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[Poll] How would you rate episode 606?


How would you rate episode 606?  

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I gave it a 6. Inevitable after the high of the last week's stellar performance. Still, everything here moved the storyline along.

I never liked Randall Tarley, but now I truly hate him and hate that we spent at least five full minutes or ten sitting down to dinner with him. I am never watching that segment again.

The northern storyline was the best for me, but I also really enjoyed Arya's time in Braavos.

I wonder if the episode seemed so bland because no one died? I seem to be measuring progress by the body count. Shame on me.

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22 minutes ago, Faereth said:

I would assume that is the obsidian working? If the obsidian made the white walkers in the first place and seemingly has the power to stop a dead person becoming a full on wight, then I guess it would have some side effects? Plus Benjen wasn't killed by an ordinary weapon - but the ice sword of the Nights King I think he said? 

Possibly - I was wondering if it had something to do with him being a Stark?

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6 for me.  Definitely an episode moving the pieces into place and quite dull in places as a result.

My biggest grip were the Sam scenes, or more specifically the whole White Walker washout.  Any brother of the Night's Watch travelling through Westeros would be telling everyone they can tell that the White Walkers are back.  The same massive plot hole exists in the books too.  It seems the whole point of Sam going home was to get hold of Heartsbane.

The High Sparrow stuff was all very anti-climatic.  I guess this is going to lead to Tommen's death somehow.

Good to see Arya may finally be coming back to Westeros, although I will be extremely disappointed if the books follow the same path and her entire Faceless Man training doesn't end up with her being a Faceless Man.  If the whole thing was just a plot device so she gets some training to learn different skills to kill people then she could have done that in Westeros.

Benjen being Coldhands.  GRRM denied this is the case in the books but then he has also said Lady Stoneheart is not Catelyn Stark.  So draw your own conclusions on that.  Either way I am delighted he wasn't riding an Elk.

Speaking of Lady Stoneheart.  I always felt they'd cut her out of the story.  Now I am not so sure.  Jaime looks like he is going to Riverrun which will line him up a bit with the books.  Again a chess piece moving into position.  I have no doubt he will cross paths with the BWB and wouldn't be shocked if D&D have held her back until now.

Finally getting a bit fed up of big speeches from Dany.  All very good, but not very good considering Ep6 has now come and gone and she isn't even back at Meereen yet, let alone Westeros.  Just get her to Westeros already.....


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A solid episode. It would be a disservice to call this episode filler. There was some decent character building and the moving of some chess pieces, even if not to the same degree as we've seen over the last few episodes.

I liked the Sam stuff. At first I felt it was completely pointless for him to be back in Horn Hill but the fact that he stole Heartsbane made sense (while also being hilarious). Gotta say, I don't know where the Sam storyline is really going now. I can't imagine he can go to the citadel with a lover, a child, AND a stolen Valyrian sword in tow. Especially presuming that his father should be hunting him down with intent to kill. 

With the Arya plotline I'm just glad that after almost two full seasons in Braavos we're getting a conclusion on this chapter of her story. Even though most of it, including in this episode, has been well done, it's just went on far too long.

I'm really digging the High Sparrow. He really does know how to play the Game of Thrones and it will be interesting to see where this strand goes.

And of course Benjen. Was great seeing him again and can't wait to see what part he will play in future. Orrrr, he'll kick the bucket before the season ends. OH WELL.

All in all, not too many complaints. The writing (especially the dialogue) was solid and well-acted and it setup future episodes while bringing back some key figures into the fold. I hope we get Walder Frey's head on a spike before the season is over.

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Some more developed thoughts (my first reaction was posted at 0315 my time here in the UK and I was a little tired).

After last week we were always going to get a step-back, take-a-beat, exposition episode. I enjoyed it just as much though and it set so much up for the rest of the season.

Bran's visions were too fast to see much but you can find stills from it at http://imgur.com/gallery/5WMdv/new (you have to click once more to load all the others up). I'm taking this as Bloodraven's "final upload" to Bran.

