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[Poll] How would you rate episode 610?


How would you rate episode 610?  

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Well, the logic flaws of the Battle of the Blackwater made me dislike that episode to the point that I only gave it a 1.

This episode is full of logic flaws, too, and I do dislike the northern plot, and I do dislike what they did to Dorne. And I see that this episode made everything Margaery did this season quiet in vain, but I like the way how Cersei gets what she wants, but in the process causes her only remaining child to commit suicide.

And unlike the last episode this episode managed to leave me with a pleased feeling instead of a greatly annoyed one.

So, just based on my subjective feelings I give this episode a 7.

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2 hours ago, JonSnow4President said:

In other words, a 5 is average on my scale (and given I think every episode this season is below average, there hasn't been one above a 5),

5 is actually below average on a 1-10 scale.

I gave this episode a 7. It stands out above the rest of the season, because there were little to no boring scenes in it. This one is on the level of s3-s4.

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My first 10/10 this season.

I thoroughly enjoyed that 69 minutes of television. A great end to a solid season. There was a lot in there, perhaps a little too much as it did feel a little rushed in places.
The opening was so atmospheric, that piano music was chilling.
Lyanna Mormont FTW!
The White Wolf, King in the North!
Promise me Ned.
Frey Pies!
Tyrion Lannister be the Hand of the Queen.
Even Dorne was ok due to Olenna putting the Sand Snakes in their place.

I'd have swapped the final two scenes. I think ending with Cersei sitting on the Throne would have been better.
A shame they killed off Margaery, I had hopes she was planning something.

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I gave it a 10, but a weak 10. It would have been perfect except for a guest appearance by the Flash (a.k.a. Varys) on Daenerys' boat.  And that was almost the last thing you saw, so the idiocy kinda sticks with you.  Dude, we KNOW Varys is on Daenerys' side; we don't have to see him on her boat. He ought to have stayed in Westeros to prepare her arrival, like he was doing with Ellaria and Olenna.  I suppose he could have ridden a dragon and gotten where he needed to go in time, but that would have been even sillier.

So, with all that negativity aside, here's why this episode was freakin' awesome: Lancel Lannister (almost) doing something useful, trying to save the entire city only to watch it kerplode in megariffic fashion. The Faith Militant and Tyrells realizing too late that the Game of Thrones is not their biggest problem, that true evil is in the world and needs to be dealt with (foreshadowing, I hope, the huge battle to come against the Ice Walkers).

Tommen doing what moody teenagers will do and killing himself, thereby fulfilling an ancient prophecy and ensuring that Cersei doesn't get her way.

I know everyone hates Cersei, but as an evil character and convincing actress, kudos to Lena Headey. Her revenge when things seem most desperate for her is terrible to behold (happened in Season 1 too).

Ser Davos and Jon giving Melisandre her pink slip and deportation papers. Go raise the dead elsewhere you freak!

Sansa is well and truly screwed. I know she doesn't want to be with a scumbag like Littlefinger and rightly rebuffed him, but he's super dangerous and in charge of the largest intact army in Westeros right now. Jon and she ought to lock him away pronto now that he's laid his cards on the table. I'm really interested in seeing how that turns out.

How do you say, "Yo heave ho, it's a pirate's life for me!" in Dothraki?

Arya Stark cleaning up Riverrun and baking a sweet pie.  What a little homemaker! I hope she finds the "Lost Direwolf" notice on the bulletin board there and reunites with Nymeria, riding her north to rejoin her family in Winterhell. Then again, it would probably be even more badass if she kept assassinating people on her hit list. She could slap on a Margaery mask and really mess with Cersei's head in King's Landing.

Sam forgetting all about Gilly and little Sam and the cataclysmic adventures they had to go bury his head in some books.  What a nerd.

We finally get confirmation in Emmy-award-winning style at the Tower of Joy that Jon Snow's moother is who everyone thought she is and that he's the fooking King in the North!  Still, undead Benjen, I know you can't go beyond the wall, but maybe you could have dropped Bran off, say, AT the wall and knocked on the gate? Or left him a horse? What do you expect Meera to do, fireman-carry him another ten clicks with her girl arms from the Weirwood tree back to Castle Black while the Night King and all his minions triangulate on their position? You do realize that the Night King now has Hodor and Summer in his army, right?  Winter is here, but Hodor is coming!

