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[TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

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So I'm hearing some really intense reports from George's Balticon reading of the Damphair chapter from Winds.

Wow. If the reports are accurate, it contains loads of massive plot details. Enough to influence a number of theories and provide lots of food for discussion.

I don't want to quote secondhand reports until they are confirmed, but if true, it gives us great insight into what Euron is up to and what's been happening in the Reach since we last heard from there.

And man, some messed up cruelty there too. Anyway, just wanted to get the discussion going. Waiting for some confirmed updates.

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This chapter is a doozy.

Link at https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/4lltk4/spoilers_everything_via_bryndenbfish_grrm_has/


Euron is in Shields, sails out to sea, DAMPHAIR is his captive at bottom of Silence. Some really messed up stuff.

  • Aeron is covered in lice and fleas

  • Another mute in the service of Euron

  • "Your place is where I want you" - Euron to Damphair

  • Euron licked Aeron's spit after Aeron spit at him

  • Lots of talk about the various gods

  • Aeron loved Asha most of all of Balon's children

  • Aeron thinks about Asha marrying Victarion to consolidate power

  • Falia Flowers appears & says she is to be one of Euron's salt wives. She says she is Euron's 'love' & thus safe

  • Aeron just learned that Victarion is on his way to Dany

  • Falia Flowers says her and Daenerys will be "as close as sisters"

  • Fuuuuck further confirmation Euron was a molester. Asks Aeron if he was praying to be chosen or be passed by

  • Aeron calls Euron a "demon in human skin"

  • Lots of religious figures there, including Red Priest and some warlocks from Qarth, one saying Pree repeatedly

  • Euron wearing iron crown with shark teeth on it

  • Euron doesn't care about keeping the Shield Islands, that's for the new lords to deal with

  • Euron forcing Aeron to drink shade-of-the-evening again

  • Damn good visions to analyze in this chapter

  • Lucas Codd sitting in a place of honor

  • "Words are wind, but blood is power" - Lucas Codd

  • Euron's got some fancy new armor with runes and glyphs...Aeron says it's made of Valyrian steel!

  • Euron had Falia Flowers tied to the prow with Aeron


Additional info

  • Oh, Pyat Pree was a captive of Euron that kept saying "Pree, Pree", he had no legs.

  • Euron sacked the Arbor( I think). Redwynes are coming west against Euron, Leyton is sending ships against Euron down the Mander

  • Oh and uh, Euron admitted to killing 3 of his brothers, including Balon.

  • One last memory: DAMPHAIR was captured immediately after talking with Victarion about raising the isles against Euron. Minutes it seemed.

  • Euron impregnated bastard daughter of Shield Lord. She thinks she'll be his salt wife, but ends up with her tongue cut, lashed to ship

  • Aeron tells her something like, "Take heart, girl. We'll all be feasting in the Drowned God's hall soon."

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Wow. They should have chosen this chapter years ago when they chose Arriane instead. Far from just being flashbacks to Aeron's history with Euron, and some priest stuff on the Iron Isles, it is actually moving the plot forward in real time, with up to date events with Euron.

Brilliant stuff.

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1 minute ago, Hos the Hostage said:

Damn, Aeron is dead, it seems. But if Euron killed Victarion (he says he killed three brothers) too, does that mean this chapter is before Vic's Winds chapter?

No, I immediately went to check the Greyjoy family tree on the Wiki, and there are a bunch of other brothers and halfbrothers, some of whom died in their infancy and childhood years. Thanks to Euron, I guess.

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Transcript from the link shared by @Free Northman Reborn on twitter user @arhythmetic's notes.

Text in (..) are my comments.