There's a bunch of stuff we've seen before: Bran being pushed, Red Wedding, Hardhome and so on. Take this as Bran being caught up on what's happened back at the ranch while he's been gallivanting up north.

But there's also a bunch of stuff we haven't:

- several wildfire shots. Recall that the Mad King wanted to use this to burn King's Landing and Jaime killed him to stop him (we see Jaime doing this in some of the flashback frames). My personal theory is that this feeds forward into something we will see this season, Cersei losing her battle against the Faith and using that wildfire to burn Kings Landing herself. The books foreshadow this (lots of comparison of her green eyes to the green of wildfire, her character to wildfire and so on). Everyone thinks we'll get the big battle in Ep 9 and then the Wall coming down in Ep 10. Me, I'm not so sure. I think the Wall may not come down till next season, and Cersei will burn Kings Landing this season. Either Tommen or Jaime will try to stop her and will kill her, fulfilling the prophecy (more likely Jaime).

The other sequence is Young Ned and then his bloody hand over what looks like an amateur C-section wound and what is clearly a woman's hand. I take this as being him cutting Lyanna open to deliver Jon and making some promise to her (that he would tell Jon his true parentage - which he never did - or something else that's influenced him heavily throughout). I think we will see this in longhand (as it were) ep 10.

Well, that' s a lot of words for the first ten seconds or so of the episode, isn't it. I'd best speed up a little.

They've merged Coldhands and Benjen for the show (GRRM has said Benjen is not Coldhands in the book, and Coldhands is scared of fire but ColdBen clearly isn't). His backstory (CoTF using dragonglass to "save" him) is probably what Coldhands' backstory will be something like in the books, though. Thought that bit was brilliantly conceived and acted. I found myself wanting Bran to show Meera some affection, but also wondering if "becoming" the new Three Eyed Crow moves him a little past being wholly human.

Then the Tarlys. A bit overlong? Maybe but established a lot of backstory. Sam's Dad almost undid everything that the Wall had done to Sam, but then New Sam came back, took the girl, the baby and the sword. Yay New Sam. Gilly standing up for Sam was also great. Dickon was less of a, well, Dick(on), that I'd expected - maybe they figured that one massive weapon in the family (I mean Sam's Dad, not the sword) was enough.

Arya not killing Lady Crane was very predictable but I liked the way they did it - beautifully acted by all concerned and Lady Crane finished the job of Arya deciding that she's Arya, and not no-one.

At this point it looks like that means the Faceless Men will try to kill her. However I wonder if Jaqen doesn't really mind which one dies - the Waif is clearly not no-one either as she holds a personal grudge against Arya, and no-one wouldn't do that. It might be that the Waif's death will pay for the missed kill and Arya will just be banished rather than on a permanent kill list. If not, though, Arya will likely die next season (I think she's got more to do before that happens) at the hands of the Faceless Men. Which will make me Very Sad Indeed.

Margaery is so faking it (as my kids would put it), and probably abandoning Loras in return for her own freedom. By doing so and convincing Tommen (who isn't capable of faking it - he's a True Believer(tm)), she has also established her own power base in King's Landing, entirely independent of both Lannisters and her own house. The High Sparrow is the consummate politician - but so is she. I'd have preferred Lancel to tell Jamie that he slept with Cersei and have Jaime storm off to the Riverlands (in the books, Jaime is cold to Cersei at this point), but oh well.

I liked the Frey scene. He's going to get his, no question. And next episode we get Blackfish and (almost certainly) further Houndly Goodness, so that's something to look forward to.

Is it just me, or did no-one actually die this episode? Wights are already dead, they don't count...

Oh and Dany channelling her dead husband was a bit of nostalgia - Drogon done grew some, didnee - she used the same words as Drogo did in Vaes Dothrak in Season One, more or less, and now has them totally on board with getting on these thousand ships she doesn't have.

If only someone was coming over the sea with a thousand ships.

