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[Poll] How would you rate episode 609?

How would you rate episode 609?  

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Gave it a 5, mostly due to production values. 

It lost points on:

-dialogue remaining the same level and the last few Eps, meaning-- dogshit

-nonsensical characterization: the story is no longer driven by our dramatis personae [3/4s of them aren't even recogniable anymore] it's all about the plot

-poorly planned and executed battles due to the above

This show has now leaped to the top of the pile of those I just like to watch to make fun of. 

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10/10 I was on the edge of my seat and even shed a tear or two.

The battle of Meereen played out exactly as I'd hoped.  I was so glad to see the other two dragons flying again.

I especially loved that they showed the battle as a messy, beastly event, not a clean tactical manoeuvre we usually see.

The only thing I thought was far fetched to the point of being silly, was Davos finding the wooden stag he carved for Shireen.  I'm pretty sure the remains of the pyre would have been scattered by the winds and/or buried under the snow given how much time had passed since the sacrifice.

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Some small plot holes here and there, but overall awesome hour of TV. Cinematography was great, even Mereen was fantastic for a change, dragon cgi was top notch. BotB was gruesome and really well shot, action packed and tensed, what more can a man ask for...

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A very pretty and satisfying disappointment. The battle scenes (cinematography) were great. The plot holes were blah.

At one point in time I thought this season was maybe their finest in terms of no terrible stuff and plenty of good. It was and still is an even season (apart from No One), but...

This episode would get a stand alone 9, maybe. But coupled with the rest of the season, the plot holes stand out... the character choices that aren't organic stand out... the nonsense stuff like Davos finding the stag (as I predicted) stand out... the overall predictability and inevitability of events (no depth or creativity) stands out. I rated it a 7.

This is a really expensive show with a great base from GRRM through the first bunch of seasons, but their solutions to books 4 & 5 and their off-the-grid navigation are just ugh. That bar still renders it a great show but it's now trending towards just your cliche, plot driven, inconsistent blah TV. D&D really are nothing special. It becomes more and more apparent that GRRM is the master and the rest rode his coattails.

I've never been more satisfied and disappointed at the same time. And I've never missed GRRM more.

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Probably the best battle scene in TV show history. By FAR the best! 10/10

OMG! That's all i gotta say! Honestly, few minor things things that could have been better 


Of course it would not be ASOIAF if there were the small minority who don't give this show a 1. Special props to them; it takes balls to vote 1 when even ASOIAF forums give this shows 50% 10 and 22% 9. 


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This director (same one that did hardhome) really does a good job in terms of pacing. Any problems I had with the show (not many, mostly minor) are ones where it seems like certain scenes aren't developed well enough. Some scenes seem to be thrown in there and seem a bit ragged.

This director does a nice job getting the most out of each scene. They should have him do more episodes.

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Let we be generous for a change...


Many great moments coupled with solid music and exceptional cinematography. However, there were one cliche too much, one LOTR reference too much, one Dany speech too much. Overall, nicely done.


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7/10 I can't give higher on account of Jon's utter idiocy, the neat wall of corpses that formed in the middle to neatly block Jon's army, and some of the blah blah in Mereen. And no Ghost. With all that CGI, they couldn't squeeze Ghost in.

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12 minutes ago, Barristan Whitebeard said:

LOL, anyone giving this episode an 1/10 needs to seriously reevaluate some things in his life.

Brah, it was too predictable. So not GRRM's work. 

Rickon ran in a straight line
Sansa doesn't share
Jon is too lucky

1/10 because of that. 

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