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LulaMae Barnes

[Spoilers] Criticize Without Repercussion - one last time ;o)

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Since there usually is such a thread to freely rant and rave about every new episode, I thought we surely need one for this as well---:huh:

Criticize the show all you want! Off we go - chop chop!!!

The topic of the thread is discussing things you disliked about the episode. It is not a place to throw insults at one another or to act as if the normal rules of the forum do not apply.

Discussion of why people disliked something is permitted, but remember the topic at hand: this is not a debate thread, it's a discussion thread specifically about episode details or events that posters disliked.

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2 minutes ago, -Winterfellian- said:

Finally this torture will be over soon


Yes, but will tonight's episode been the one that ruthlessly twists the knife and...Oh wait, doing that has no effects. Never mind, we should be able to make it through guys!!! Only another excruciating 59 minutes more to go. Good luck all. 

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