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[Poll] How would you rate episode 607?


How would you rate episode 607?  

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Honestly the impression I was immediately left with after watching this episode wasn't so great - I kept waiting for a huge "wow" scene and maybe because I was used to this season's fast pace my expectations were too high it never happened. But after reflecting upon it, I realize there were some good moments. 

I've never really cared for House Tyrell, but I enjoyed the symbolism on the rose drawing Olenna received - "Growing Strong". This right there confirms Margaery - like Cersei and unlike Loras - is not so weak minded as to be broken by the High Sparrow, but rather smart because she'll take advantage of the situation. I admit I liked seeing her back with the crown because she's a real player - Tommen on the other hand is such a bore that his whole lack of action (until recently) makes it look like King's Landing is kingless. At least with Margaery back on her feet we can expect some better scenes in KL in the future?

It was nice seeing the Hound again, but the scenes involving him were a bit confusing and repetitive. I understand they had to introduce his new context now but it was the main event in this episode (it kept coming back and forth) and it wasn't exciting enough for the amount of time it received. Considering it was a slow episode though, I was happy to see him back!

Theon and Asha: what makes them think Daenerys will make a deal with them? Also you're in a pretty fucked up situation; the scene being in a brothel was unnecessary to me but okay.

Lyanna Mormont was the highlight of this episode imo and saved the North arc. She reminded me what true northerners are supposed to be like; I was so glad to see an authentic strong personality in this season which seems overall weak when it comes to characters (we do have strong characters, but things happen and they don't quite react as proportionally expected). And speaking of characters, it was good to see Jaime 1) in Lannister clothes and 2) away from Cersei, which seems to bring his true self out in the show lol. The whole Riverrun scene was great. The characters' actions and dialogue made sense which has been pretty rare.

Arya, honestly... I expected more. I don't have a problem with her getting hurt by the waif, on the contrary - I actually think if she got rid of all the FM traces in her life and moved on too easily it'd be extremely poor as a story. But would she be this careless, wandering around Braavos after knowing she disobeyed the kindly man and he said "one face would be up in the wall one way or another" (quite a threat)? It's a mess to me.



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I give it a 9. Dialogue was much better than it has the other episodes this season.

Four great things:

(1) The conversations b/w Septon Maribald and the Hound.
"Whew... that man must've been one monster to take you down."
"That man was a woman." Ha!

(2) Lyanna Mormont. One of the best characters the show has produced. 


I really, really hope that she is not one of the known characters that gets crucified by Ramsay before the Battle.

(3) Natalie Dormer's acting this episode was great. She really did seem committed to the faith until she shoved that picture in her grandmother's hands. Really interesting to see what her gameplan is here.

(4) The confrontation between Jaime and the Blackfish. Great, great scene. Very well done.

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Since it takes forever to get a topic approved:

Seriously - What has Arya demonstrated she is good at? Sarcastic answers of staying alive and being stubborn or stubborn and stupid don't count... and the more I think about it, the less I'm certain there are good answers.

Really thinking this through makes me question much about the show writing and quality.

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3 minutes ago, Ser Not Appearing said:

Since it takes forever to get a topic approved:

Seriously - What has Arya demonstrated she is good at? Sarcastic answers of staying alive and being stubborn or stubborn and stupid don't count... and the more I think about it, the less I'm certain there are good answers.

Really thinking this through makes me question much about the show writing and quality.

If she got better at fighting they made a poor job showing it. And that's the only thing I can think of that would make sense for her to spend all this time with the FM and then leaving.

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Lets see, the brotherhood without manners. Well someone got hung at least. Not really the type they usually hang, but he dun got hung.

The Hound... in a vest... living with the Amish? I'll take the hanging, thanks.

Arya, way to keep a low profile money bags.

The high Sparrow and Marg, god I hate him. I hope Marg has a good plan, bet it's a good one. Wait what's that sound? Tic, Tic, Tic, Tic, why it's Carol, shes ticking, I am sure this will help things.

Riverrun was alright.

Lyanna was the best part, did you Davos get the feels? On man, just what he needed, a cute new little sidekick.

Yippy Sansa is back, this is going to work out well. Don;t trust Jon, don;t trust Davos, trust Littlefinger.

Davos, I got a great camp sight picked out.

Mel, Seriously?

Davos, yes have you met Lyanna.

Mel, I am fire made flesh, I am Phoenix, born again from salt and smoke to burn little girls. I got a new Prince with that was promised and a new little girl to roast. Duh, I was just early, this was the little girl to burn.

Sansa, I thought I was Phoenix.

Oh and wait till Ramsey finds out they are there. I need 20 good men tee hee hee. This is going to be so funny again. Gosh which tent to start with, it's funny cause they look exactly like the tents Stannis used. I know lets start with this big long tent, that's probably where they keep the food. This is going to be great. Now I just need a match, and there we...

Wun Wun: HOT! HOT! HOT!

Ramsey: Oh look at you, you're a big O..."SPLAT!"

Jon: Wun Wun, what happend?

Wun Wun: A Grumpkin tried to set me on fire so I stepped on it.

I gave it a 7, but only because I had it on mute half the time and did my own voice overs.







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Good episode, gave it an 8. Really good season coming together.

* The Hound, Ian McShane (wish he'd lasted more than one ep), The Hound about to go Friday the 13th.

* Margaery is still Margaery. Thank all the gods.

* Queen of Thorns and Cersei. "I wonder if you're the worst person I've ever met. At a certain age, it's hard to recall, but the truly vile do stand out through the years."

* Lyanna Mormont and Glover. Two very different scenes that painted a terrific picture of the situation in the North. Robb well and truly fucked up with his "foreign whore."

