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[Spoilers] Sansa turning against Jon?


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So, this thread is more or less just a speculation, so don't come at me.

When Sansa meets LF, he mentions that Jon is only a half-brother of Sansa. I am not exactly what he meant by this. My opinion is that he wants to hint that the blood bound between Jon and Sansa is not that strong that it could be easy (or easier) for Jon to betray Sansa and use his army to take the power or that because of it Sansa could betray him because they aren't siblings. This is where it ends.

But later Jon, Sansa, Davos and co. discuss strategy of their next move. And Sansa says a few curious things:

1) she says that Jon's name is Snow but her own is Stark. She immediately says that that doesn't stop Jon from being Ned's son, I know. But between the lines one could read it as that the Northern lords may follow her, because she is a Stark, and not Jon.

2) she doesn't mention the Vale army. This can of course be explained by the fact that she doesn't want to meet, talk, anything with LF again and so she doesn't want his help. The other explanation can be that she wants the Vale army to be a secret which she could use in the future for a selfish reasons.

3) she mentions Blackfish and his army. He is her uncle and it's obvious that she seeks help with the remaining family. But the thing is that Blackfish is her uncle but he shares no blood with Jon. Another army that Sansa possibly could use for herself.

4) she lies about how she found out about Blackfish and doesn't mention LF.  As in 2), it may be because she doesn't want to do anything with him in the future. The other possibility is that she wants to use him for herself. After all, he is powerful man and owns her a debt for that marriage to Ramsay. LF also said that he would do anything to undo what he had done. That's a perfect opportunity for Sansa to use him.

5) she sends Brienne to Riverrun, her loyal servant who would surely introduce herself as "serving lady Sansa", instead of sending a raven, possibly with the seal of the Night's Watch.

6) she insists that the Northern houses would help them, which she could do because she is naive or because she doesn't want Jon and co. to seek help outside the North. The Vale would seem as a natural ally. But the army is close and she doesn't want them to know it. She eventually mentions Blackfish to make them stop looking further for help.

So what do you think?


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Since kinslaying is "the new black" and quite en vogue in Westeros right now - it wouldn't surprise me if she turns agaist Jon to become the Lady of Winterfell - or Queen in the North (with the teleporting genius Baelish as her Hand) ;o)

If Jon doesn't like that - she will probably get rid of him - as she is so very empowered and all knowing right now.

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