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[Poll] How would you rate episode 610?


How would you rate episode 610?  

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I really enjoyed it. The build up and then destruction of the Sept was wonderful to behold. I loved Cersei and her outfit. Her scene with Unella was so chilling. Her look to Jaime when she takes the throne? I think this is the beginning of their end.

After waiting so long for Tommen to die, I thought the simple shot of him and the window was very effective. I liked Tommen's end. It's the only interesting thing he's ever really done. Poor Loras though :( he's just been shat on all season long. 

It's strange because a lot of people seems to think the Arya reveal was predictable, but I was thoroughly surprised and thrilled seeing her serve old man Frey some humble pie.

Tyrion being made Hand was very sweet.

I wonder if there's going to be much point to Euron's character, or if he was just a device to make the Greyjoys run off to join Dany.

I have found Baelish's arc frustrating. He has spent the whole season waiting around until Sansa needs him to get the Vale, or as an encouragement to Sansa/Jon mistrust. He doesn't seem to be a proper character anymore: he seems kind of a shell, whereas before he was a true game player.

No Brienne, Pod, or The Hound. sadface. 

I started off extremely excited for Ned finally reaching Lyanna in the Tower, only to have her whisper a bunch of inaudible stuff into his ear. They've built this up for ages, so it felt like a bit of an anticlimax.  Sure, it seems R+L=J is confirmed, but I wanted more affirmation, and a better reaction from both Ned and Bran. 

I'm not sure where they are going with Sansa - I was hoping that she didn't tell Jon about the Vale until after the fact because she was going to use it in some sort of power move - after Jon leading them to doom, the army was saved by Sansa and the Vale, making her the better leader and the true Queen of the North. Instead, she basically said, "Hey man, I should have told you about the Vale coming to help, but instead I decided to not tell you reinforcements were coming, thus letting most of the army die, sorryboutit! Now, go on and rule Winterfell you scamp!" 

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10 minutes ago, Golden Eyes said:

I don't think so. Rhagar got lots of things wrong like who the prince that was promised would be. It is his sister Danerys. He was so mad obsessed with having one more baby that he kidnapped and raped Lyanna and left her there. WE SAW IT so sorry if this bursts your book bubble. This is why Danerys is coming with dragons and Jon cant even get people to listen to him. The show is telling us how it is. I mean yeah i guess Lyanna doesnt want her baby killed. I know that. But how it all happened is very clear now.

Are you by chance Robert Baratheon? He was the only one to negatively talk about Rhaegar and believed he kidnapped her. You can choose to believe that. Most of us disagree.

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Possibly the single best episode in years. But flawed to the moon, per usual.

 They've turned Arya into an inexplicably supernatural "Mystique-verine" - a port of the primary powers of two X-men right into GoT.

Dany can do no wrong,

Tyrion is always such a good, caring fellow with the right words,

while Sansa the Inexplicable can do no wrong.

And Euron is just...well, just another 'king' with a big cock; a low-rent "Robert the Reaver". Pity.

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Ive spent more time in the 'Criticize Without Repercussions' thread in the last 2 years than any other.  However this episode for me was a 10.   The music was OUTSTANDING, the acting spot on, and for the first time in a year I got teary eyed.   The transition shot from baby Jon to the now Jon was so well done I thought I was watching a different show.     Dany and Tyrion scene was excellent. After so much clunky dialogue between the 2 , that scene was outstanding.   

Cersei finally went full crazy and it fit;  cant wait to see her face when she realizes she is losing her throne to Dany and Tyrion is by Dany's side.

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I enjoyed the episode. Some scenes were too long and the show could have shortened or skipped them. Nothing was shocking about the episode. I did enjoyed the episode. The music and clothing were amazing.


-Cersei showed her madness, finally. I felt sorry for Lancel, his final act was to try to stop the wildfire from spreading and he failed.

-Pycelle finally died.

-Tommen's death was sad in my opinion. Maybe it's because I think of book Tommen (the sweet boy who loves cats and wants to ban beets). 

-Margaery - I kept saying she would die and everyone thought I was crazy. I always felt that house Tyrell is the only major house without losses in the show. If Loras or Mace died it wouldn't have made an impact on the audience. However, Margaery has a lot of fans and I was expecting her to die this season. When I saw her trying to get to the door I was hoping she would not make it. I never liked her as a character and she was way too overrated in the show. I am probably one of the few people who cheered about it.

