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3 minutes ago, NedStark2013 said:

Sansa only enjoyment is that little finger can't be warden with her now but am sure sansa was hoping she would rule winter fell and there will be tension especially if arya comes home.

The rightful Lord of Winterfell is Bran. Neither Sansa nor arya can affect that. Jon is the rightful heir to the iron throne and dany is his aunt. So of course they will get married. That's what targs do.


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47 minutes ago, CrypticWeirwood said:

“And now at last it comes. You will give me the Crown freely! In place of the child King you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair!


Cersei looked gorgeous and perfect on the Iron Throne.  She might be crazy as can be, but she does it in style.  I don't know how long she'll keep that throne, though, especially since she has no heir and may not have the support of the Lannister army that Jaime commands.

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1 minute ago, Quillon said:

What a disappointment of a season. The writers can't write shit, people teleporting left and right, recycling old book scenes is a common thing now. Yeah things happened but not in a satisfying way and yeah things got set up for next season and if this season is any indication, next season won't be satisfying either. If you butcher every plotline of course you'll run out of books, now there'll be 7 episodes for season 7 and 6 for season 8, they could have easily made all the things happened in this season into at least 2 seasons in a satisfying way but who am I kidding they can't write shit.


I totally agree. This finale was too final. No set up for next season. I am not excited to see next season because there is no mystery. They also recycle dialogue. There are soooo many lines on this show that are constantly repeated across seasons. 

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1 minute ago, Little Scribe of Naath said:

This episode made me realise how much I missed Evil Cersei :P Am I weird if I am looking forward to her crazy queenship more than Jon or Dany?

Dany has been really boring lately. I think I am on team Evil Cersei too. Maybe she will get together with the Night King!

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Just now, Raksha 2014 said:


Won't any remaining Lannister troops be a bit annoyed by Cersei having killed Kevan and Lancel in the Wildfire Barbecue?

Exactly, it looks like it will be really easy to get rid of Cersei in the first five minutes of episode one next season.

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37 minutes ago, espec22 said:

Sansa is going to kill littlefinger in the next season

Quite possibly but probably not till the last season.

36 minutes ago, plectrum said:

I was so pleased by the episode that I didn't even think to mourn the lack of a Lady Stoneheart.

I think that the show decided to ruthlessly cut out all unnecessary magic. So no Mance/Rattleshirt glamour, no fake Aegon and no lady Stoneheart. Its better to let Arya have that plot line anyway.

Notice how the red woman is headed south to where Arya is.

16 minutes ago, Chloe.a.thomson said:


Lyanna is lying in a bed of blood (pooling in the pelvic region) with a newborn baby next to her... and there is no evidence that she is the mother?

Its a baby. It isn't a newborn. And the blood looks like it is coming from her stomach, a stab wound just beneath her rib cage on the left hand side.

The whole series is about blood magic and you think the only explanation for blood here is childbirth. You are rushing to conclusions. 

13 minutes ago, King Onion Knight said:

Am I the only one who was hoping this season would end with the Night King taking down the wall?

End season 7 surely.

9 minutes ago, ash said:

I am dumbfounded by this comment, given the scene. You say it is certain Rhaegar is the father, but too obvious for Lyanna to be the mother... I can't. 

I predicted we would get exactly that scene. Jon is being guarded by the kingsguard so he must be the legitimate king so Rheagar must be the father. For the same reason, Lyanna can't be the mother.

The show hasn't ever introduced Jon 'I am a' Con. Jon Con is the only evidence we have that Elia didn't have a third child. And his story is third hand at best. If he is even telling the truth.

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15 minutes ago, Bear Claw said:

I liked the episode, but I am not too excited for next season because it looks like Dany will cake walk through Westeros, marry Jon, and then they will fight the White Walkers. (Predictable)  I know there has to be some conflicts/suprises, but what will happen now? 

She'll still have to deal with Euron. He's definitely going to cause trouble. 

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I loved this episode! Arya finally got her eve he for the red wedding! Cersie burned them all with the wildfire. Looks like Jaime may be the one to kill her next season if they are going. With the whole Volonqar prophecy. Dany is finally riding towards Westeros! Jon is King in the North! I still don't trust Sansa. Mel going South means she will run into Arya likely, the Brotherhood, Sandor, and Brienne too maybe. And finally the reveal of R+L=J! Wow. 

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