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(spoilers, probably) Arya's fate

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16 hours ago, Cas Stark said:

She will go to the Riverlands, where she will presumably meet the Hound and her wolf pack.  There, she will kill or engineer the death of Walder Frey, probably her wolf will die also, and then she will head North.

I don't think the hound is dead but I don't think he's going to the Riverlands, he's destined to fight Frankenmountain for the faith imo

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I would love Arya to get killed by the waif. her fighting skills looked so weak and all the "training" she went through was a complete joke. d&d should have asked Donnie Yen to help out with the weak ass choreography, but i guess fighting is just a bit too much for maisie.

anyway, arya will kill the waif, jaqen will take her death to scale out the debt to the faceless god and kick her out.

arya was cool when the hound was around, now she just sucks.

and please, no ressurection of the hound. though he has to kill his brother for drama i guess pfff...

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