  • "Bleeding star bespoke the end" (page 2 of notes, visions part). Wonder what that means.
    • Euron on a throne of skulls and (?)dwarves run around (Penny and Tyrion?)
    • (another vision?) Iron Throne replaced by skulls with all gods impaled on it. (Ultimate victory for the Many faced God?)
  • [Aeron's thoughts after kignsmoot]
    • Aeron 'heard' the gods say Euron can't be king.
    • After (? the kingsmoot), Aeron was taken prisoner after a blow on the head.
  • Aeron is held in Oakenshield on Shield Islands
  • Falia (Flowers) to be Euron's salt wife.
    • She is gifted many luxuries to(by?) Euron.
  • Euron takes little of plunder. Made Falia's sisters serve her naked as 'revenge'
  • Euron has gone East (on?) all his ships to get Dany to be his rock wife.
  • "The two of us will be his (?) as sisters" - Falia (good luck with that!)
  • Aeron prays to Drowned God for death. He is dragged up (to meet Euron?). Euron has a dagger.
  • Euron used to 'visit' Aeron and Urrie (Damn it! Molesting confirmed) - Euron asks Aeron if he was 'praying that I'd choose you or pass you over?'
  • Euron reaching Aeron:
  • (1) Robyn - half brother
  • (2) Harlan had grayscale - Euron killed them.
  • (3) Balon - Euron admits that he killed, but not with his own hand (FM confirmed).
    • Has a greenlands priest (? septon?), A priest of R'hllor
    • Man of burned face and arms (Moqorro?)
    • Warlocks - one lost legs - shouts "Pree" as he (?)
  • Aeron questions why Euron is collecting priests.
    • Septons made soft noises (?) fingers cut out
  • Euron's lips so blue almost black. Wore an iron crown of shark teeth (cool!)
    • gave away shields (islands) - "a good king is open-handed"
    • if they lose, the loses belong to those who took the gifts.
  • Euron forces more shade down Damphairs (mouth).


  • Dreams
    • Saw longships burning
    • Euron on Iron Throne, like a Kraken with tentacles
    • Long, tall, terrible woman of hands of white fire next to him
    • Male and female dwarves running around naked, copulating and fighting
    • Woman and Euron laughed
    • A familiar voice, says to hurry getting Aeron out
  • Aeron dragged upstairs - window in the wall, slit.
    • Dragged into a torchlit gallery where another amount of corpses are hanging
    • Other prisoners are drinking - Roger saltbeard, Red Oarsmen,
    • Corpses belong to people of the Arbor.
  • Lefthand (of Euron, is sitting) Lucas (Codd?) - says "words are wind, but blood is power"
  • Redwyne fleet creeps to Arbor
    • -Leyton Hightower trying to get in (? through the Mander)
  • Joke about Aeron knowing about what it's like to be taken from behind (Confirmed molestation by Euron)
  • Euron clad in black scale armor, edged in red gold
    • (?) glyphs on the steel
    • Armor is valyrian steel. Only one who owns a suit of (Valyrian) steel.
    • Euron had been to Valyria
  • binding the priests to the prows of ships
    • Aeron bound to the prow of Slience
    • Black sail raised
    • Castle above them is burning (Euron burnt the Shields?)
  • Out at the sea, Euron said he had a gift for Euron (Aeron?)
    • Two of Euron's bastards(his mutes or his actual children?) took out a woman, pregnant and crying - Falia Flowers - who had no tongue
  • "He licked his (?) and tasted salt"
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Just now, Hos the Hostage said:

"Bleeding star bespoke the end" (page 2 of notes, visions part). Wonder what that means.

My guess was that Aeron, in hindsight and despair, given the current situation, is interpreting the comet as signalling the end for the true followers of the Drowned God, now that Euron has usurped the Seastone chair.

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3 minutes ago, Free Northman Reborn said:

I wasn't quite clear on that part from the handwritten notes I thought Leyton's ships were on their way to engage Euron now. Where did you see that he sent them away?

He sent them in Mander to face Euron which is more than idiotic. He has to fortify Oldtown, either fake info or he has brilliant plan.

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1 minute ago, Free Northman Reborn said:

Is it confirmed that Euron has already sacked the Arbor? Was that the burning castle Aeron saw?

I read somewhere that Arbor was sacked. Which means Oldtown is next, Marwyn, Sam, Leyton, Sarella, Jaquen,... To mamy great characters on one place, this is going to be huge.

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Just now, dariopatke said:

I read somewhere that Arbor was sacked. Which means Oldtown is next, Marwyn, Sam, Leyton, Sarella, Jaquen,... To mamy great characters on one place, this is going to be huge.

Well, George isn't wasting any time culling the PoV characters, like he promised. I assume this is either the last or second last chapter for Aeron. We might see him again as he witnesses the coming battle while tied to the prow of Silence.

And with Aeron dead, does this finally kill the idea that Theon is destined for a return to glory at a repeat Kingsmoot? Not that it was ever very likely, given Theon's condition.

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