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Full 10. just loved it!

Dany finally taking sail, I just hope that this is also happening in the book and she is not running in 263 more circles there. This was great. They should have spent 10 seconds to show Varys leaving Dorne with all the ships, then all this teleporting would be clearer.

Dorne - as much as I hate the Sandsnakes I do love Oleanna! Also great seeing those teaming up.

Cersei - officially nuts now. Like in the books... Of course the succession line would be different, but does anybody expect Cersei to give a damn? She is the one who just blew up half of KL and has the Mountain at her side, so I can't see anybody standing up and looking for a far away cousin of Baratheons to come next in line. Would be ridiculous. I would have expected her to take Tommens death more though. Wonder, if she loved her children as much as she said or if she is just too crazy now to care. She cried over stupid Joffrey, but not for Myrcella and not for Tommen.... Jamie looked shocked, so hopefully he will turn now. Is he the valonqar?

Ned and Lyanna - finally! Can't understand, why Rhaegar is believed to have raped her now. There is not a single negative word about him in the books, except for Robert, so I don't see it in his character. Also he is portrayed as prince charming, so young Lyanna would easily fell for him. He left Lyanna only to fight at the Trident, could hardly sit that one out. Wonder though, why they didn't show him. Will the unsullied know, that he is the father? Next season? How will somebody ever believe this? Would Jon? The North?

Arya - favourite scenes! Great to have her back in Westeros. Great to have the Pie! Is she going to KL now? Or first to Winterfell?

Sansa - I know everybody seemed to hate her last episode, but for me she is just so traumatised by being abused and betrayed for years by everybody she trusted, that she cannot simply change this that easily. She knows, LF is dangerous and probably now a danger for Jon as well.

Jon - KITN. hmpf. The North is pretty cut off from all thats happening in the South, so it makes sense they are looking for somebody to unite them. It makes more sense for them to unite behind a son of Ned (as they think) than behind a girl. We now what happened to the last KITN and so does Jon, so its not a surprise he was not expecting this and I guess is not exactly wanting this. Still, cannot turn down this. 

Bran - how on earth are those two travelling on now? Without a horse?? How will he reach the Wall? How will he tell Jon?


another year of wait - hopefully with a good book to read!





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I'm giving this episode a 9.

It reminded me of the difference between most of the Harry Potter movies, and that 3rd one directed by Cuaron. All except that one movie the Harry Potter movies are bland, safe uninteresting fare which do a decent job of getting the story across, are functionally decent, but at no point cross over into being exceptional or even good. That third movie is different, because it was treated as something more than just a low brow kids movie, but an excuse to make a thing of beauty and ,it might be a bit of a stretch, art.

These last 2 episodes have been such a huge step above the previous 8 I'd want Miguel Sapochnik to direct every single episode. If only they could all be this good.

Again simply just as a treat for the eyes and the ears it was a fantastic piece of television. That opening sequence in KL was just beautiful, the way he used sound and music to create an atmosphere, the visual and camera shots of the Sept, both interior and the explosion. The haunting way the little birds were running around, the pacing of the shots and the use of silence. Just the best. 

I could go back and compare what he's done in this episode and what other directors have done in earlier episodes and it doesn't even compare. My least favourite episode this season was 5, I know many liked it, but I thought it was amateurish in its staging and design, poorly directed and was only saved by the Hodor reveal. Otherwise it was a bit of old trash. 

Sapochnik would have saved that episode.

Not only that this episode was full of a bunch of nice moments. Jamie and Walders nasty banter, the Sandsakes and Lady O bantering, I liked Dany dumping Daario, it actually felt emotional.. as did her scene with Tyrion. 'King in the North' actually made me feel something when it happened, I felt a touch of joy and sadness all at the same time. 