In the books I suspect she marries the relevant Greyjoy then gets rid of him/he dies somehow. Can't imagine her getting on with Euron though...Yara?

I can also see Cersei burning Kings Landing and then Dany landing there to find it all burned down. Remember her vision in the House of the Undying - the iron throne in a burned out, roofless room and flakes of snow falling through...gawd, maybe she burns it ep 8, Battle of the B'stards ep 9, Dany landing ep 10 plus Tower of Joy.

The more I think about I the more I don't see how they have time to fit everything in and the wall come down this season. I could be wrong about much of the above and that, though, so we'll see.

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It was a requored episode to move the story plotline forward but it felt rushed and disjointed.   The Dany scene seemed pointless and a waste of CGI budget (her faithful followers are now more faithful,  big woop),  it is nice to see Arya leaving the faceless men but in the book she gains the power to change faces and actually kills a corrupt insurance agent so why do they bother going after her in the tv show since she can't even change faces?  At least the books give the Faceless men a motivation.   Also what os the point of Sam going home then changing hos mind and stealing his father's sword?   Just to remind us his father is mean?  At least in the books we get a more balanced view of Randell Tarly like when he was one of the only lords actually trying to restore order in the seven kingdoms. 

Really this was just a place holder episode. 

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Solid episode to take a breath and set the table for the final 4 episodes.

Some of the subplots i do find it hard to consider so important now that we have the vision of the endgame and the larger forces at play.

So KL was all well done, but we know a lot of these people won't be alive in 2 seasons time in any case, and they are not focused on the "real war" as Davos puts it. 

Arya good as we (still) hope to see here rejoin the world of men. I'm a bit surprised as i thought she would cross the narrow sea as an assassin-apparently not.

Horn Hill- Sure the Sam/Gilly stuff feels like a digression, but its good to have some perspective on what's worth fighting for- this family of 3 are the Westerosi version of the Shire.. I also expect we'll be seeing/hearing  the latest "Delightful Dad of Westeros" in action against Dorne at some point, so it did double duty. 

Bran- its the big game and it nicely shows that the 3ER also had and has a plan...

And then Dany. Feels a bit tacked on, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 


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A meh episode but one that was needed to fill in the gaps and expected after last week.  Gave it another 7.

The Queen of Thorns has taught Margaery very well.  She had her own plan in place and executed before the show of force.  She has manipulated them all and is the QUEEN.

Drogon was breathtaking (not so much his plump rider) and the gland openings at the sides of his/her mouth were interesting.  Probably the best dragon ever.

Get Arya out of there already, she must have a lot of story left.  The Starks will reunite!!

Lots of nice little details and facts this episode.

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I gave it a 7/10


Benjen return was cool, Didn't see Jaime being dismissed from the Kingsguard coming, Dany on a dragon was cool, though it felt like a rehash of her  scene at Vaes Dothrak. I liked seeing Arya reclaim Needle. Overall, not a bad episode. 

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I know many liked the previous episode, but I thought this was a great improvement on that. I assume many will find this episode boring, and get angry that its 'wasting time' by hanging around watching Sam have dinner and a bunch of actors.

But actually I think in comparison to much of this season this episode was very well written, full of good dialogue and interesting drama and personal conflict. It didn't have the big bang moments but seeing as how this season has been jumping from one big bang to another I was rather grateful for that.

Things I liked:

- Pretty much all of Sams family. I didn't think I really wanted to see any of this, but Randyll Tarly was exactly as miserable and imposing as I imagined, and there were some nice little moments in there. Interesting like about the Umbers I think as well! I wonder if that is significant. 

- Steps of the sept scene was very well shot, nice to look at and the whole set up worked really well. Big fan of Mace's little speech being totally uninspiring! 

- I enjoyed the Braavos play more this week, as it seemed to have a purpose. I especially liked that this is hopefully the end of Arya's time as a FM, and that she decided to get out. I think they did it in a nice way too. 

- Cold hands reveal was great, as was his fight scene which was well directed, unlike last weeks which looked like an episode of Doctor Who.

