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Arya vs. the Waif

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On 6/16/2016 at 8:30 AM, The Handsome Man said:


This is, of course, EXACTLY what GRRM has her doing in the books -- along with character development (she is becoming a master at remaining Arya underneath -- e.g., read the Mercy Chapter -- but still advancing in training as a FM).  We will have to see why the showrunners have chosen to eschew this.  The fact that they did ignore it, however, is the major source of my frustration -- even more so than the sloppy writing as pointed out here by many a poster....


I really agree with this...they could have made the Arya story line much better by simply saying: we're going to give you the ability to answer your own prayers to the many-faced god...here's how you kill people...and then every week she does some kill-y stuff. More along the lines of what they did with Bran.

I'm not really someone who lobs stones at the showrunners...it must be difficult job to execute turning a series like ASOIAF into a TV series where you have different scenes filmed in multiple countries simultaneously...but a couple of the plot lines the last couple years have made absolutely no sense.

Sansa agreeing to marry Ramsey Bolton with absolutely no Arryn guards to protect her at Winterfell or northern allies to conspire with?

The NW agreeing to let the wildlings through the gate and then killing Jon the very next night for ordering them to let him in? If Alliser Thorn had the numbers that he apparently had in order to not only be immediately not murdered but to also surround Jon's supporters then why not just let Jon rot out there? They knew what he was out there to do. In this case the wildlings have to get through the gate, but having just one or two murderers who aren't Alliser Thorn do it would have made much more sense.

A bastard killing the entire royal family of Dorne and the royal household guard being ok with it, without having any explanation of how a bastard, and a female bastard at that, is going to seize power or otherwise direct control of the country in order to exact her revenge?

Tommen agreeing to forbid trial-by-combat for a trial that could result in him being removed from the throne without any assurance (that we've been shown) that the trial is going to go his way

And now this Arya thing...

If I wasn't absolutely convinced that there was no way possible to stay un-spoilered I'd really considering stopping watching the show at this point. For every Hodor moment there are 3 WTF moments

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10 hours ago, King Louis II (KLII) said:

Not really. is the Director that tells how Arya should walk, what attitude she should have, and even how many stabs she should get, if there is a twist of the knife or not. These little things would have changed A LOT THAT SCENE.

Make Arya walks feeling afraid, looking around. Make the Waif stab her once. Done you already changed the whole scene and two episodes.

I don't agree. I do agree it was just really poorly written etc , however the story board is what the Director ultimately follows and the writers have this set up long before the scene is filmed.


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On June 14, 2016 at 10:57 AM, hallam said:

Bottom line is that Arya is cleverer than the whiners.

So we're back to Bronn's comparison with the Unsullied army, I see.

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