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[Poll] How would you rate episode 607?


How would you rate episode 607?  

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4 minutes ago, Ser Quork said:

They seem to have a real issue with pacing - something they can't seem to judge at all.

As much as I'm pleased to see Sandor, there's far too much exposition (something they've been doing far too much of lately) and it was all a little laboured with the sept-building in the bucolic countryside.  Ham-fisted.  They wasted Ian McShane - why am I even surprised? 

The meeting with the Glovers was poorly scripted and, frankly, I'm really bored with the show writers' destruction of the North Remembers plot to service their contrived Sansa-needs-Littlefinger's help plot.  

I enjoyed the scene with Lyanna Mormont to an extent - the actress was good and there were some nice moments.  I'm sad they felt the need to go for a joke instead - but that's become the mark of their writing now.

I'm dubious of any Northern house accepting Jon who is a deserter from the Night's Watch.  Why has no-one questioned him on this?  No-one at all.  It's ridiculous, but symptomatic of the writers' wholesale hand-waving difficult issues of their own making.

Back to dick jokes and gratuitits in this episode.  The YarAsha/Theon scene didn't accomplish much apart from bringing YarAsha into the "insulting eunuchs" fold.  Save me from the frat-boy humour.

Arya stabbed to the belly.  Well, she should really die now - I'm sure nobody's fooled that she will - which was surely contrary to the "anyone can die" manifesto.  They've lost any ability to shock or to even maintain suspense.

I gave this a 4.



Yes, I agree. Pacing is a real issue. Episodes 2-5 were actually alright. 6 and 7 have been a slog in comparison. Then we'll get more action in 8 and 9 with an overstuffed finale. I don't understand why the run times for episodes vary so wildly either. The last two episodes have barely hit 48 minutes if your remove the intro. 

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I just wanna start my thoughts on the episode by beating a dead horse, once again: poor Stannis, he was the single character who suffered from any snow storm in this entire show. Peter Baelish can take the Vale Knights to Mole's Town or Moat Cailin without anyone knowing about this, Jon Snow and his friends can travel from Bear Island to House Glover to Stannis' ex-base without any issues and noone has heard from Ramsay Bolton or his 20 good men, poor Stannis.

Now on to the episode itself, a 2nd episode i've liked this entire season! Episode 5 was the first, this was the 2nd where the good outshined the bad.

Ian Mcshane really elevated this episode, that's the charm of Lovejoy and his acting ability, his talk about religion was fine but I really wish they had stolen more of Martin's dialogue. I was highly disappointed that his character and all the peasants had to be murdered, especially having them murdered by the Brotherhood without Banners!!! Why not the Freys?

Why the character assination of the BWB just to motivate Sandor? Why even have people murdered to motivate him? Sandor already had a bad feeling, he could have just taken that bad feeling into consideration and tell Lovejoy that his insticts are encouraging him to make a move. It was spotty writing.

Lady Mormont was cute, but once again were really seeing the warmongering Dark Sansa coming through.

Let's recap: she dismissed The Vale Knights, she continously doubts and mocks Jon Snow and now is seeking Baelish' help once more and the most important thing that noone has said outloud except the fans: Why are they planning an open siege battle againts Ramsay Bolton?

Theon Greyjoy took Winterfell, because he knew the castle and could sneak in. Are you telling the audience that Jon Snow doesn't know the castle as well? I mean, Ramsay has the heir of Winterfell as a captive, they need to sneak in for the sake of his life.

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sandors comeback was ok, to me it was managed in the best way possible. arya got stabbed, what a pleasure to see. of course she wont die, blame the waifu. she really should have done a better job.

the highlight of this episode clearly was lyanna mormont, good cast again.

a very solid 8 overall.

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I've not been watching this season properly due to my dissatisfaction at the direction the show has taken after season 4, just watching the scenes that have interested me on youtube, so I've not partaken in any of these voting threads. However I have observed all of them and within 12 hours of the episode showing each one automatically seems to have a solid 12 dislikes, which rises to 20 or more within a few days.

This seems to be basically regardless of how the rest of the audience votes, for episode 5 more than 50% of the votes were 9 or 10, less than 4% were 2 or 3, yet 6% (36 votes) were for 1. This episode also has a very high average, but 2 people have already voted 1, almost as many and 2, 3 and 4 put together.

So who are these people who are seemingly watching every episode, finding nothing to enjoy, and then giving each episode a "1" every single week?


(I think I should specify that I have generally enjoyed what I have seen of season 6, though I'm still not particularly interested in watching all the way through.)

