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[Poll] How would you rate episode 608?


How would you rate episode 608?  

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I gave it an 8, mainly because Seasons 4 and 5 never were better than a 5. IMO, it looks like those who are most displeased were looking for a more action-oriented show. I enjoyed it because it's the first episode in a long time with any substantial dialogue:

Jamie/Brienne, Jamie/Edmure, Brienne/Blackkfish

Hound / BwoB

Tables turned on Cersei

"and I'm going home."


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Gave it a 6 but that is more borne out of frustration as to how bloody inconsistent this series is some moment of brilliance followed by a scene the equivalent of a bit of a turd.

+ives - the hound, i liked the link up with BwB, all of the Riverrun stuff (bar the end of the Blackfish! wtf!), and I liked about 80% of the Arya stuff. KL was good but shit is going to go down soon.

-ives - Mereen just so awkward and Dany's entrance was just a bit cringe. the remaining 20% of the Arya storyline. I am so so so annoyed as to how they've messed that up. That could have been such a bad ass ending with "I'm going home" IF ya know she hadn't have been stabbed multiple times the previous episode, it just made too much of this episode beyond the realms of believable (and yes I know it's fantasy but seriously wtf?). She should have just been partially stabbed as she spun away to escape last week and all the rest would have made so much more sense. So annoyed, it could have been done brilliantly and it just wasn't (imho). 

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It was a pain to watch just how bad the story writing was this episode. Almost nothing made any sense, most of the characters seemed to behave too stupid and unrealistic to be believable. And have the writers of this show even heard of continuity? It seems like such a waste, there is well cast and talented actors, wonderful scenery, costumes, camera, music, everything ... there is everything but a story that makes any sense.

Gave it a 3/10 because most of this episode was painful to watch. Nice to have Thoros and Dondarrion back though.

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After rewatching the episode, I'm gonna bump my rating up a little to a 5. The disappointing parts are still disappointing, too much so to look past. But the few good parts were really good. Sandor Clegane was awesome, and it was cool how Beric hit him with the same "it's not too late for you" line that the Septon did. That one line was enough to enlist Sandor in the Brotherhood. The Edmure/Jaime exchange was also excellent. I also like a couple subtle things, Brienne's slight lip quiver when Jaime said 'hopefully we won't fight' was a nice bit of acting. And lastly, Jaqen's smirk when Arya says she's going home makes me hopeful we're not done with him yet.. here's hoping Jaqen goes to Westeros with her. 

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Oh man, this one was not good. Without GRRM, the show is a hot mess. I'll still watch it, but only because I have Stockholm syndrome. 

Ok, the bad:

Arya. UGH. OMG she really was that dumb last episode? It wasn't some elaborate ruse where she is the Waif, the Waif is her, etc.? No. Just what it is on the surface. Not good. They ruined the FM for me. It just all made no sense, it her story didn't follow any coherent path whatsoever in Braavos. But hey, she is leaving finally so cool I guess.

RR and the Blackfish. Lame way to go out. Like a crusty old man who won't leave his house?

Tyrion joke time. I mean, seeing Greyworm smile was a sweet moment but didn't we are we doing this joke attempt yet again and then to only have it instantly switch laughably to totally OH SHIT THE SHIPS ARE COMING was not good.

The good:

The Hound. I like his less growly nature and dialogue. Love the idea of him with the BWoB - hoping this leads him to a Sansa reunion. I also like seeing Beric again. Love a man with an eye patch.

Edmure/Jaime exchange. Not that I love the Jaime/Cersei story line they are going with in the show - book narrative was so much better, but I have a theory they are actually building up his love for her so it can be destroyed in the next few seasons. 

Brienne offsetting Jaime - she is like everything he is not - righteous, with honor, good. The convo about the sword highlighted that. She was like you gave this to me to do a thing and I did it. 

The LOL in a bad way:

The dragon taxi service. So cheesy.

The LOL in a good way:

A sparrow's head getting ripped off. I found it sort of satisfying.



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5 hours ago, johndance said:

I'm willing to bet most people here who have kids would have done the same thing. 

today, in the real world?   Maybe.  In Westeros, given the way life was there, and then, I stand by my statement.  It was ludicrous.  It's kind of like the bad guy saying put down your weapon, or I'll shoot my hostage.  Knowing all the time that as soon as you toss your gun, the fellow will kill you both.  

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Very bad episode.

Too much stuff happening off-screen.

Blackfish dies off-screen. Arya kills Waif off-screen. Dragons arrive during an epic battle off-screen. Give us something for gods sake.

Instead we get the most cringe and horrible dialogue with the useless pointless couple Missandei + Greyworm that are getting more and more annoying each time they get screen time.

Meereen is Tyrion's Dorne. He goes there to waste away with stupid character and horrible dialogue.

I love Podrik and like Bronn but I was donne with Bronn in season 3 - more filler.

Jaime + Brienne - made me thought "How awsome would have it been if they did this 2 seasons ago like in the books"

I'm tired and annoyed of Jaime saying AGAIN he loves Cersei's punanni. 7 seasons and Jaime we havent seen his character development.

Kingslanding was meh... Its the most boring place in westeros right now.

Arya - The Waif was acting all Terminator-like (wtf) - The Arya we saw in the last episode wasnt Arya's plan or a trick . It was just plain inconsistency of the show.

I never felt for a second that Arya was in real danger. The whole thing was underwelming. If she was suffering Maise Williams didnt sell it to me.

The Hound - Another underwelming scene... I don't have faith that D&D know what they are doing with him. He comes back from dead to show that he hasnt changed... lame. Just like another character that came from dead unchanged this season...

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In hindsight you have to wonder if it wouldn't have been better to have Siddig kill off the sand snakes and send Tyrion to Dorne...it can't have been worse than a season of him making cock jokes w/Varys and berating his comrades for not drinking with him.

