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Wyman Manderly, will he finally appear ?

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We've all seen that casting call for an overweight Northener who has to give one hell of a speech and switch alliances. And most of you we're hoping for the same thing I was, and that was that Wyman would appear before the BotB. Well, he did not...

Now how will he fit in ? And what about that speech ? My guess is that all the former Stark bannermen will be tat Winterfell, such as the recently met Lord Glover. Littlefinger will probally tell Sansa he wants his reward: to marry her and have the North. She reluctantly agrees and all of the former bannermen will declare for either Littlefinger or Sansa. Still, Littlefinger will have to power. Then, the last one to declare is Wyman Manderly, who will now switch alliances and declare for Jon as Lord of Winterfell and Warden/King in the North by giving one hell of a speech. And then all the other houses will agree and hail Jon as Lord Stark and thus no longer a bastard. Now, Sansa nor Littlefinger has control over the North and we have a new arc for the next season.






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