- Drogon looked awesome.

Not so liked:

- Not much really, I thought most of it was very well done. My only complaint was Dany having yet another shouty speech for no reason.

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8 hours ago, WingedShadow said:

The whole point of that scene was Dany telling the Dothraki what a previous great Khal, Drogo, had promised, and what she wanted them to do for her. It was showing them that she's not just some god who can burn buildings down and walk out unharmed.

Still seemed unnecessary. The Dothraki were already loyal to her, having them become more loyal is not really worth the climatic final scene of the episode. Especially since Dany has already had far too many of these 'big important speech' final scenes and not really done much with them. I was really hoping that speech would end with something like 'Forget Meereen, we ride to Braavos, that's where the ships are.' and a command for Daario to ride to Meeren to gather the Second Sons and the Unsullied for her. At least that would've had more plot movement for her.

I will say, after sleeping on it, I may have been a bit harsh on the episode. I still say 7/10, but last night I was kinda close to giving it a 6/10 whereas this morning its closer to 8/10, although not quite there. I didn't like the aforementioned Dany scene, or the Sam & Gilly scenes, or the scenes in the High Sept. But Bran was good, those flashbacks were great (short as they were), the Arya scenes were actually really strong, and I did like all the Kings Landing scenes that Jaime was in.

And I do think the episode did a good job at setting up some of the next moves. For instance, now that Jaime (the one character in Kings Landing who still had unfinished business to resolve elsewhere) is going to be safely out of Kings Landing, I'm pretty confident in saying that Kings Landing is going to blow up (possibly literally) at the end of the season. I wouldn't be surprised if basically all the characters there, even Cersei, somehow die in Episode 10.

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The return to the books (more or less) always pays off. So, this was almost a solid episode.

Bran - I liked the visions and appearance of Coldhands. I thought the reveal was too quick. They should have waited an episode or two to reveal Benjen Stark. But, I can live with it. 

The Tarleys - all was good in this sequence. Loved when Sam took Heartsbane.

Arya - good sequence. Good that she reached the Rubicon point. 

Frey - excellent

King's Landing - the weakest link as always. Liked High Sparrow seducing Tommen to the faith and the talk between Tommen and Margaery. Didn't like how Jaime, the LC of the Kingsguard did not know what the rest of his guard was up to. Defies logic. The last scene between the Lannister twins was idiotic. But, more or less things are getting back on the books track, so more watchable than usually.

Daenerys - epic. Loved dragon's tongue.

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Great episode, loved it. Benjen and Edmure! Walder Frey needs the second most painful death in Westeros; worst being reserved for Ramsay Snow. I guess being abused for so long cowed Sam at the dinner table, but I can only assume it was best done that way to first secure a space for Gilly and baby.  Still brutal to watch. Can't even speak of Tommen's conversion, except Margery is playing the High Sparrow, whose death ranks high on the priority list. And somewhere, Ser Barristan Selmy is laughing his ass off at Jaime Lannister right now.  Although Dany's speech was a repeat, loved that it was delivered from atop Drogon's back - how many damn sheep has that dragon eaten? Glad that next week the North returns.

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6.  I cannot imagine ever rewatching this episode again.  I am sick and tired of the dragons being used when Ghost, whose owner has just resurrected from the dead, for gosh sakes, is invisible.  And what exactly was the point of the dragon use?  To make Dany's followers even more ardent?  They already were ardent.  

And look over here - a bad father!  Wow, that a new character type for GoT, right - what? Nevermind.   And look over here - Jamie looking all grand, riding his white horse up the steps, that's cool, right?  Well, nope because the HighSepton actually totally removed Jamie's purpose -- but he did look cool, right?  I guess the only thing that saves this ep from a lower score is Arya cuz she is killed the waif, right?  Oh wait, that is probably next week, with more stick beating.  Happy days.

Bran and BenJen save the ep from a total waste.  And frankly, I am thinking of lowering the 6 to a 5.

