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Loops within loops: the spiral

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The breakdown of Bran's visions seem to set fire (wildfyre, dragons) against ice (WW).

As a result of his madness he burns to death Rickon and Brandon Stark, Ed's father and brother, thus finally triggering the first phase of the civil war, orphaning Danarys and Viserys, turning Jamie into the Kingslayer, paving the way for the ascent of the Lannisters and the tensions between them and the Starks...

Jamie pushes Bran from the tower, Dany is exiled to Essos... The pieces begin to fall into place.

What we're seeing now, The Game of Thrones, is actually part 2 of that civil war. KL will be burnt to the ground as a result (Jaime will slay another King, perhaps his own son, Cersei will go mad and using the pyromancers' stash, burn down the whole city) and until it is, eyes will not turn north to address the real danger.

When Dany gets to KL it will already be in ruins and winter having come, she will take the decision to address the WW. And the WW will not be defeated until the three great families come together, Targs, Starks and Lannisters fighting side by side.

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