Overall I've liked this season, but its been the most patchy by far. It started off too rushed and hurried, then descended into too slow and lacking in pace, and went out with a bang. I'd hope for more balance next year,


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I give it a 9,5 

Kings Landing was very good, a bit of book stuff with the death of Pycelle at the hands of the little birds (now controled by Qyburn) and the destruction of the Sept of Baelor was epic, it was really well played by Cersei, I felt a bit sad for Margaery because she knew in the last moments what would come but they high septon was too stupid and understimated Cersei resulting on the death of everyone there. I also expected another kind of reaction by Cersei over Tommen's death but it just confirms that she is a psychopath even more frightning than the Mad King because Aerys was insane when tried to blow Kings Landing. 

In the Twins, Walder Frey being an idiot again, I didn't understand it the feast was due to a marriage but I liked to see the disdain that Jaime had for him and finally a 'Arya Lecter' moment serving Walder's son's to him and then killing him. 

Sam comes to Oldtown which was expected for him was a dream come true so it was good to see that look on his face even when little Sam and Gilly were not allowed to pass. 

We finally get the end of the Tower of the  Toy scene that confirmed Lyanna is Jon's mother but I wanted the confirmation that Rhaegar is the father although we are 99% certain of that so it was a bittersweet scene. 

In the North, Lyanna Mormont being awesome again, proclaiming Jon has King in the North and bringing with her lords that refused to fight for the Starks like Wyman Manderly or Lord Glover. Still I think Sansa's role was understimated by all this people, without her they wouldn't have won, and Baelish is obviously not happy as he showed to Sansa in that conversation he had with her. In next season we will have him plotting something that's for sure. 

Finally Daenerys leaves Daario and the Second Sons in Meereen which is definetly right from a political/tactical point of view but it must have been a dificult moment specially for Daario. Then that awesome scene when Tyrion is chosen as Hand of the King (Queen) and Varys does a very good job bringing to more allies to Dany's side, the Reach and Dorne. The final scene with all the ships sailing with the dragons above was awesome and for those that think Varys moved to fast I don't think it was too fast because they were needed to bring all the Dothraki and in the same episode Arya reached the Twins, Jaime went from the Twins to Kings Landing and all the Northern lords gather in Winterfell so it was clearly an episode that went for a long period of time (months). 

I was only a bit disapointed that we didn't see Euron, it would have been good knowing that he is making some ships atleast because I think he will be a major player next season probably attacking Dany's fleet. 


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I'll give this one an 8/10. Probably the best episode since the first and second in my opinion. 

What I can't get over are the inconsistencies in the writing of characters, so DanDy is setup to be a egotistical megalomaniac in mid season episodes and suddenly becomes a heart conscious people's champion in the end not wanting the Iron Born to rape and pillage in spite of the fact that she wants to take her Dothraki horde who live by such a culture. Her scene's were made up for by the fact she's finally decided to get her arse over to Westeros. That in itself is exciting.

Second thing still grating on me is the fact Jamie still has not outright realised how much of a power mad lunatic his beast of a sister is. I have been waiting for this for every episode since the first but I will have to accept that in his final shot he gave her a questioning look of mistrust. That will have to do for now.

I'd like to add that I was quite annoyed at the lack of any white walker action near the wall. 

Now onto the positives;

The Directing felt cinematic at times. The King in the North, Sandra deciding to support her brother (or is she?), Seeing Theon, Arya, R+L=J, Sam's entrance into the great library, Lyanna Mormont, Jamie's scene with Walder and finally the set up for the end game.




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I gave it a 10/10 because I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it....I'm not going to bother nit picking the episode I'm sure plenty of people on here are already destroying it for 'poor writing' 'no logic' 'crazy teleporting' etc and that's their opinion.  For me it was an excellent/cinematic piece of telly that made me feel happy, sad, elated and angry for the characters and that's what I want from GOT.

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Breaking down the scenes of the show, I'd rate them as such ...

