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[Poll] How would you rate episode 606?


How would you rate episode 606?  

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8/10. It was insanely cool and insanely cute after last week's fiasco. (Yes I know, the common opinion was that last week's episode was insanely cool, but I thought it sucked and that's why I refer to it as a fiasco)

I see where they are going with the episode title, but I'm still not 100% sure about the structure of the episode. It just didn't build up. That's why I deducted 1,5 points. And another 0,5 for those couple boring bits. 

Benjen returns, hurray hurray... Quite boring and pretty unnecessary if you ask me. (His overhyped return... I mean who CARES about Benjen after six years?) 

The Mad King wasn't mad enough for my taste but it was still cool to see him. I am however growing more and more concerned about a certain ToJ scene... Maybe it will be for the best if we don't get to see Rhaegar after all. 

Sam and Gilly were sooooooo cuuuuuute, oh my god, all the emotions. So sweet, so tense, so lovely. The Tarly family casting was 100% on point. His mom, oh my goodness, she was so lovely and his sister was prototypically silly and innocent in the adorable sense of the world. Dickon was quite a dick, which is to be expected, but still nicely caught in the middle. All the Hornhill scenes were perfectly adorable and made such a beautiful parallel/contrast to Tyrion/Tywin relationship and Lannister family bonds. Gilly was a sweetheart when she gave that pep talk to Sam. And I was so so so proud of Sam when he decided to be a man. It was just amazing. And little Sam isn't an infant anymore! 

Bravos... When I first saw the troup I was like not again... But there was so much meaning in that scene this time. So many layers and dimensions. Basically every single word and gesture was  on point. And Finally Needle! I hope Arya pierces the Waif with it. 

Bran again, boring boring boring boring. The only good thing about Bran is getting flashbacks. 

KL! I am hoping that Margaery is only playing at being brainwashed. Because so far it seems that she wasn't the one to outplay and manipulate everyone to her will. I loved how Jaime and the Tyrell army marched up to the stairs and demanded Margaery's release. And I loved the king Robert music and the camera work when Tommen walked out with the King's guard. And poor Jaime... Honestly, Tommen is a shame. If Tyrion or Tywin were still around this would have never happened. If Varys and Littlefinger were still around they would have known. HOW did nobody know? How did nobody stop this? HOW could this happen to the Iron Throne? Jaime dismissed? The high sparrow ruling KL? It is insane. I want the hypocrite old fart's fanatic head chopped off. I don't even remember the last time I wanted someone to die so bad. I am in shock. How could they let this happen? What a scene...!

Drogoooooon! Omg Daenerys was actually riding Drogon! Omg just how epic that (would have been with a proper build up, but still kinda) was? I still think Drogon should be larger though. I know cgi is expensive but does it really make a difference? Is this his full size? Or is he still growing? Because his skull is most definitely not the size of a cart just yet. And I want a massive dragon. Like and GIANT massive fire breathing dragon that's so big it barely fits the screen. I also got a momentary deja vu. Daenerys's white horse probably had the same vanishing powder sprinkled over her as Aragorn and co's horses at the black gate. Gotta love vanishing horses. 

I liked this episode a lot. Very good writing. 

Wait, there was Walder Frey and Cersei too. Walder Frey was quite necessary, but Cersei was pretty boring and she doesn't make any sense this season. I will take that back if she takes out the high sparrow or burns KL. 

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I gave it an 8 out of 10; however, I was really disappointed and unfulfilled when it was over at 8:54. This episode started off big and went down hill. 

BENJEN NOT COLDHANDS? Hmm...he sure looked like COLDHANDS to me, minus the auroch. His makeup was great, I loved how they made him look as if he was turning into a WW, it made me feel really bad for him! Favorite scene! OH and we got to see The MAD KING in Bran's flashback?! I just wanted more of that.

King's Landing/HS/Tommen - I actually did not see that coming!

Horn Hill--pretty Gilly, EVIL Randyll Tarly, they obviously cast him right because I sure HATE him.

Dany/Drogon - Ugh. I was bored this time. All the other Dany scenes that many others have disliked, I actually enjoyed, but his one? I was bored. She already had them, didn't she? I know they hadn't seen Drogon, but I didn't see the purpose. And Daario didn't even look like he cared.

