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Three Eyed Raven should've been played by Ser David Attenborough


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Now we have seen the scenes where Bran is guided by The Three Eyed Raven played quite well by Max von Sydow. He is a very charismatic man and nearly perfect for the role.

Well cast, but... I can't help wishing he would've been played by real life "Three Eyed Raven", the near telepathic messenger for the Children of the Forest on this Blue Planet or Frozen Planet...

Ser David Attenborough.

Three Eyed Raven should've been played by Ser David Attenborough.

Imagine Bran going in that cave and: It's Attenborough in the root system! Imagine Bran doing these trips to see the past. And it's Attenborough there narrating the wildlife!


Can't get rid of that image now.

Ruined it for you too.

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