1) The trial through Tommen's leap

2) The King in the North

3) Dany and Tyrion (Hand of the King)

4) The Tower of Joy

5) Cersei and the Septa 

6) The "Your God is Evil" scene

I'm through #6 and I still haven't even gotten to Jaime Lannister/Walder Fray, Arya's revenge, Olenna being Olenna, or the breathtaking final scene. Or hell, even Jon and Sansa and Sansa and Littlefinger. The "Your God is Evil" scene would have been the best scene in many episodes. This was, in my opinion, the best episode of the entire series (writing, directing, acting, photography, technology, and music combined), and among the best episodes of TV that I've ever seen. I'll happily rate this a 10. 


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7 hours ago, Channel4s-JonSnow said:

It completely blows my mind the way some people need to see everything and are unable to use their imagination, or see storytelling as anything other than a direct translation of reality. 

It seems to be the primary reason I think many people on here don't 'get' the show. I think it highlights more about how different people are than anything to do with the show.

There's a difference between using to use imagination for something small. However, it is a hallmark of bad writing (and jarring when viewing  I can be fine with Arya infiltrating the Towers. Since they established the mask ability (although I think they messed up doing that), I can be fine with her disguising herself. But killing the #2 and #3 men in a garrisoned fort off screen?  I could deal with actually cooking/carving them off screen if there was some indication of how she might do that in a crowded castle kitchen amidst a feast, but her being able to do so is so implausibly difficult that it doesn't work.  And that's the key.  

They don't ask to imagine small things, or logical gaps.  They ask us to imagine things that DEFY ALL LOGIC, and I strongly suspect it's because they logically can't come up with a convincing , but damn it, they have their scenes they want to do, regardless of they can logically get the characters there.   

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Eh if it had been season 1 or 2 or 3 I could understand the 'hoping it gets better' argument. It just wrapped season six and is way past the halfway point. I've never kept watching a lousy series in hopes that it would get better for more than a season or 2.

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I gave this episode a 9/10. The show was jam packed with great moments. Arya' s Frey pies vengeance (so satisfying), Cersei' s long awaited descent into crae, crae land - blowing up the Sept and all within, Tommen conveniently offing himself, Sam at Oldtown and the beautiful Citadel and library, Jon being declared KitN, little lady Mormont (is she a child or a little person? LoL), Bran finding out that his brother Jon is really his cousin - thus somewhat confirming the R + L = J theory,  Oleanna shutting up the stupid Sandsnakes, the Dorne/Tyrell alliance and support for Dany via Varys involvment, Dany making Tyrion her hand - finally validating him as someone of worth, and Dany and her army finally on their way to Westeros with the dragons flying overhead. Wow.

My only gripe is the show tying up all the major loose ends in one episode. A lot of great stuff crammed in 68 minutes (or so). Thus the oft cited 'teleporting' joke. However, if you pay close attention you'll notice details that suggest time has passed and that the producers expect the audience to be intelligent enough to figure out that each sequence is in a period of its own with the appropriate travel time or time lapse needed for the character(s) and scene. 

Still I thought it was the best episode of this mediocre season and I can't wait to watch it again.

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10 out of 10.

My first 10 of this season.  

One of the best season finale's I can remember.  

And in my top 5 all time along with Blackwater, Kissed by Fire, Hardhome and Baelor. 

- the music and directing.  top notch

- they pulled no punches

- the biggest moments were handled the best. 

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On 27. 6. 2016 at 5:55 AM, Ser Creighton said:

I did not have much in the ways of dislike for this episode. 8.5, I can skip on the Arya teleporting as Braavos is not that far away and they got me, did not see that coming. They gave her Frey pie which was a pro and con for me, I thought Arya was going to be a bit more sane, but killing and cooking the Freys was pretty ruthless. -.5. Though taking him out and giving Jamie the oh boy you are just what I am looking for look was fun.

Varys getting to to Westeros, ok I gave that a pass, but getting back to Dany. That should of taken him over a year. -1. And really that was about it. The teleporting bugged me with Varys and Frey Pie Arya.

I thought the Dany and Darrio scene was good, but I really liked Tyrion and Dany there, they finally took the edge off her and got back to complex Dany, they were really good together in that scene and once again juxtaposed to Jon and Sansa.  The little nod of fear, her caring about Daario but glad it was over. I really like that scene that's all I can say.