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This episode was a decent set-up for what will happen in the last 4 episodes. It had a strong start but after that it kind of calmed down.

-Bran's flashbacks were marvelous. I really did not expect to see Aerys The Mad King. Dare I say...he looked just like I imagined him while reading the books. Those flashbacks were a pleasant surprise.

-Everyone and their grandmother speculated that Benjen will be back. I am not bothered by the Coldhands + Benjen merge. I think it works for the show. It was nice to see him again.

-I rather enjoyed Sam's scenes this week. Gilly cleans up nice. The fact that Sam stole Heartsbane saved the trip back home from being useless. That valyrian sword will come in handy.

-I found the scenes in KL quite amusing. So 2 families who hate each other finally come together and their plan is undone by their own children. Absolutely loved Mace's armor lol.

-Every Jaimie and Cersei scene is cringeworthy. I am just sick of seeing them together and saying the same old phrases to each other. Show Cersei is too calm in my opinion. She is supposed to be just as impulsive as Jamie, if not more in some circumstances. Where is her anger over Myrcella's murder? I'm glad Jaimie is leaving...FINALLY.

-I am not a Dany hater. She has given countless speeches in the show and it has become repetitive. I just wish they would skip them. Less talking and more doing. Drogon looked amazing and powerful.

-I liked seeing Walder Frey and Edmure and I can't wait to see more.

-Arya's scenes were entertaining and I think the play was done nicely. I am happy she is finally ditching the whole 'no one' phase. She did  surely acquired some skills while training and she will use them in her future...maybe even on the waif herself. In the end  my guess is Arya realized that FM were not fair (they delivered death according to payment, without caring that their target was innocent). 

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forgot Arya lol
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7, well done and Benjen was great but the pacing in this show is crazy.  One or two scenes and the world changes. Dany gets all Dothraki against their traditions with 15 minutes on screen. Tommen rolls over to the High Sparrow and betrays Jaime with no trouble or angst.  This show needs to be longer, with more transitions

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eh, I gave it a 3/10.  I felt it was kind of repetitive and slightly boring.  I can't imagine I'm one of a few who knew Cold Hands was Benjen and about to appear.  Everything else was, well, slightly droopy as far as story telling.  I keep watching with the hopes it will live up to my expectations.  I really liked The Door episode.  

I was slightly interested in the Hornhill scenes.  I'm just not convinced Randall Tarley would be so overtly hostile to Gilly.  I knew Sam was going to grab heart's bane when they pointed it out (predictable.) I guess I liked Sam coming back and taking Gilly and baby with and "sneaking" out.

I understand the Mercy scene. When she does decide to not kill the Cersei actress I felt a bit excited, but OBVIOUSLY Arya is going to kill the Waif.  I'm pretty sure Jaquen knows it too.  The waif is not so, "I'm no one" either.  We'll probably find out the Wiaf comes from a house originally that has issue with the Starks and that's HER motivation for hating Arya and wanting her to fail and Jaquen's motivation for allowing the 2 of them to work it out.

Clearly Maergery was "faking."  Clearly Tommen's a wimp. Clearly the High Sparrow is using TOmmen to achieve his own power.  he's "playing" at sincerity to gain power.  HA!  That's SO passive Aggressive!  I know so many people who do this and succeed!!

Jamie and Cersei.  OKayyyyyyyyyy

Oh yeah, The Walder Frey Scene. bla bla bla... sons who look look penises then they bring out Edmure.

What was the purpose of Drogon anyway?  It looked cool but it was the 1st time, I sincerely did not really care!!  I'm still pissed PISSED about killing CGI/Summer!  For that matter, I'd rather have seen Coldhands/Benjen on the Elk he was supposed to be on then Drogon here.  Also, did Dany give her beautiful White Horse to Drogon?!  Drogon better be in EVERY remaining episode at this point and have a purpose!


OK, so what was Benjen talking about when he was turned into Coldhands?  He's half a Wight? 1/2 a White Walker?  really?







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