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This episode deserved an 8, but in a burst of enthusiasm I gave it a 9. It had two of the best scenes this year. It had Lyanna Mormont, a brilliant child actress playing a well written part, and it had Olenna Tyrell cutting Cersei to shreds. The drawing of a rose was also very well done.

My disappointments mainly center around its brevity. The credits started to roll and I couldn't believe it. Too many ends were left hanging, and this was one of my main criticisms of DWD.  D&D started off at a great pace, but things have slowed down. Three more episodes to go, boys. You are approaching the home stretch. No more dilly-dallying around.

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We’re at the third act of the season now and everything still feels like set-up. Dry, tedious exposition is still their primary way of conveying information. Every scenes feels too long, bogged down. Yara is now a lesbian, apparently, and is empowering Theon through shame. Arya really shouldn’t be surviving that. What a waste of Ian McShane. The Hound’s out for bloody revenge because that isn’t an overused trope by now. Sansa’s snarking everyone into action. Just meh.

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7. There was nothing wrong with it, I just found it a little boring. Not sure why - perhaps because it felt very predictable?

The Hound is wrong you know, death does cure a disease. Once the host body dies, the disease is fucked also.

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Gave it a 5. I liked much of the first half.

Lyanna Mormont was fun, even if it felt like a further knock at the Starks that Davos was the one to convince her. Jaime at Riverrun made me wish this had happened instead of Dorne. I liked that it had a pre-credits sequence. They don't do this enough and could use it more often to give little hints about other things going on.

However, exposition is still too often told rather than shown. They do not get that balance right and prefer to write lots of distinctly average monologues instead of tell the story in a visual way. At times it's more like a play than a film.

And of course The Waif is not only a bad servant of the HoB&W (for holding personal grudges and wanting to kill Arya), she is also a pretty terrible assassin!

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For me, the best episode of the season to date because I saw my favourite characters and hardly any of the ones in whom I have little or no interest, AND there were no annoying, nonsensical action scenes where the heroes survive in spite of billion to one odds.

I was ecstatic to see the return of the Hound.

I loved seeing the Queen of Thorns putting Cersei in her place, again.

The scenes with Arya didn't drag on.

For once a new character appeared whom I actually enjoyed:  Lady Mormont.

And to top it off:  NO DAENERYS, EURON OR DORNE!  YAY!


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I gave it a 6, same as last weeks episode. Mostly getting plotlines moving forward, less action but more storylines.

Not really moved by seeing the Hound, I was ok with him being dead so ehh. Obviously he is now going to track down the BWB and wreak some havoc.

Jon-Sansa-Davos- Pretty much as we expected, begging for men, finding resistance and an excuse for Sansa to reach out to LF for the Vale army, which would be the letter she was writing. Kind of strange how Sansa was questioning Davos even though he was the one who convinced Lady Mormount to help. Also, surprised there was no mention of the family's ancestral sword that Jon had on his hip.

Theon-Yara yeah I am sure that scene will get torn up for the naked women, get over it. More importantly it showed some growth for Theon. Yara challenging him to either man up or die but to stop being the sad broken man he was. It clarified for us that they are in fact heading to Mereen, we all figured it but now it's confirmed.

Ayra - you knew that old lady was the waif immediately, or you haven't been watching! I just wish they hadn't stabbed Arya. We are 99.9% sure that Arya will live so instead of stabbing her in the guts, which is likely a death wound in real life at that time, a couple more nice slashes would have sufficed. Guess we get the conclusion next week in "no one"

KL - Again, confirmation that Maergery is playing her own game and is not a true believer. Nice little f you from Olenna to Cersei. Nice speech reminding Cersei that all of this comes back to her and her stupid decisions. Maybe a lead in to her impending blow up?

Riverrun - Got the "surrender the castle or else" scene, pretty much just like the book. And this scene showed exactly why Bronn is there with Jaime. Jaime needs someone competent to have his back and why introduce another character at this point? The blackfish is still the blackfish, straight to the point!

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It was another slow episode, but somehow more enjoyable then the previous one. Each scene actually moved the plot forward a bit and dialogue felt like people actually talking to each other.

Also: Lyanna Mormont was a delight. Can we please put her in charge of the North with Davos and Tormund as her generals while Jon and Sansa just stand around in the background ?


I give it a 7.

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8. The only thing I didn't like is the BwB being blood thirsty criminals without apparent reason. The rest was good. I don't know what is the direction they are gonna take with Arya. They are making Sansa very dislikable to me. I loved the Mormont part despite its teleportation trope. Also Cleganebowl freaking confirmed. 

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Solid 8/10.  Great pacing, great character recalls, and more plot movement. Loved getting the Hound back and seeing Blackfish and Lyanna Mormont being badasses was great.

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