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6/10. Decent episode which was needed to set up events for the rest of theseason, although it was rather dull at times. However there were some good scenes:

  • Liked Bran's flashbacks and the glimpses we got of the mad king
  • actually rather liked sam's scenes
  • Loved mace tyrell's pathetic speech as well as his ridiculous armour (and Jamie's expression when he's giving it). KL was quite a surprise although I'm sure Margaery is not won over by the HS at all
  • Some other small stuff like the bravossi play and tommen needing all those Lannister men to guard him when talking to one handed Jamie. Poor boy really has lost it, where is joffery when you need him


  • Dany's speech: felt unnecessary and looked silly. no need for it (I hope she dies before the end)
  • Benjen reveal felt bit rushed and not very impactful, though there was no point hiding his identity for much longer as some seem to think(why would he)

Overall, decent episode that was needed to come down from last weeks thriller and set up the remainder of the season

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This was a decent "bridging" episode but I fear we get some more setup and bridging next week. Can we blame Bryan Cogman for it? I'm inclined to say: not really. I guess he had the leftovers after D&D had shred the story into chapters.

Bran Perhaps one of the only things that could've been better. I can understand it's a "download" feel but 5 second switches would be less disjointed. I mean, people are already posting frame by frame screenshots, something's off here. Besides the revelation Uncle Benjen is back and that we see the Mad King, it's a bit thin on substance. Were did the WW go anyways? Is his mark obscured now?

Sam It goes on and on, quite the roadtrip. I wonder when the sword will come in handy (season 8?).

King's Landing That was easy for Margaery, I guess they wanted to move the plot forward, no time for convincing, we go for brainwashing. And the supposed confrontation we gleaned from the trailers ended with a whimper. Perhaps a meta-comment about this show?

Daenerys We didn't learn that much, she needs 1000 ships. The ones that Euron is going to build in a few episodes.

Arya I didn't mind the play and found Lady Crane quite moving. But there was nothing surprising or exciting about it: the Waif keeps hating Arya and Arya is still someone. Some people have hopes she'll leave Braavos, but I think she's still stuck there for quite a while (after Euron's boats show up).

Walder Frey I guess he's reverted into this senile grumpy castle lord that'll make Jaime roll his eyes. It had a recap feel. "Remember Edmure?"

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I would give it an 8, thought it was solid, though in an episode called Blood of my Blood you would think more Dany. The theme was family, and for Dany the Dothraki are her family much like the Night's Watch is Jon's adoptive family.

The Good.

Bran's opening vision, Burn them all. Sure it was only a glimpse of Aery's, but that's okay it was good that they touched on him and tied that idea to the plot. It's been wondered if visions are part of what drove him mad and that Rhaegar was partially trying to fulfill those visions in order to save his father. Still unknown but interesting to speculate on.

Coldjen, was glad to see Benjen/Hands, it was heavily speculated that he would return to save Bran, and I am fine with that. Ghost Rider has entered Westeros, burning chain and all.

Walder Frey, the River Lands plot has returned, and that is for the better, IMO.

Thought KL was done well, Tommen is so cute, he thinks he's a real boy. I got no strings to hold me down, Lalala.

They handled the Tarly family, I liked most of it, thought seriously, that Castle was a little over the top, the exterior shot at least.

Drogon, 120ft and growing. If people wonder about his size, I think the general idea is that he is growing with either the increase in magic, Dany's power or both.

Arya denying death, it's a book theme with her. She can't embrace being Faceless, thank god.

The Bad.

It was a slower paced episode that felt like it had fewer scenes, but I do not consider that much of knock after last week, they had to dial it back and consolidate for the big build up to episode 9.

Really not much in the way of complaints this episode, it had some major heavily speculated reveals, I don't need ultra non stop intensity or battles every episode, it's crazy but I like plot development too.

Given the title I thought there should of been more Dany and Drogon. He is more Blood of her Blood than anyone else. Reveal could of been handled a little better. But Burn them all opening with Aerys, Dany, Wildfire and Dragon shadow, came full circle with Dany and Drogon so it the opening and closing structure held up very well. I even got why they put her in a desert. Basiclly you have Bran in a frozen waste, and Dany is a desert waste. The imagery worked but could have had more intensity, it was a little flat.

Oh and one other thing why is Bran drinking rabbit blood? They have two rabbits to cook and if he needs a drink snow and ice everywhere. Granted in that place, it's a survivalist move, use everything you have, but it's also a show and he was not in such a state he had to start drinking blood.

