M is faking...Tommen probably isn't though and she's probably abandoning Loras too...

Sometimes I wonder if deep underneath that gormless exterior maybe Tommen is in actual fact, as crafty, cunning and intelligent as Littlefinger or Varys. But then I realise nope, he really is just stupid. I think Margaery will be convincing Tommen that she has turned to the side of the Sparrows but she will be playing some kind of longer game. I hope she doesn't abandon Loras though, that would be sad...

The more I think of it, the more I like that Arya decided to betray the Faceless Men. I hope she kills the waif.

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Gave it a 9. Well done across the board. Combining the Coldhands and Benjen characters into one was necessary for TV purposes, but has no bearing on who is who in the books. The Tarly household played out well.  I liked the Randyll casting. He was enough of a nasty hard-ass.

Looking forward to Waif meets Needle: "Say hello to my little friend". 

Thankfully no Littlefinger.

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Gave it an 8, but probably more of a 7.

Benjen Coldhands - Cool scene, hopefully we get a bit more explanation of the magic before he sends Bran and Meera on their way. Solid return though: decaying face was a nice touch.

Tarlys - Sam's storyline is so boring, I couldn't care less about him or Gilly.... BUTTTTT he's going to bring the sword to the citadel, plot holes will be ignored and they'll magically learn how to make Valyrian swords again... I assume the plot holes will be covered up with "oh lookie there's more magic and now the process works apparently"

Jaime - I actually liked the KL twist but it would've been better if Cersei had taken Tommen's side and sent Jaime away pissing him off. That's what I thought we were getting with the armor being thrown down. So overall that had potential but was blown. Glad he's in the Riverlands though.

Dany - It honestly felt like they had filmed this and the Dothrak scene so they'd have two different ways to take the plot but then needed filler. Didn't like this.

Arya - Probably my favorite scenes in this episode. I think the Waif's death will pay for Arya's life and she'll escape Braavos. Jaqen didn't seem too interested in killing her anyway.


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Bran's vision of the Mad King, BENJEN IS BACK, Arya going out on her own, Edmure back, Walder back, Sam takes Heartsbane, Daenerys finally going to Westeros and Drogon is HUGE.......wtf so much epic stuff. 9/10 easy. 

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Gave it a 9, my favorite episode of the season so far.  Finally Benjen returns and we get Edmure too and mentions of the Blackfish and the Brotherhood w/o Banners.  Randyll Tarly was every bit of the dick I expected him to be and Sam taking his sword was a nice comeuppance.  I liked how the Tyrell vs. Faith turned out, Tommen actually played it smarter than his parents would and now have the love of the smallfolk.  Arya leaving the HoBW was a good surprise and I hope she kills the waif.  And Dany is at her best when she is giving speeches in Dothraki.  And all that w/o having to resort to the lazy D&D way of advancing the plot by killing off someone.  I honestly thought this episode would've been better received, but I should've known better.

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The more I think of it, the more I like that Arya decided to betray the Faceless Men. I hope she kills the waif. 


Yeah. The Waif is gonna die, though. I dunno about the Kindly Jaqen, but Arya gonna own that Waif, steal some faces, and get the fuck out. I think her motivation for deserting is weird, but it does make some sense. She cant kill indiscriminately. She cant kill people who havent done anything horribly wrong. As such, she cant let go of Arya Stark. Maybe this will segway into Nymeria only eating Freys in the show or something.

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Solid 8.  Moved the story along nicely, finally called back to some great characters from the past, but nothing terribly dramatic (for me) beyond seeing the Mad King.  Great character-building episode (I don't see that as 'filler', myself), but definitely building up for crazy stuff down the road.  Was also happy to hear Daario finally say what I've been thinking this whole time...Dany's not a ruler, she's a conqueror.  Hopefully she takes that to heart.  My only gripe, really, was that it felt like it needed a Northern segment in it somewhere.

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It was decent. Enjoyable. I generally like the show except the sand snakes. 

Nothing too exciting but I'm glad Benjen is back.

I like Sam & Gilly. 

I really wanted to see them kill the HS but I suspect Margaery is not done with him yet. There is no way she would abandon Loras. 

Dragons are always cool & for some reason I like Dany better when she speaks Dothraki?  

Can't wait til next week!

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