-This was probably the only decent scene in Dorne and I'm sure I only felt this way because I liked Olenna shutting up the SandFakes.

-The Tower of Joy- The scene was ok, not really much too say. We heard bits of the promise. I was not expecting to hear the full promise anyway. I think Lyanna said something similar to 'If Robert finds out, he'll...you know he will...you have to protect him' (I watched that scene again to make sure). These words were music to my ears because I was tired of all the parentage theories concerning Jon. specially these ones: the one about Robert being the father, the one about Ashara being the mother, the stupid theory about Jon and Meera being twins (they based this on the fact that the actors have curly hair, but book Meera looks different).  I think Jon's parentage will remain the same in both show and books. 

-This episode showed that Sansa does not hate Jon. She loves him and she knows she should have told him about the knights of the Vale. She also doesn't trust Littlefinger and I enjoyed seeing her push him away when he tried kissing her. Jon is King in the North. 

-The only thing I liked about Walder Frey's scenes was the Frey pie. The idea of Arya using her FM skills is nice and all, but something about the scene did not work.

-Jamie seemed a bit pissed when he arrived in KL. Will he finally snap out the whole 'I love Cersei' phase? I hope so.

-The only scene in Mereen I liked was the one with the ships with the Targaryen and allies flags. I waited 6 seasons for Dany to move her ass to Westeros.

-The scene with Davos and Mel seemed forced. However, Jon banishing her made sense. He knows she bought him to life and she knows that she would continue to fight in the war that is to come, just not beside him. She's going South and the BWB are heading North. Will they meet halfway? Or is it that she comes across Arya like she said seasons ago? Both?





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This was not just bad, it was plainly insulting. None of the plot points were earned in any way, people teleported across oceans and back just to make that setup for the next season(s) happen. I almost enjoyed watching it, because so many scenes were unintentionally funny - I was laughing most of the time at the sheer ridiculousness of the writing and directing. If anyone ever attempts to do a parody of GoT, they'll have a difficult job, because making this more laughable definitely is a challenge.

Oh, the 1 point is for Olenna telling the Sand Fakes to stfu. Very meta.

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43 minutes ago, Facebookless Man said:

Anyway. Believe it or not, this is the first time I've ever rated an episode 1 out of ten. Benioff and Weiss could just as well be calling their audience a bunch of fucking morons to their face at this point, and well, apparently they'd be right.

Honestly, if I were in their position and the vast majority of the public and the media kept praising my work no matter how terrible it is and how little effort went into writing the script, I'd probably have stopped bothering to try to write something decent a long time ago too. Why bother when people keep praising every episode no matter how dumb it is and the show keeps making huge bucks?

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11 hours ago, Ser Creighton said:

Technically Ramsey avenged the Red Wedding, but I think they are talking about taking down all of house Bolton.

Bran is actually at the Wall, he dropped them off at the Grove, they are right by Castle black on the show.

Rikkon, Bran, Sansa, Arya have all grown kids grow, so do babies, that's kind of how it works the sneaky little monsters. What are those kids doing growing, something funny is going on around here.

What was going on in the scene with Dany and Tyrion? They were having a conversation, one arc was ending and a new one beginning. It's the transition scene.  Tyrion is now hand, would of liked to have seen the Varys/Dany intro. It also sets up another parallel to Jon and Sansa. They really like doing those. You see that Dany is more comfortable around Tyrion, the trust is clearly growing and that relationship is moving forward. I actually really enjoyed that scene, they took the edge off Dany.



:lol:  I know kids grow.  It's just sort of STARTLING to have them do it when it seems like just a season ago they were a whole heckuva lot smaller.  (yes, I know it wasn't actually a season ago.) I think they ought to have it as part of the contract that child actors cannot grow. <----- sarcasm 

As for Tyrion and Dany convo, I was speaking about the camera angles when I mentioned "forced perspective."  I did get the gist of what they were speaking about. 

Edited by Tears of Lys
To clarify sarcasm for those who take things too literally
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Don't know why people are constantly nit-picking at all of the characters being in different places quickly, since the time jump isn't shown. It's obviously not something that happened overnight, as the alteration of Dany's acquired fleet alone would have taken weeks, if not months. There's only a few more episodes left, of course the show can't spend entire seasons like they've done in the past at the same place. 

A solid 10 from me. It's been my favorite episode in all of the series! The cinematography and soundtrack both were equally as beautiful as to how each plot-line concluded this season.

