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[Poll] How would you rate episode 607?


How would you rate episode 607?  

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I give this episode a solid 8 because I enjoyed the Hound and the Blackfish and the Lady Bear. King's Landing sucks rocks as usual, and Yara and Theon need to get moving. I can't really understand why Arya was so breezy about the town like the "No Ones" weren't looking to add her face to their collection. 

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I gave it a 7. Glovers disappointed me, and still no manderlys? Arya story still sucks and the iron islands still sucks. The return of the hound was expected, but it was cool to see him find some sort of happiness and the brotherhood takes it away from him. Hound is back with a vengeance. Oh and the blackfish is still a bad ass. kings landing still sucks sadly.

last thoughts: lyanna mormont 4 prez. and no broken man speech? grrr

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A 6. It lost points for needless Septon Meribald murder and Glovers acting so un-Glover, i was literally embarrassed. Also, 62 guys? Cogman, imma get you. :tantrum:

Sandor being a thing was cool, but id prefer it if he was a bit more silent. Rory McCaan can do nuance acting, why not give him the chance. Sandor is being really reflective but how it was written wasnt too strong on his character development. But seeing him grin wistfully when chopping wood and thinking "i got a good thing going right now" was sweet.

Jaime Goldenhanding a Frey and the Blackfish stuff was GREAT and saved me from being too salty about things. That and Lyanna Mormont. What a little badass.

Im down with Asha and Theon going to Meereen and was lowkey rooting for the show to go that route. 

Hey Arya, how you gonna get out of this mess?

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Not bad, some good stuff in there (the Hound, Lyanna Mormont, the Blackfish), but also some pointless garbage (Theon and Asha in the brothel, a dumb excuse for some background b00bs while Asha bullies Theon). I'm also getting really tired of people mansplaining stuff to Sansa; I was waiting for her to slap Lord Glover (Robett? What's that guy's name again?) across the face. 

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I loved every scene tonight! My favs were the return of the Hound, can't wait to see the Hell he reaves on the Brotherhood! Jaime and Bronn were fantastic, seemed like most of Jaime and Blackfishs' convo came right from the book. Lyanna Mormont was awesome, I wish Jon would be more vocal on the recruiting trail, he just kinda sits there and doesn't offer anything.

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7/10  I was ok with most of it, I didn't like anything in kingslanding.The return of the hound was always going to be a winner but I felt the Ian mcshane scenes were a little ropey, the dialogue was dreadful.why after nursing the hound back to health to the point were he is fit enough to work would he be telling him about how he found him for he first time.This episode moved the plot forward and hopefully the next episode will be better.

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Overall it was a decent episode with ups and downs.

Everything KL is so boring and repetitive that I just wish they would all burn. Really it's the same exchange of words again and again.

Lady Lyanna Mormont was perferct. A true she bear in the making! What can I say I really liked how she was straightforward in telling Jon he's a bastard and in reminding Sansa she was married twice.

Arya was careless and that cost her. She probably learned an important lesson and how dangerous the FM are.

Jamie and the Blackfish had a good scene. The set looked great.

My favorite part was the return of Sandor. I noticed the make-up for his scars has improved this season. I liked the last scene of him grabbing the axe. My only question is where is Stranger. He loves that horse more than everything in the world.

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Gave it an 8. Decent episode. 

What I liked -

Lady Mormont 

Cersei & QoT

Margaery playing the HS

Jaime bitch slapping the Frey

Asha/Yara & Theon except is she gay in the books? Not that I mind I'm just curious. I don't remember ever thinkin she was. 

What I didn't like - 

I love that the Hound was brought back but I feel like it could have been done much better. I think they were trying to show (I believe the books will do this also) this changed Sandor Clegane "the hound is dead" & then all these innocent people murdered set him over the edge & brought the Hound back. But that didn't really happen. He wasn't changed much. They talk briefly about how "almost dead" he was. I think they should have shown it. The whole thing was very rushed & didn't get the feeling across they were shooting for. 

-Arya & the waif. Arya just pranced around Braavos not trying to hide? She apparently had no idea they would pursue her? Yeah right. & then the fight itself was no fight at all. Very anticlimactic though I believe they will meet again.

-House Mormont only having 62 men... yes it was comical but really? 

-Jon & Sansa having such a hard time getting the northern houses to join their cause. People have been fighting over the Stark children because they are so valuable. Because they are the key to the North. Now there are 2 Stark children side by side with another held captive & everyone is turning them away or at least giving them a hard time about it? Silly but they had to work LF's offer in their somewhere I suppose. 

-The Kingslayer & The Blackfish this wasn't bad actually but I had such high hopes for that scene & I guess it just didn't meet my expectations.


ETA: Since when do the BwB just go slaughtering innocent people?? 

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After all the pointless drivel about Arya with the FM, there is finally an important moment and they give the thread 3 minutes.  

I gave it a 3, the worst rating I've given.  Yara/Theon was pointless, they are trying to hard to make sure Jonsa face insurmountable odds (unless they have LF, of course).  I enjoyed the Lyanna Mormont scene for its entertainment value, but her character is painfully divergent from what we have seen of the other Mormonts.

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This episode was so choppy to me, it seemed like we flipped back and forth between settings with little warning. I like Sandor as much as the next person but there was way too much of him.  I also noticed that tonight we got another Jaime, this one rather decisive and in charge, rather than the one last ep that was following his sister around.  To me the ep went like Sandor - Jaime - Sandor - Jon/Sansa/Davos - Sandor - Jaime - Arya and so on.  The episode was awfully short, as well.  Here, it did not begin until 8:13 and the full opening credits and music were yet to play.  I would bet this episode was about 42 minutes long, if that. I gave it a 5, the lowest rating so far, I was not impressed.

I do love the Blackfish, though :-)


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Show Arya is bad at almost everything and is often stupid to boot. It's rather annoying, actually, and this episode especially. That was some pretty weak plot driving for her not to be on guard and then even worse with the Waif giving her living blows despite that she didn't see it coming. How stupid of her (and, thus, the writing)? What exactly are her many talents again?

Poor writing aside, this was a pretty solid episode. I think they missed an opportunity with Ian McShane by having him adapt neither character and skip some great writing by George... but this was OK enough (even though it was weird he heard a single scream and came limp running only to find everyone completely dead already and the badguys gone) and sets up well.

Jaime always gets the best clothes.

I have strong opinions on plot driving and bad writing but it doesn't impact my rating much if I enjoy the scenes anyway, which I did this time. I rated it either an 8 or a 9. Weakest thing about it was the length.

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7 minutes ago, Lyanna<3Rhaegar said:

ETA: Since when do the BwB just go slaughtering innocent people?? 

Others disagree, but imo they're in a very dark place in the books. It's obscured somewhat because readers want vengeance and celebrate Lady Stoneheart for bringing it... but it's very dark. That said, this was a step far, imo.

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Just now, Ser Not Appearing said:

Others disagree, but imo they're in a very dark place in the books. It's obscured somewhat because readers want vengeance and celebrate Lady Stoneheart for bringing it... but it's very dark. That said, this was a step far, imo.

Yeah I would totally agree they are in a dark place with LS. I don't always agree with their 'justice' but like you said, this was a reach. 

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I gave it a 5. The hound´s return was cool. You´d expect a little bit more support for the Starks in the North after what the Boltons did at the red wedding. The North has forgotten I guess. Such a small role for Ian ¨tits and Dragons¨ Mcshane. This has been a season of buildup episodes. I hope It pays off. 

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