I liked Jon being crowned and the look on Sansa's face that goes from being happy to looking at LF who has that I told you so look, oh Sansa.

Jon has a mommy, and it only took a couple of decades.

Finally Cersei from the books was back, oh how I missed her. Tommen, I know it's wrong but as soon as I saw him in front of that window we were all laughing, Tommen was going to fly. That's so wrong, can't be helped.

The return of the Little birds.

Sam and the Library, the Library and Oldtown looked great.

The Sand snakes getting ripped apart, how in gods name is Tyrion going to deal with them. They had a pact.

Dany and the ships, oh Cers the Curse your reign is going to be over before it started, Varys is going to teleport the whole Army there within one episode. Maybe Dany stops in Pentos, or Braavos. Doesn't matter, I hope she takes back Dragonstone, and goes from there.

Oh and NO MORE MEEREEEEEEEEEN! Thank god that's over.

Oh and in the episode that Dany is making her self free for Marriage, Jon gets a crown, the only eligible bachelor on the show. There is Jon and there is Euron and Euron is a walking corpse.

Jon is a walking corpse too in a way. Depends on if Jon is still King by the time they meeet because otherwise alliance is not a good step for her. With Sansa aspiring to be QitN and LF scheming around.

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On 27 June 2016 at 4:21 AM, Ghosts Companion said:

It would get a higher rating, if it did not feel so rushed. 

that was the beauty of the earlier seasons - a slow development. I hated the years of Arya training followed by a sudden teleporting Frey Pie.

Too fast. Ok we don't want to see years of travelling but then why is Gilly's baby still 6 months old?

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3 minutes ago, dmo862000 said:

Look man, I am not trying to attack you. If you gave this a one but you have given other episodes good reviews then y statement wasn't directed at you. I arbitrarily picked 5... it's not set in stone or anything. I just cannot fathom how someone could dedicate so many hours of their lives to a show they never positively review. If you've given many positive reviews then, again, this wasn't directed towards you. I don't know what the exact definition of a troll is admittedly but my own interpretation is that it is someone trying to get a rise out of people. I gave this a 10 and I can't recall ever giving an episode a 10 before. I know there are flaws but as far as how much I was entertained, I was at a 10. Maybe thats too generous. If a 10 is too much a 1 is too little though. Who would sit there for an hour watching a 1?

Just as people can say, there are many flaws, but I still enjoyed it, so I rated it a ten, I can still enjoy certain aspects of watching, but still be disappointed with many things, that in my opinion warrant a rating of one. If people can rate an obvious and undeniably flawed show a ten, then I have the right to vote a show that admittedly has some quality aspects to it a one. In my view, throwing a ton of money into the production to make a show look good, does not override a blatant and obvious disregard for telling a coherent or plausible story. If the results of this poll in any way realistically represented an accurate assessment of the show, I might be inclined to give a point or two for the production values. But it doesn't, there is no way that an objective and realistic evaluation of this show could result in a rating of a ten.

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17 minutes ago, Darkstream said:

Just as people can say, there are many flaws, but I still enjoyed it, so I rated it a ten, I can still enjoy certain aspects of watching, but still be disappointed with many things, that in my opinion warrant a rating of one. If people can rate an obvious and undeniably flawed show a ten, then I have the right to vote a show that admittedly has some quality aspects to it a one. In my view, throwing a ton of money into the production to make a show look good, does not override a blatant and obvious disregard for telling a coherent or plausible story. If the results of this poll in any way realistically represented an accurate assessment of the show, I might be inclined to give a point or two for the production values. But it doesn't, there is no way that an objective and realistic evaluation of this show could result in a rating of a ten.

Have you ever rated any episode above a 5?

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1 minute ago, dmo862000 said:

Have you ever rated any episode above a 5?

Why wouldn't five be the average starting point and then you add or subtract from there. Sometimes shows really are just a 4,5 and sometimes they are an 8,9. Starting at a midpoint, the average of what is expected, would be more rational than just listing fifteen things wrong and voting 10. Same the other way. 

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