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Storm's End, Godsgrief and the new Storm King


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Just wondering after reading Arianne 2 about the legend of Durran Godsgrief, supposely the first Lord of Storm's End and a hero from the dawn age. He is a mythical figure from the Stormlands alike the Grey King of the Iron Islands or Garth Greenhand of the Reach. 

From the wiki, here is the legend:

"According to legend, in the Age of Heroes, the first Storm King, Durran, won the love of Elenei, the daughter of the sea god and the goddess of the wind. Her divine parents forbade their love, but Durran and Elenei wed despite them. The gods’ wrath was terrible to behold, destroying Durran's keep on his wedding night, killing all his family and guests. Enraged, Durran declared war on the gods, who replied by hammering his kingdom with massive storms. Each time King Durran built a castle to face the sea the gods destroyed it.

King Durran persisted building larger and more powerful fortifications, until finally, the seventh castle stayed in place and resisted the storms of Shipbreaker Bay. Some believe this is because the children of the forest took a hand in its construction; others believe that a young boy who grew up to be Bran the Builder, advised Durran on its construction. The truth of the matter is unknown."


Now that there are more and more people convinced that legend of the dawn ages and the forthcoming events from asoiaf will mirror each others, I was wondering if Arianne's quest will be mirroring this legend and actually be the origin of it.

Elenei could be a reference to either Arianne or Elia both maids of house Martell (the house of the Sun). Godsgrief could echo a drama that can happen. And controversialy, Durran is Doran (apparently pronounced Duran by GRRM) also grieving because of the Gods, and who might hold Storm's End in the end.

I believe the story would be something like that: the Dornishmen arrive at Storm's End, and the battle between Tarly and the GC will follow nearby (there might be a siege). There will be some drama that might involve Arianne or Elia, Arianne's party will take and hold Storm's End against foes, but the conclusion will be given by a violent storm that will smash everything and everyone except what's in Storm's End. The weirwood net will be involved as well.

Also there is a mention of a wedding where lots of people die.

Does anyone else see something out of this legend?

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Allright, after some reflections, I believe Elia will bed Aegon, she will be his paramour and tell him all the dornish gossips (Arianne attempt to crown Myrcella, the Darkstar, the Martell's search for revenge for Elia Martell, the dornish small folks who wants to take spears, and Doran supposed weakness and illness. Aegon will face Randyll Tarly, stop him but suffer great loss. The GC and most likely the greyscaled Jon Connington will push the Prince to marry Arianne, his hostage-guest. The prince, desperate, will do it because he believe that will draw Dornish spears to his cause, surrounded in Storm's End by Tarly.

Meanwhile, in Kingslanding, the story will be told as the abduction of Princess Arianne and her rape by her supposed cousin, prince Aegon, supposely son of Rhaegar. 

While being forced to marry Aegon, who she doesn't openly want to support, Arianne will find a way to kill him and most of the golden company serjeants, during or after the wedding (poison most likely). She'll do that (or Elia) by forging a alliance with the greenseer which I believe will be Bloodraven.

Bloodraven hates the GC, and he might know if the pretender is who he claims to be or just someone else.  

In the end the Dornishmen might hold Storm's End and be saved by a storm, and vow to do the greenseer bindings.


Then, there will be Lann The Clever: Ilyn Payne (with the Lannister army) and his Lord commander Jaime Lannister the Clever (with the brotherhood without banner). 

Garth Greenhand: Garlan and Willas Tyrell (Garas or Garss, contraction made by a First Man mind).

The Grey King is possibly Aeron Greyjoy.

The Arryn Falcon could possibly be Robert Arryn.

And Doran (Martell) Godsgrief, the new storm king.


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I don't see how Doran will be ruling the Stormlands, he doesn't even seem like he will live much longer.

My own theory is that Elenei is a female green man, like on the isle of faces.  I believe they are the offspring of cotf and deep ones, wind and water.  Since we are told the green men have antlers, it explains the Durrandon/Baratheon sigil.

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Just now, aryagonnakill#2 said:

I don't see how Doran will be ruling the Stormlands, he doesn't even seem like he will live much longer.


Well, I don't think Doran is done yet, he is quite tenatious it would seem.

Anyway, what he does is for the children, alike Varys and Bloodraven. Children = futur generations or futur if you prefer.

Especially regarding Dorne, what own the lords of the seven kingdoms at the time of the story is both the result of their own actions and the legacy of the past.

A Song of ice and fire it is called, because people depending from where they are from, sing a song or another (the men of the marches sings of their fight with the dornishmen or the lords of the reach).  None of these situations had been decided by the gods nor who would be foe or ally, it is just hazards of history.

What matters is what new songs people would be able to sing.

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Doran claiming that Arianne was abducted seems good.Martell's support for Aegon must be secret as long as Dornishmen are in King's Landing.

The drama and the storm seem more possible for me to happen when Aegon takes King's Landing and more characters are involved.


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Far from fleshed out, but interesting. 

Euron - Durran

Euron - Godsgrief

maybe marrying Dany goes against the gods wishes? Wasn't their a pretty epic dragon battle outside Storm's End during the first Dance of Dragons? We know fAegeon is holding it now... 

Just throwing some stuff at the walls. We'll see if anything sticks

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