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[Poll] How would you rate episode 606?


How would you rate episode 606?  

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Ehh...It gets a 3 cause watching the Freys getting a toungue lashing was a bit funny.....I think Danny is the worst character in the book and on TV show....yelling in Dothraki or Valaryian is getting old .... of course Drogon is always a scene stealer and he's gotten immense


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seeing Aerys in Bran's flashback was really cool. "Burn them all". I also like the Coldhands Benjen combo, it makes sense and solves one mystery.

Sam taking Heartsbane and Gilly looking clean and beautiful were amazing. 

I felt as dumb as Mace, wondering wtf was going on at the almost walk. Excited to see who the mastermind was. No way will Marg leave Loras.

Arya laughing at Joff's death was so satisfying. I cannot wait to see her stick the Waif with the pointy end of Needle. She will always be a Stark.

I loved Dany's speech on Drogon's back. She is a conqueror and the Mother of Dragons, no cheese necessary or applied...

So excited for next week!

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1 hour ago, Lady Sansa's Direwolf said:


How did Drogon grow so large in only 6 episodes ;)

Here's a hint: it's been a few weeks in-show since we've seen him. It's been at least 2 weeks since Tyrion struck the deal with the Masters, but we don't know how long it's been since Dany left AFAIK.


1 hour ago, Fez said:

the Dany scene just seemed like a repeat of the Khal burning scene.

The whole point of that scene was Dany telling the Dothraki what a previous great Khal, Drogo, had promised, and what she wanted them to do for her. It was showing them that she's not just some god who can burn buildings down and walk out unharmed.

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1 hour ago, Florina Laufeyson said:

Yeah. The Waif is gonna die, though. I dunno about the Kindly Jaqen, but Arya gonna own that Waif, steal some faces, and get the fuck out. I think her motivation for deserting is weird, but it does make some sense. She cant kill indiscriminately. She cant kill people who havent done anything horribly wrong. As such, she cant let go of Arya Stark. Maybe this will segway into Nymeria only eating Freys in the show or something.

I agree, she will finally kill the Waif!  I think what this proves is that Arya can be vindictive but not cold blooded against someone who hasn't either wrong her personally or wronged someone she deeply cares about.  I like this character well I wouldn't necessarily call it development, more like an insight into who she really is right now.

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I'm glad Arya did not fully become, "no one". I'm glad that her story despite being good is finally going to start to steer different that converge with other characters once more. 

Dany's speech was nice. In a way, it was needed. While I liked how she got many Dothraki to follow her, you had a feeling, she would have to do something more to get a good grip and control over the others. Her speech, and bringing dragon was a good way to show power.

I'm REALLY not sure what's going on with Kings Landing. I would have bet a lot of money on Tomman dying but apparently it's still too early.

Cold Hands. I think a huge majority always assumed it was always Benjen. I wonder if the books will follow the same path because I could have sworn GRRM confirmed that it was no Benjen.

I'm trying to think of why the flashbacks in the beginning were shown. Clearly it's very significant. It's likely that Dragonfire is the key to killing the others/WW.




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7/10--I love Arya. Her insanely disconnected Facless girl storyline is coming to an end. Thank goodness. Also, I think Tommen siding with the High Sparrow buts a twist on things in Kings Landing. Benjen Starks return and whereabout story is great. The confirmation that Bran is now the "three-eye" crow was noteworthy. What I didn't enjoy was the slow pace and minor character driven episode. Gilly and Sam's trip back home had some moments, but that's it. That's greasy looking Freys holding Edmure Tully hostage didn't arose anything emotionally for me because I'd forgotten all about River Run and the Black Fish dude. The incest twins just do nothing for me. To be honest, my favorite characters weren't on screen, and I missed Jon, Tyrion, Baelish, and Varys. 

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now this was a weak one. two unwanted comebacks of long forgotten (rightly so) fellas... Arya picking up needle and the miscast Dany riding on the backspikes of a dragon... that was some weaksauce topped with Tommen going full retard. i gave one extra point for my man Mace, Sam picking up his familysword and the very last godzillaesque frame, making it a weak 6. disappointing after the last episode.

if anything, this show needs less Starks not more. i really hope the Waif will finally kill Arya. man that would be a pleaser. Benjen and Edmure pfff... i would take a Hound/Hot Pie return anytime over these two assclowns.

it was the weakest episode this season.

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Meh. Cogman is by far the best writer the show has, so it's frustrating to see him continuously being given mediocre/boring/bad storylines and events for his episodes.

Fortunately the next episode will likely be a huge improvement judging by the preview. I fully expect Cogman to nail the Siege of Riverrun as well as what will ultimately be the shows version of "The North Remembers" speech.  

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7.5/10 for me.  

A great momentum building episode carrying on from episode 5.  Many big moments.  Hard to score highly after last week which I gave a 9/10.  

What I liked:

- Cold Hands reveal.  Uncle Benjen saves the day.  

- Bran warging/dreaming/learning.  Will have to slow those scenes down they were packed with imagery.  

- Sam taking Heartsbane, Gilly and leaving.  Good on ya.  

- High Sparrow/Jaime/Tommen/Tyrrell scene.  Was NOT expecting that twist.  

- Dany's speech plus Dragon.  Long overdue

- Woman playing Cercei in the play.  

- Jamie/Cercei scene.  Gross but character defining.  

Didn't like:

- Arya.  So, all that training and wanting to win trust and be part of it and 'the many faced god' and she bails on it again?  Surprised.  