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I voted 5 just because this whole episode felt a bit rushed.  Like they squeezed half a season into 67 minutes.  I hope what's taking GRRM so long with his next book is he's not rushing it all at the last minute like these guys did.

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17 hours ago, Dudu42 said:

Can't ignore the flaws, so I'll give it a 9.

Could have a perfect ending, but teleporting Varys was a bit too much, even for me.

There are times when I understand the teleport complaints, but this is not one of them.  Obviously things taking place in the same episode are happening at different times.  For example, sometimes scenes that clearly take place within one day are interspersed with scenes that take place days apart as with episode 7 of this season where Jon and Sansa's travels around the north must have taken at least month, while Arya and Jaime scenes take place during at most a couple of days.

We simply don't know how much time has past between Varys meeting the Queen of Thorns and the scene where they are crossing the sea. It could be 3 months later.


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Quite a decent episode, nothing happened we didn't predict earlier. Though the Wall still stands, I guess that's a surprise.

The good

Dany She's finally sailing for Westeros and her conversation with Tyrion was quite a change from her usual condescending aloofness. I hope she doesn't need to turn back to Meereen because Daario makes a mess out of it. The city doesn't have a good experience with placeholders.

Cersei She really looked good in black costume. Tommen already died before he jumped out of the window, though I fear she won't have a long lasting reign. But it was quite a play from her. I mourn the loss of Margaery, she was a good rival to Cersei.

Lyanna Mormont I'm glad she had a chance to speak up.

Olenna I'm glad she showed those annoying Sandsnakes they're a thorn in our feet!

The bad

Lancel What was up with his slow crawl? Why did he follow that child? He only served as a PoV but there are other ways to achieve that goal. He seemed to act rather odd (from a logical perspective, it's fine from the D&D perspective).

Bran He didn't do much besides providing the ToJ flashback. And we lose Benjen. If Bran's going through the wall the opening next season will be very surprising. Or nothing happens, we only hear that WW are coming but even when winter's here we don't see anything at all.

Manderly Why make him a villain? I loved him in the books, now he looks like a coward.

Oldtown Nothing makes sense here. Sam leaves Gilly without a word. Those white ravens are suddenly in the air, where did they get the news of winter? They certainly didn't hear about the new Lord Commander or the death of Aemon. What a worthless organisation! I'm sure they don't even read their own books, scheming behind Lords and Ladies chasing useless goals.

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3 hours ago, Tears of Lys said:

:lol:  I know kids grow.  It's just sort of STARTLING to have them do it when it seems like just a season ago they were a whole heckuva lot smaller.  (yes, I know it wasn't actually a season ago.) I think they ought to have it as part of the contract that child actors cannot grow. <----- sarcasm 

As for Tyrion and Dany convo, I was speaking about the camera angles when I mentioned "forced perspective."  I did get the gist of what they were speaking about. 

It's the weird time thing on the show, like Varys there and Back again a Eunuchs holiday. 2 Episodes, should of taken like a year in real time. Who knows how long it was on the show. A lot of time passes the show just does no express it very well.

Well it wouldn't be the first time forced perspective was used when Tyrion was in a scene, for some reason. The step was classic. I also think the initial wide shot was to make the Throne room look bigger, the lighting was also different, much brighter than usual. It was a nice contrast to the shot with Sansa and Jon in the crowded hall, that was very grey and dim, and Sansa giving LF that we are going FU my bastard half brother look. He stole it, he stole it all and they love him and she is not even on their radar. It's a great contrast of love and hate, and the differences between the two groups relationships.

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3 hours ago, BigFatCoward said:

can all the people that think it was a 1 just go away and start another website for the criminally obsessed and clinically insane.  honestly, what a bunch of tubes.  

I gave it a 3, and that is based on a comparison to other episodes.  I don't do that every time because I rate the episodes against each other, I'm sure there are other people who think the same as me.

This was frankly a weak episode comparatively, so we could easily say the same about people giving it a 10.

Edited by aryagonnakill#2
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19 minutes ago, Ser Creighton said:

 Sansa giving LF that we are going FU my bastard half brother look. He stole it, he stole it all and they love him and she is not even on their radar. It's a great contrast of love and hate, and the differences between the two groups relationships.

Sansa smiled through nearly the whole KitN chant. She isn't angry or feeling like Jon Snow "stole it" 

Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are saying? I don't really understand the bolded sentence...

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