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"The Winds of Winter".


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On 6/9/2016 at 10:03 AM, MtnLion said:

The crushing defeat is when she realizes, and accepts that there is a better claim to the Iron Throne than her own.  She will go to her knees, painfully, bowing low to the dragon.  Between now and then, all of the remaining inhabitants of Planetos will need to focus on the Battle for the Dawn to actually win.  Having Daenerys lose 100k to meat for the Night's King would create a near insurmountable imbalance . . . 

Dragons are fire made flesh, but the White Walkers have walked through fire, several times.  I am not so certain, as many seem to be, that dragons will be an effective weapon against them. 

I tend to agree with this. Unless dragon fire is some sort of special fire, I am not sure how effective it will be. 


On 6/9/2016 at 5:37 PM, JLE said:

You're assuming Dany is going to HAVE an army. I believe that she won't - her Dothraki won't cross the sea, not least because the ships which she might hope to catch will have already gone. If the Greyjoys are to be belatedly introduced and Euron is to become her enemy rather than her transport, he must *betray* her.

It isn't just the Dothraki. Both the unsullied and Dothraki have not spent time at sea. If Martin maintains a sense of realism, there is a good chance that she will lose a portion during the crossing. After landing (this depends on how far south winter goes) her army is at some point going to face harsh conditions, and unless she can muster warmer clothing, etc I can see many freezing to death.  But again I am not sure how far south Martin will send winter. 

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She needs expert sailors to manage the ships: the Dothraki and Unsullied don't qualify. So unless the Ironborn stay - in a city where she isn't, and where they have no knowledge of when she will arrive back or even *whether* she will arrive back: a city with little in the way of food supplies to feed the men, and its own surrounding farmlands pillaged twice over, first by the Masters when they flee the city and secondly by the invading coalition from Yunkai, Qarth and New Ghis: and, worse still, a city ravaged by plague both inside and out, in which the ironborn soldiers will be the enemies of ALL other sides, and have no chance of actually conquering the city outright, their tactic has always been to come in, grab and scarper before the land-bound armies can actually organise, but here there are already organised troops of soldiers present in numbers that heavily outnumber the ironborn - then the ironborn will be either dead, or on their way home long before Dany gets back to Meereen in the books.

In the show, of course, things might be very different, but then the show is essentially mediocre fanfic now.

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On 10/3/2016 at 0:12 PM, Larger than Average Finger said:

If that is true, I have doubt Martin will ever finish. 

I dont think he will at this point. At this stage of the game he should have rolled it up and been excited to end this epic masterpiece. The truth of the matter is, he got sidetracked by fame, and lost his motivation. I don't really blame him, I just feel sorry for all of us who have invested so much of our time and minds to this story. 

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