Also would have liked Sam to stand up to his father, but that may be coming, he is not going to let Heart's Bane go. Sam fought at the fist, he has faced the undead, he fought at the battle of Castle black, he killed a Wight. Why does Gilly need to jump in? At this point I felt Sam could of had a bit more confidence which he was not lacking last season. And while people often revert around symbolic or literal symbols of authority from their childhood. I don't know, he just seemed a little to scared, but maybe the confrontation is coming.

So I think 8 is about right, the scenes were all pretty solid, some good plot development, and reveals, big Drogon, riverlands back on track, Aerys, I thought there were lots of good things.


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Some cringeworthy bits of dialogue and characterisation but this was the first time in like 30 episodes that nothing egregiously retarded happened, which goes far beyond my expectations at this point.

Just for that, I can't even remember the last time I rated an episode that high, and it was still boring and full of clichés.

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9/10, and honestly, I can't remember when I last liked the whole episode so much (it may have been the one when Roose was murdered). The best parts: the good old honourable Arya is back; Bran won't disappear again until the end of the season (but will he revisit the old Winterfell again? That is a big question); Jamie duly goes on his quest - possibly to meet Brienne again? Oh, and the clever Margaery, always behaving as they want her to, and yet always having it her way.

Even Sam's plot is surprisingly interesting, although it may be just because of the good acting.


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2/10  My first score above 1 this season.

Although still riddled with many problems Imo, I thought the Bran/Meera/Benjin segments were OK. The opening scene was the the only scene in a long time that I actually felt engaged in and enjoyed watching. Some nice imagery and edited well. Would have been the only scene to not completely pull me out of submersion if it wasn't for the Jason and the Argonauts wytes skeletons.

I though the rest was a complete mess, but nothing too aggravating or offensive for a change.



nothing too aggravating or offensive for a change.

Except the scene with the actors from the play. I felt like this was a shot at anyone who would be so audacious to critique d&d.


"Who are you to judge my work? ...You have no right to an opinion."

In an interview with Cogman: 

The theater troupe scenes have been really fun too. It’s like you’re meta commentating on the way the show itself gets depicted.
I come from theater and being able to comment on the show and the reactions to the show through the players were so much fun. The show is often accused of being gratuitous in all kinds of way – the violence and the bigness of the characters. It’s a huge operatic story. We’re able to lovingly spoof ourselves but also play with ideas about how audiences view the show, good and bad, and how a perspective of a story changes. Plus there’s the dramatic deliciousness of Arya watching her own life play out on stage.


Remembering that scene, wish I had voted 1 again.

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This season is the worst season by far and this episode is almost as bad as the first episode of this season. Especially Danerys and her speeches, I can't find the words to describe how much I hate her. Very poor acting, very poor lines, super-cheesy context, filler content, The same old episode-ending story that Daenerys shows how powerful she is by showing her dragons or her family's fire-resistant genes filled with awful monologue and acting.

Still, there were two good things in the episode. Bran's flashbacks and Sam's father. An impressively realistic character and an actor that becomes the character itself.

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I'd be interested in comparing the scores of this week's and last, because I think they are very different episodes and those who loved last week's seem less happy with this week's.

Personally I thought last week's was cheaply made, rushed and a bit crap, but it did have a lot of incident and surprise.

This week was far better written and directed, but nothing of note happened 

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I gave it an 8. After Bryan Cogman's last episode, I was a little worried about this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't my favorite of the season, but it was still very good.


What I liked:

The Tarly family dinner.

The Braavosi play and Arya's change of heart

Walder Frey's return

Bran's visions and Benjen's return

The High Sparrow's scheme


What I didn't like:

Dany's speech


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Also, when there is no Littlefinger there's no "Game of Thrones" but "Zombies vs Dragons". He was nowhere to be seen for 6 episodes. Then he appeared for a brief time in two episodes and now he's gone again. And it seems he won't be in the next episode too.

And considering there were no Jon, Tyrion or Varys either it was like a bad episode from a bad show.

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Easily an 8. Arya is finally done with the Faceless, Sam grew a pair and stole the sword that technically belongs to him, Drogon was fricking huge, Benjen returned, the church and crown coming together is something I'd been hoping for ever since Cersei made the biggest mistake in the whole series, and Bran saw some awesome stuff. It didn't quite match the last two episodes in sheer awesome, but it wasn't far off.

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