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Criston of House Shapper

Match Day 5: Austria vs Hungry, Portugal vs Iceland

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50 minutes ago, Criston of House Shapper said:

I just thought I'd share this with all the haters. I'm sure you guys are going to turn this around into Ronaldo somehow being a dick. :rolleyes:

He'd be a cartoon character if he was always a dick.

While I was indulging in schadenfreude watching him suffer during the game I actually had a lot of respect for how he kept on trying. I think if he was as petulant as some of us like to think he'd have sulked and disappeared from the game. The way I saw it, each missed opportunity spurred him on further. I also think the portuguese fans are a lot less fickle than the english ones and they accepted it was a bad day for him.

I thought the game was really entertaining for one with no goals.

I'm still hoping Iceland can make it through but i think it's stacked against them.

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