That sure went downhill after the first couple of scenes he had. But then it was mistake to never have an antagonist who was cast in the show to give the Meereen masters and the plots against Dany some kind of framework.  Having a shavepate who turned out to be the harpy couldn't have been worse than what they did.

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I'm relieved to see I'm not the only one who considered this episode the worst of the season.  A thoroughly disappointing episode with one potentially great scene and another just treated like so....:  2 chefs....they're given the opportunity to create an orgasmic gastronomic splendid meal with the highest quality of original authentic ingredients.  Their chance to make their mark and WOW the world with talents given to them on a golden platter, literally.   These 2 Chefs, let's just say their names are Danielle and Davide and what do they do with this momentous chance?  They go to Rachel Ray and use some of her recipes, wasting quality authentic delicious amazing ingredients, Wowing, "No One!" 

so much lost potential!!  I was particularly pissed off at that horrible waste of a time with Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missendei!  I mean really, F/U D&D!!

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Wait a minute! From reading the comments on here I went in expecting this episode to be like someone had done a shit on a plate and filmed it.

Turns out it wasnt anywhere near as bad as everyone was describing! I've seen some bad episodes this season and I don't think this was close to the worst.

Sure elements of it were not good on some level. I could talk about Arya and how it doesnt make a hell of a lot of sense, from an FM point of view. But then again maybe it does. On some level the chase was enjoyable and I liked how she turned the tables. I also enjoyed how she has gone from thinking the best way to live was to destroy her old life and become no one,  but realised she wants to be Arya. Sure it all could have been done better, but on its own it's not that bad.

Loved the River run stuff, thought all of Jamies scenes were beautifully done, especially those with Brienne. You could really feel the tension and so much was left unsaid. Loved it.

Hound scenes were fun, hes always got some cracking lines! 

Tyrions scenes were the clunkiest of the lot, but were still better than the previous drinking scenes, so I forgive then that. 

So really i didnt hate it at all, which I'm very surprised at.

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9 hours ago, YOVMO said:

Uhm, Darkstream, I've noticed that both here and wrt asoiaf we tend to have a lot of intersecting points of agreement, but I think you are really getting down on this show. Easy 10/10. More like 20/10. I mean, did you hear the hound mention chicken? wtf do these geniuses need to do to impress you book readers? I mean...he said chicken.....CHICKEN MAN CHICKEN

:o WHAT??? He said chicken? You see, with my waning interest, and the shows inability to hold my attention I must have missed that. Now I feel stupid, I really wish there was a way I could go back and change my vote to reflect such profound and ingenious writing. My bad. 

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1 minute ago, Darkstream said:

:o WHAT??? He said chicken? You see, with my waning interest, and the shows inability to hold my attention I must have missed that. Now I feel stupid, I really wish there was a way I could go back and change my vote to reflect such profound and ingenious writing. My bad. 

What does the hound need to do to get your attention?  Piss facing the camera?

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3 minutes ago, Darkstream said:

:o WHAT??? He said chicken? You see, with my waning interest, and the shows inability to hold my attention I must have missed that. Now I feel stupid, I really wish there was a way I could go back and change my vote to reflect such profound and ingenious writing. My bad. 

If only you had a row boat. Not only do they have stealth cloaking but also time travel 

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10 hours ago, Modesty Lannister said:

I suspect that D&D are preparing a special GoT edition reduced solely to cock jokes. They can fill a whole feature length easily.


We've already had The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister, maybe d$d can give us The Prominent Dicks and the Cock less of Weisserof. 

And maybe, if we're lucky, they can throw in some extended bonus footage of A Thousand and One Ways to Devour a Chicken.

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5/10 for me as well. Here how my scoring works 4 points for writing(Plot and dialogue), 2 points for acting, 2 for visuals, and 2 for sets costumes and sound, 

I still the show still gets good visuals and sets/costume/music, so 4 points there, only 1 point for acting because it was a mixed bag, and 0 points for writing.

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10 hours ago, YOVMO said:

you hit the nail right on the head. I don't know how a big tv show writing room works but I imagine at some point someone said something like "hey this chicken thing is really popular, we need to work it in." The hound's character arc has been changed from a story of childhood cruelty both physical and mental reiterating itself in adult brutality coming full circle to self recognition and redemption to "Bustin' ass and eati'n chicken" Just like Dany's entire plot arc has been stripped of meaning and turned to "girl power, tits and dragons"


So much here. So much to be ashamed of. It is really summed up well in Sansa shaming Jon and telling him that he doesn't understand just how bad Ramsey is. Yes, by all means, tell your brother who has just returned from the dead after being killed by his own men after coming home from being north of the wall where he fought an army of undead and the king of the snow zombies that he has no idea how bad a guy like Ramsey is because he dicked you doggy style on your wedding night......NIghts King? fuck that. This guy liked rough sex.

Great points 

I don't agree with downplaying Sansa's brutal experience, as I am fortunate enough to have never experienced such horrible atrocities, and can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to go through something like that. And let's not forget that d$d didn't find it vile enough to have her brutally raped, but also felt it necessary to have Ramsey mutilate her as well. :ack: 

But yeah, the way they portray Jon and Sansa's mental state after all that they have been through is ludicrous. The only time Sansa shows any distress about her ordeal is in one random scene with LF, which was solely done with the intent to emotionally manipulate the audience, and had no baring on character consistency or proper story telling. But Jon, he's been through an awful fucking lot of insane bullshit. And fuck, eight episodes in and I can't recall a single consequence of Jon actually fucking dying. That's right, he was literally dead, and came back to life and the absolute only thing that has happened to him as a result is he reverted back to the same sulky teenager he was before he came to the Wall. :bang: 

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