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Winterfell: All Plots Converge


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Well, not all plots, but quite a few.

Think about this: Right now, Jon, Sansa, and Littlefinger, and the Vale Knights (along with Bronze Yohn Royce and Sweet Robin) have all arrived at Winterfell. Brienne and Pod will most likely arrive soon. Arya, after she takes care of business in the Twins (and after most likely hearing about the results of the Battle Of The Bastards while there) will almost certainly head back to Winterfell early next season. Bran and Meera, who are trying to escape from north of the Wall, will also likely make his way back there. Beric Dondarrion and the BWB are heading "North" with the Hound, which means it's reasonable to assume they will also head to Winterfell. Finally, if the Wall falls in this episode, if anyone at Castle Blak survives, they will probably retreat to the new seat of power in the North: Winterfell.

If this all happens, I REALLY look forward to seeing the interactions of season 7. How will all of these characaters interact with each other in a confined space, and what implications does it have for the larger story?

Interactions most looking forward to seeing:

Sansa/Arya/Brienne/The Hound


Bran/Sweet Robin


Beric/Jon (shared experiences/insights)

The Hound/Lady Mormont

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