- Squirm worthy content the show likes to add.  A bit graphic and stomach churning for my taste.  Realistic though it may be.  

- No Tyrion 

- No Jon Snow

- No Sansa

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Definitely not agreeing with ppl who are calling this episode the weakest of the season. For me it was the strongest. Do we really need each episode to be action-packed? Tarly's family drama, KL confrontation, Arya's choice, the MAD KING for Christ's sake! And Coldhands was cool as hell... What's not to like??? My first "more then 7" vote in two years. 

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I gave it an 8, watched it twice lol. Couple comments:

* Horn Hill went longer than I expected, but well done and enjoyable.

* So Uncle Benjen is effectively what the white walkers were meant to be. Would have been cool if his eyes were ice blue. But this seems to support the idea that they were used in the war against the First Men and didn't transform into dead things until they went rogue and returned during the Long Night.

* Margaery just secured her own power base, separate from the Lannisters and her own family.

* Man, sure seems to be some hints that a greenseer mishap was responsible for "burn them all." Not necessarily Bran; might have been the 3ER.

* I love "Drogo's Speech," but that'll probably do. Clarke doesn't have a strong enough voice to really do it justice. Drogon looked awesome -- I loved the fire glands in his mouth. Have we seen that before?

* Arya coming home. Dany on her way to Westeros as soon as "someone" can bring her some ships. Sansa and Jon retaking the North, hopefully giving Ramsay his and rescuing Rickon. Bran and Benjen headed south. Blackfish, Jamie, Brienne and probably Littlefinger bringing shit to a head at Riverrun. Looks a lot like an actual story coming together...

ETA: Props to Lady Crane for dissing the writers lol

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True to the books, starved, beaten, and be-ragged Edmure Tully still looks more lordly than all the Freys combined.

Walder Frey shit-talking Black Walder and Lame Lothar was fun.  Also slapping his wife's butt.  You know, just in case you forgot the host of the Red Wedding was a total asshole. :)  So Blackfish taking Riverrun is confirmed legit, and not just Littlefinger blowing smoke up Sansa's butt.  BLACKFISH IS GOING TO BE BACK NEXT WEEK GET HYPE.

MACE TYRELL'S ARMOR AND PLUME AND RIDICULOUS PUMP-UP SPEECH.  That was ALMOST as good as getting the Handthrone. 11 out of 10.

Show Coldhands is Benjen.  Honestly I am happy with this, Book Coldhands being cleary "Not Benjen" was a disappointment.

Sam's mother was happy to see him.  Sam's sister was happy to see him (shout out to House Fossoway!  She's marrying one.  Nice little bone for the book readers).  Even Sam's brother was cordial.  Randyll was asshole enough for the four of them combined.  I've been waiting to finally see the Massive Shithead that is Randyll Tarly be given visual form and the show delivered.  Walder Frey is at least hilarious in how over the top dickhead he is to people, and he (rightly) hates all his relatives.  Randyll is just over the top dickhead and it's all homed in on Sam.

Stealing Heartsbane seems pretty stupid and getting away with it is going to take some stretches of logic that are going to require some odd writing, I fear.  But it was kinda funny, and honestly Fuck Randyll.  (Shame it's ultimately being stolen from Dickon, too.)

Meera collapsing and breaking down in tears when she had gone as far as she could and it wasn't enough was a very touching moment that most people will probably overlook, but I am determined not to forget.

I'm gonna miss the Braavos Shakespeare Company's Westeros Revue :(

Not a great episode but it threw me enough bones to send me away happy.  6/10


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3 hours ago, mpk22 said:

I gave it a 7. I did like the Dany scene at the end cause I was waiting to see a "holy crap" moment with the Dothraki and I got that. I liked seeing Benjen/CH merge even though sounds like it's different than the books. Interesting that people still think white walkers don't exist. Think that others would have heard about stuff like that by now at least to some degree.

You would think so, but seeing as nobody at Castle Black is even aware of the White Walkers, I'm not surprised that Rickon doesn't believe they are real.

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6 Because of Bran's flashbacks, Aerys dying, Lyanna, KL imploding with wildfire? and Benjen being cool.

Play within a play - The best thing in Arya's scenes are the plays... thats a bad sign - I hoped to see her fighting the Waif, guess its in ep 7

Sam - Bold Prediction: Gilly will survive them all as D&D forcibly want the audience to love/care about her...

Frey - no one likes them or Edmund

Jaime - I hope this is the last time he kisses Cersei

Tommen - Idiot

Daenerys - underwelming

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Mostly filler, some circus animal.  Too bad CH couldn't have shown up 2 minutes earlier and saved us from having to take a trip through the Ho Door last week.  While the play in Braavos (both weeks) is amusing, it feels like a waste of screen time, but it beats watching Arya barely get bruised by all the staffs to the face she's been getting.  Would like the High Sparrow to GTFO my lawn.  Sam scene was painful (but appropriately so); the best scene in the episode (+1 for Gilly's makeover).  Confused by Dany's scene -- thought she had the Dothraki at "Unburnt" two episodes ago.

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Wasn't really feeling this episode.

gave it a 7 for a few strong scenes, but overall it was a bit slow, perhaps expected after faster paced prior episodes.

They haven't yet had Dany with her dragon with the Dothraki so I gave them a pass on what was basically a repeat of what went before.

I liked that Arya's break with the FM came after they asked her to kill a "good" person. I wonder if that is how it will pay out in the books. 




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