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What was Bloodraven showing Bran that was so important  (SPOILERS)


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The 3ER showed two things that could be related..

1) The creation of the NK (1st WW and not 13th LC).

2) The creation of Hodor

Maybe as Bran rationalizes what happened to Hodor (item 2) he now goes back to the NK (item 1) and tries that again?  Maybe that is the way to put an end to this?  It's possible that was the true lesson for Bran.  Of course that would be a cheesy way out but those two scenes were important. 

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On 23/05/2016 at 4:00 PM, Mourneblade said:


The past is already written for the present. Anything Bran alters in the past has already impacted the preset. It means that Bran's fate is already predetermined, and anything he does or does not do in the past has already taken shape in the present.


For a somewhat witty, and funny way of understanding this, watch the end of Bill and Teds Bogus Journey.

I had exactly the same thought after watching it:


Bran: "After I escape these zombies I'm going to totally go back in time and tell 3ER exactly how it goes down.  Then I'll ask him to put an axe behind this completely random rock..."

*pulls axe from behind the rock*

"...and a dragon behind that tree over there..."

*dragon roars behind tree*

Meera: "Excellent!!!"

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Hi all, first post but been lurking around recently

Noticed an odd thing regarding the visions

Not sure if it has been asked/stated before but as 3ER & Bran "enter" the vision where the COTF created the NK (or first WW) it really seems the 3ER is surprised/in fear as to where they've "landed", well he clearly has the look of it

I thought the 3ER was in control of where/what they are entering since they've been practicing, but this got me scratching my head...

What if someone/something else was actually controlling the "destination" or the overall visions ?



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We are going to see a lot more importance of the tournament and Neds father's actions in the books.  I doubt all of that story makes its way to the show.   BR was starting to show Bran this.  Because of what happened to Hodor the show had to keep that scene.

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The more and more I think about this, I believe the 3ER is actually the last hero.  Highlights of events

1) the COTF create the WW specifically to create the long night (spiral pattern part of the magic)

2) the COTF hope the long night drives the FM out of Westeros

3) the long night kills the FM and COTF alike (magic is like a blade with no hilt)

4) the last hero joins with the COTF to end the long night, build the wall, and cause the WW sleep (no dragons exist in westeros)

5) Andals come to westeros and then the targs come to westeros with dragons

6) The 3ER tries to communicate with various Targs to use their dragons to end the real threat, this makes many Targs crazy

7) Bran is born a greenseer 

8) Dragons are born to Dany

9) the 3ER now has a chance to use Dragons against the WW and summons Bran

That's how my feeble mind has assembled things.

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Several paradoxes exist.

1) If everything is predetermined and everything altered with time travel is already done then 3ER has no need to do anything at all. He doesn't have to take a course of action only for the sake to keep the story the same. It will happen no matter what.

2) Some say he had to go back and warg to Hodor in order to be able thereafter to warg to Hodor. A paradoxical phrase to say the least.

I don't think that 3ER manipulated the situation. The "charm" of this is only if those things happened circumstancial. That for example the 3ER was rushing to train Bran in Greensighting knowing the NK was comming. Then the NK came much faster than expected and while Bran was in trance. And then he was forced to attempt to warg through the past.

Also another thing. Its clear that Hodor while holding the door  in his final moments, was WIllys. It wasn't Bran inside his head, it was Willys from the past.

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