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2 hours ago, hallam said:

The point of putting the Waif's head on a spike was to complete the original contract. The faceless God would not be satisfied until there was a face on the wall. That was the literal contract.


wasn't the contract already completed by the waif since she killed the actress after all?

doubt the many faced god cares who fulfills the contract


1 hour ago, olibar said:

Do we have proof in the text that is how it works?  Isn't it just as possible that to become a Faceless Man, you remove your own face and add it to the wall?  That you truly become faceless, truly become no one?  

It gives purpose to why they needed the fight to be in the dark.  There are many different ways that they could have shown Arya becoming a better fighter, but blind fighting specifically allowed them to hide the actual fight between Waif and Arya, and therefore hide the proof of who won the fight.

Again, I'm more than happy to be proven wrong by something specific I've missed, but I can't think of anything that actually disproves this as a possibility.

arya: you told her to kill me
jaquen: yes, but here you are and there she is
jaquen: a girl is finally no one
arya: a girl is arya stark from winterfell and I'm going home

seems straightforward?

1) if arya was the waif, why would she say "you told her to kill me". It was a promise from jaquen to the waif that if arya fails to kill the actress, the waif would be allowed to kill arya 

2) doubt a faceless man would introduce him/herself with "a girl is arya stark from winterfell", declining that shs isn't no one

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54 minutes ago, dredglol said:

wasn't the contract already completed by the waif since she killed the actress after all?

Jaq'un's statement was that there would be a new face on the wall no matter what. Thus making the demise of the Waif a racing certainty since he was obviously stating that either Lady Crane or Arya would die so it was fairly obvious that the Waif would get the chop.

Being conspicuous was obviously part of a plan to draw the waif out. Being stabbed was not part of the plan.

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