* Jaime and the Blackfish. And Bronn. Frey abuse. What's not to like here?

* Confirmed Yara and Theon going to Meereen.

* Sansa turning to LF for help. Probably the right (only) move. Probably won't end well.

* Oh Arya. The Waif continues to fail her test.

It was almost all talking, but not an off scene in the whole episode.

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No broken men speech

The siege had no real tension

Lyanna Mormont was cool, best part of the episode

All the motivations in the Stark recruiting were a bit unconvincing

Sansa is back to being stupid again...

Arya was too short to have any real feeling about it

Gave it a 5.

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Forgot about Margeary and Theon.... well... who cares about them anyway...?
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I don't know why, but I suppose given the material we knew they would cover during this episode, I had my hopes up.  I had high hopes and thought, maybe the tv series was on an uptick in quality this season when compared to the last.

given the material they had planned to cover for this episode. Therefore, given it's potential. and what they got out of it in the end..&%$k*ng AWFUL 

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I liked the Lady of Bear Island. She was awesome! I thought Sandor would be better. They missed an opportunity for a wonderful speech. By the way, why not include this speech? Is the HIgh Sparrow the only one allowed to make a speech?  I liked the Blackfish. The rest was either  rushed or didn't seem true to the books/characters. 

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There are some really great scenes in this episode. Like, really great: Lyanna Mormont, Jaime at Riverrun.

I just don't understand why the season is moving so slow.

I mean, they've been spinning wheels in King's Landing for 7 episodes now. Just get Dany to Westeros already.

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I enjoyed it all.

Margaery was great - what a manipulator - getting the High Sparrow to insist that she resume marital relations with Tommen to secure an heir. I suppose that is to get Septa Uma out of her hair. Cersei is reaping what she has sown.

The Waif has sealed her own fate now. The Hound's sweet simple life is over. Sansa is getting desperate so Littlefinger will be back I expect. Lyanna Mormont was a delight and certainly needs her Uncle or is it Great Uncle?Jorah.

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While I'm thrilled the Hound returned, I felt the whole plot was a bit overdone. Certainly the intent was to make him sympathetic to the Faith and want to kill their enemies, likely to set up Cleganebowl. A few lines of dialogue could've explained how he ended up with them and the surprise reveal of him walking forth to challenge Gregor would've been much more... dare I say hype? Still he never seemed to break character during this whole sequence even if he was down.

Lyanna Mormont was awesome. Purely awesome. I hope we see more of her. Daddy Davos still has it as well. I can't help but start thinking there's a bit of a rift between Jon and Sansa however, mainly on her side. She seems to feel threatened by everyone looking to Jon as the leader of the Northern alliance. I also like that most of the houses seem reluctant to commit to an obviously losing side. The letter "mystery" really isn't much of one though. Should've just let us read it, since we all know it's going to Littlefinger.

The Theon/Asha scene... eh, didn't care for it. Just there to fill the boob quota and even Asha's making dick "jokes" now.

The Arya scene was kinda mixed. Was nice to see her actually doing SOMETHING in booking passage back to Westeros... then apparently forgets all her training(which a man found all those scenes repetitive...) and stands in broad daylight when she knows she's on a hit list. And let's face it... we know she's not going to die... so yay, drama.

Margaery... oh she's a master actress in this one. I'm still just not sure which side she's playing on though. I just have this vision of the sparrows waiting for her on the road between King's Landing and Highgarden now. Cersei's situation seems more and more precarious. All she has is Qyburn and the zombie.

Jaime and the Blackfish was awesome. Though I was disappointed he didn't threaten to have the Tully bannermen attack first, then the Freys, then if anyone's left the Lannister forces will attack as in the novels. It seemed perfectly logical and would be the perfect rebuttal to the Blackfish's determination to die. Was nice to see Jaime dishing it out to the Freys and some Bronnage. Though he seems unhappy with the Lannisters these days. I'm wondering if he'll jump ship again when a certain old friend comes back to Westeros in the company of a dragon queen.

All and all I can't wait for the next one.

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Some great scenes, but a few things weighing it down.

The Brotherhood did get darker in the books but not butchering innocent women and children dark.

The Arya scene was just mystifying really.

Everything else was great. Voted 8.



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They seem to have a real issue with pacing - something they can't seem to judge at all.

As much as I'm pleased to see Sandor, there's far too much exposition (something they've been doing far too much of lately) and it was all a little laboured with the sept-building in the bucolic countryside.  Ham-fisted.  They wasted Ian McShane - why am I even surprised? 

The meeting with the Glovers was poorly scripted and, frankly, I'm really bored with the show writers' destruction of the North Remembers plot to service their contrived Sansa-needs-Littlefinger's help plot.  

I enjoyed the scene with Lyanna Mormont to an extent - the actress was good and there were some nice moments.  I'm sad they felt the need to go for a joke instead - but that's become the mark of their writing now.

I'm dubious of any Northern house accepting Jon who is a deserter from the Night's Watch.  Why has no-one questioned him on this?  No-one at all.  It's ridiculous, but symptomatic of the writers' wholesale hand-waving difficult issues of their own making.

Back to dick jokes and gratuitits in this episode.  The YarAsha/Theon scene didn't accomplish much apart from bringing YarAsha into the "insulting eunuchs" fold.  Save me from the frat-boy humour.

Arya stabbed to the belly.  Well, she should really die now - I'm sure nobody's fooled that she will - which was surely contrary to the "anyone can die" manifesto.  They've lost any ability to shock or to even maintain suspense.

I gave this a 4.



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