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Arya's plan ... was it a plan?

Ludvig Carlson

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I don't get it, its as simple as that ...

Arya seems to have a plan:

1. goes to sleep with needle in a dark room.

2. Leaves needle, has a lot of money, walks around in the city, finds ship to westeros and gets stabbed by the waif

3. Gets help from actress, has milk of the puppy, wakes up just in time for the waif to have found her

4. Parkour through bravoos to the room where she has lit a candle and hidden needle, uses her strength (darkness) to kill waif


So first, she has a plan, she gets needle, finds a dark room, prepares for the waif

next she's walking around bravoos (wanting to be stabbed?) not having a plan

Then she has to recover

Then she has a plan again, a dark room with one candle and needle, she even marks the doorway with her blood for the waif to find her.

So, was it a plan? I need the 6th book because I am lost...

What are your thoughts?

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If it was a plan, it was the worst plan ever. Ever. EVER.

I get that she either might try to run and escape (which would more or less mean that she would be on the run for her whole life), or she might want to lurk the assassin, who was after her, somewhere where she thought that the odds would be in her favor and get rid of him/her. Fine. But then? The execution of the plan was just stupid.

She goes all tourist way in Braavos in daylight, needless. We can only guess how far she was at the moment from her hidden room. Either way, she is supposed to know that someone is probably after her, yet she carelessly and naively turns to the crone/waif without any caution. I don't know if D&D think that someone would be that stupid or it they think that that someone would expect to meet a ruthless assassin and live. So Arya is caught off-guard and stabbed. It's only her luck that makes her survive, because the waif could just as well slit her throat and bye-bye, master-plan. So Arya turns on Legolas-like level (watch the Hobbit movies and you'll understand) and jumps off the bridge. Because no-one is less eye-catching than a wet, stumbling, bleeding girl, she goes throught the streets, expecting no one to notice. Somehow she makes it to Lady Crane and thus fatally endangering her. Once again, we don't know how far Lady Crane's house is from Arya's hidden room but judging from the run, quite far. Later the waif realizes her mistake and goes to finish Arya. Arya turns on Legolas turbo mode and despite her wounds she jumps, runs, falls. Eventually she manages to lead the waif to the room but the thing is that it all worked only thanks to extreme and unrealistic luck. And thanks to D&D logic.

I was like :bang: when I watched the docuseries and behind the scenes where they are all like "omg, can you believe how clever that plan was?"

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Yes, she had a plan. She hid Needle with a lit candle (she must have lit it again when leaving for the docks) in a storage space, probably one near the docks. Next time she sees "she doesn't have a name" sufficiently in advance she will lure her back there so she can stab her in the dark. Like what happened, though with an unplanned wound in-between.

She can't skulk around in the night if she wants to book passage - her primary plan was to get out of the city I think and the Needle-hiding one was just back-up. I don't knowwhy carrying around Needle at all times wasn't feasible, though I don't see others in Braavos with swords (so maybe illegal) and she did get in trouble for it in an earlier scene (with the robbers).

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