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[Poll] How would you rate episode 610?


How would you rate episode 610?  

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7 minutes ago, Greg B said:

"Everyone who makes a joke about a teleporter thinks he's the only person ever to make a joke about a teleporter. You're all making the same five or six jokes." -- Tyrion Lannister, probably

Right but everyone who makes a joke about a Lannister, a martell and a stark walking into a bar is seen as a poorly written character with no arc, depth or motivation --Everyone Who Saw That Episode, probably

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11 minutes ago, Cragen said:

For me stress I got from my work place is enough, I couldn't handle additional stress from TV show.

fair enough. I don't think I would call it stress though. More like antipathy for writing which is indicative of an increasingly dumbed down world.


At any rate, I have no problem if someone enjoys it in whichever way they enjoy it. It is massively popular and, judging by the people here, many like it. That's fine by me. They are entitled to enjoy or dislike the show in whichever manner best suits them as am I.

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I rather liked this episode. The characters behaved in ways that mostly made sense for them. I have gotten over the teleportation device, or rather I thought I had, until I saw Varys in the boat it was like --- wha???  Still, folks acted consistently.  I was glad to see Jaime smirk at Frey.  I was glad to see Cersei blow the whole thing up because that is something she would do.  The Sam part was just padding.   Sansa turning down LF was a great relief and that will feed plenty of plot next season. There was no GHOST and that is unforgivable, but nothing is perfect.  At the end of the episode, I felt entertained.

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1 hour ago, YOVMO said:


They had the dream. Source material you can only dream of. A built in loyal following. A tv show which laid the foundation for real depth, interesting characters and great story. They have an amazing production, for the most part a spectacular cast. They want for nothing and they basically took all of that and just totally wrecked it.


PFF.. Okaaay.

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I just assume they use the same excuse as GRRM himself.

Events which happen in different chapters which are in the same book don't necessarily happen close to each other in the timeline. The same goes for scenes in the episodes and the episodes themselves. It doesnt bother me when I think of it like that. 

This episode, The Trail, The Frey Pie, The Reveal all sum up to be the best finale of the show, and possible of Television history.


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A solid 9. I loved the Cersei/KL scenes and even though I had read all the spoilers and knew what was coming, I was still surprised. The score was amazing. And I had big feels when Cersei crowned herself. I watched the after-show commentary and agreed with D&D that a Cersei without her role as a mother, which was the only humanizing thing about her, is terrifying. 

R+L=J  I believe this is totally confirmed and it was well done and emotional.

Dany and her ginormous fleet setting sail was satisfying and I am feeling like there isn't much left for her to even conquer in Westeros. She has a ton of support and the only people who seem to actually WANT the Iron Throne are herself, Baelish and Cersei. So its hers for the taking but we know it won't be that simple - a zombie apocalypse is coming. Which sucks because I hate zombies but whatever. 

Sad to lose Margaery, I loved her character.

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2 minutes ago, Channel4s-JonSnow said:

I want to write a longer reply but my eyes rolled out of my skull.

The production values (with the exception of the great hall of winterfell) were terrific. But the writing was so gastly stupid that it really ruined the whole thing for me. That said, if you enjoyed it that's great. I have no beef with anyone for their opinion just like I am sure no one has with me about mine.

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Biggest shocks to me in the episode:

Margaery dying ----> Did not see that coming at all :bawl:

Tommen suicide -----> Knew he was gonna die somehow (due to Cersei's prophecy) but not by suicide. :crying:

The candle in the wildfire ------> gasped outloud, so hauntingly beautiful :eek:

Mountain raping sister Olenna ---------> Made me sick with Cersei's cruelty  :owned:

Arya killing Walder Frey----------> Poetic justice at its best :cool4:

Cersei becoming Queen ---------> WTF did not see that coming AT ALL :ack:

Overall masterpiece of an episode, GRRM D&D i bow to you  :bowdown:

P.S. Hightower looked BEAUTIFUL! and that library wow 

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btw. I am incredibly impressed with the guy carving perfectly shaped seven-pointed stars into peoples foreheads free-hand. I couldn't draw circles and angles that steady on a flat piece of paper.

He has some practice by now of course and I imagine there are dozens of early sparrows wearing basecaps all the time.

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9/10. I had some(okay most) of the surprises spoiled thanks to the leaks, but it was an enjoyable episode nonetheless. That opening sequence was spectacular, probably one of the best I've watched in the series with the piano building up to an explosion. Everything else was spot on as well, and I'm willing to turn my brain off to feel Arya turning Freys into pies in their own castle wasn't too much of a hassle. Even Dorne was good, and that's a first.


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Mostly I loved it. Just a few things bothered me. The KitN bit could have been more electrifying. The timeline thing still bothers me even though I know it's more a function of my linear mind than the actual writing. When it happens in the books I am just not that annoyed by it. A subtitle saying "three months later" would be too 1950s and I don't know how else they could make that less jarring.

Congrats to D&D for solving the Meereenese knot so well. I feel like we are actually pushing forward and can possibly reach a conclusion in my lifetime. I will still be able to enjoy the upcoming books as much as if they had arrived first.

Oh, one thing was very satisfying. Lady Olenna and the Sand Snakes. Nice.

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This was - in my opinion - probably the best finale since season 1.  Did that mean it was without flaws?  Nope, not by a long shot. 

I still cannot stand the show's version of the Sand Snakes - which automatically took the show down a notch for me.

R+L=J!  We have confirmation!  I know the book purists are quick to say nothing in the show has any bearing on the books, but do you really think something this important will differ from the books?

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I know it wasn't perfect but this was my favorite episode of the series thus far.  The presentation and execution of the KL stuff was mind-blowing and for me crossed beyond mere "great GoT" into the realm of "great television." Highlights of the episode:

- Baelorgeddon. I mean, I've got no words. Total game changer with supreme spectacle and emotional impact. I wasn't expecting to take the erasure of Margaery as hard as I did.  :(

- Dark Queen Cersei, the First of Her Name was a twist I probably should have seen coming, but didn't, and I absolutely LOVED it. True wickedness that's been years in the making, unleashed in full now that her children are gone and Maggy's prophecy fulfilled. The sky is the limit for the evil that this character can do.

- Tyrion Lannister, Hand of the Queen was an awesome moment. Qyburn, Hand of the Queen was even better. :D

- Of all the surprises in this episode, the least surprising was Arya checking old man Frey's name off the list (Frey Pie was a wonderful touch, btw). It was no less satisfying even for that.

- The KING IN THE NORTH scene could have floundered, given it was a callback to a very similar scene from S1, but here it worked fantastically with Lyanna Mormont taking on a proxy of the Wylla Manderly role from the book. A number of nice asides to book readers in this episode. 

- Tower of Joy and the Jon reveal was fine, felt a bit rushed. Probably my own massive expectations getting in the way.

- AT LONG LAST Daenerys sails west!!! It doesn't even feel real :D

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