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[Poll] How would you rate episode 610?


How would you rate episode 610?  

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A good solid episode IMO. 

Some major teleporting going on. 

I didn't like Sansa's non explanation for not telling Jon about the LF & the Vale. "Um.. I wanted to tell you Jon but I just didn't. " "Oh, ok Sansa but we need to trust each other ok?" "Ok." Odd to say the least. 

Also having Lyanna whisper to Ned rather than just saying it out right. Come on, how long will this be drug out? 

Cersei is a vile bitch but she was not messing around! Burn em all! Confess. Confess. Confess. Oddly I don't feel as bad about Tommen as I thought I would. He was a sweet boy but didn't have enough back bone to even stand up for his own mother? One episode he is beating him self up for allowing the HS to parade her naked through the streets, the next he is doing everything in his power to be sure she loses her trial?! 

LOVED the Arya/Walder exchange. 

The only think that makes the sand snakes slightly tolerable is the QoT telling them to let the grown folk talk. Haha!

I loved the KitN2 also. Lady Mormont is growing on me. & Manderly! Finally. 

As always Davos was great. Wish Jon would have executed Mel. Or at the very least had a convo with Davos like "She saved my life & now I have saved hers" sorta think. 

Creepy creepy LF! Could he be any creepier? Poor Sansa can't catch a break with men. Joffrey, Tyrion (wasn't cruel to her but was a member of the house who had ruined her family), Ramsay, & LF. The Hound isn't looking so bad now maybe? Lol

Enjoyed Dany & Tyrion. 

The little birds killing Pycelle was pretty creepy too. 

All around a good finale I think. 

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4 minutes ago, Joao said:

Ollena was dressed in black.  God knows how much time passed. Yet everyone is crying "teleporting" "jet packing" etc.  


When Jaime returned to KL, i was about to say "Why is the Sept of Baelor still burning?" but then I remembered "Oh yeah...wildfire" Time is still fuzzy but those are quibbles vs. great loads of greatness. This was a 10/10 and I honestly was shocked how good it was. 

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Jon theory came out true. Good job everyone

i can't believe she actually killed tommen...I thought it might happen just never thought it would

dany..awesome. Dragons 

Seeing arya was a bit of a surprised... She traveled quick but then again the time stamp was never said

North does remember. 

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The first 20 min. was 10. the second coming of king in the north was a 3 Ayra random revenge a 5 but then bumped up to an 8 for the Frey Pie. Danny 6 maybe a bump for 100 ships and V man's sweet teleport Cersei climbing the steps? Yeah, ten bump down for Jaime's dumb look 9. Dorn minus a billion.


Left it a 9 for me.


Tommen taking off the crown and walking out the window was truly heart breaking,    

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I don't usually vote straight 10s, so I'll just vote a big f u to the "all episode are a minus a hundred because the books are better" haters. Just wish I could see their faces when winds of winter come out and it's just like the show they hate so much. So my vote is a big middle finger to them because even though not perfect, this is the best show ever on television and the best adaptation from the books there could ever be made. Yeah.

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This goes to 11 for me. A top five all-time episode. Too much I loved to break it down now. 

For the jet-pack quibblers, the show does not specify how much time elapsed between Varys leaving Mereen and arriving in Dorne, and then his return to Mereen. Just because Varys is shown on the screen in Dorne and then 15 minutes later in Mereen, does not mean that only 15 minutes passed in Planetos.    Could have been weeks on either leg. 



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Anyone notice the astrolabe from the title sequence in the Citidel library? That was seriously cool to just see it there after seeing it in the intro to every episode for six years. Anyway ive drank quite a big of wine so im sure im not seeing as many plot holes as i should. Im giving it a 9, its the best season finale in a while for me.

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I am so, so, so, so glad that Lyanna Mormont knew that House Cerwyn is a Celtic name and therefore pronounced it properly,with an initial K sound, as all Keltoi know.

I’ve been telling people this for years and years, and nobody believed me.  

Vindication is a sweet thing.

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