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Raisin' Bran

Be as unhelpful as possible, Ver. 2.1.1

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17 hours ago, Baltan said:

Damn I was trying to be unhelpful, not sensitive :P.  I want to believe we all take this kind of posts with humor, and if anyone doesn't... well, sorry :( .

Cheers for being quick at stopping a flare false alarm :cheers: 

Ah, OK.  I thought you might have just been trying to be unhelpful, but I wasn't sure. Poe's law and all. :cheers: 


Why there are so many characters with problems in their hands and so little with problems in their teeth?

It could be that Dywen would disagree with your assessment on this one. ;) 


Is a song of ice and fire a good book series?

A Song of Ice and Fire is an unfinished book series.

How would one go about joining a wildling raiding party led by Tormund, or would that be for members only?

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"a song of ice and fire" isn't a book series at all. Book titles are capitalized, either all words except prepositions and conjunctions, as in MLA or Chicago style, or at least the first word, as in AACR2.

Do the maesters have to follow irritating style manuals?

Bother, I didn't pay attention.

Why would one want to? It's too cold up there and wildlings don't have modcons. Besides, it's rude to call them wildlings. They're free folk.

How many wildlings does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

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