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How Jon Snow will bring down the Wall...


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...The old warhorn that he found at the Fist of the First Men. (And tried to blow it, but couldn't get a note out of it, it was damaged - he wonders, possibly deliberately?) He wonders in fact if it was the Horn of Winter, also known as the Horn of Joramun.

He has since given it to Samwell Tarly. Who has taken it all the way to Oldtown - on Jon's orders: it being the only significant possession that he hasn't pawned to buy his ticket on the journey, and he intends to do some research on it in the maesters' citadel.

Euron Greyjoy is about to attack Oldtown - I believe that he's after the "Death of Dragons" book on dragonlore (and that, after having double-crossed the Faceless Men somehow, Jaqen H'ghar's reason to be in the city is to steal it and get it out of there before Euron can get hold of it: the Faceless Men having been founded by an anti-Valyrian society, will be no fans of dragons, still less of a man like Euron being in control of one.

So... Suppose he does not get the dragon book, but *does* instead get hold of the horn from Samwell Tarly - and has it repaired and blown, either to deliberately bring down the Wall after having researched it, or to see what it might do?

In the Aeron chapter, Aeron saw the vision of him with a tall, terrible bride - who doesn't resemble Daenerys - with hands of pale fire: could this be an Other bride, perhaps the Night's Queen whose fate is unknown since the fall of Night's King? He wants a bride of supernatural significance - if Victarion does not bring Daenerys back (even if he comes back with a dragon under either his or Euron's control), would he take a bride from the Others instead of a human one?

If so... and if the horn in question really IS the Horn of Winter... and Jon Snow is responsible, unwittingly, for having had it sent to a place where it could fall into the hands of such a man as Euron Greyjoy... then he will be the Lord Commander who brought down the Wall, even though through no fault of his own...

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well i do believe euron greyjoy is going to bring down the wall 

i also believe is the servant of the idea of the great other  ( I dont believe there is a great other though)

He is going to use chaos to win iron throne, maybe he has already made a deal with others... :-p

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