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Mr. X

KC Worldcon T-Shirt Thread

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Hi there!

We are making a limited run (print to order) of t-shirts that will be available to BWB members who are attending MidAmeriCon II (a.k.a. Kansas City WorldCon) next month. If you can't make it to WorldCon but want a t-shirt, there is nothing stopping you from bribing an attendee to order, buy, and pick one up for you. The details of that arrangement are between you and your fellow boarder. (Oh, and you'll likely get better results by bribing someone other than Xray or me.)

This year's shirt features Sansa. The front artwork can be viewed here and the back artwork is here.

The shirts are charcoal grey and the printing is in green, purple, and yellow The art is by the awesome, talented, and awesomely talented Raya Golden, a longtime BWBer who did the art for the Chicago, San Antonio, and London WorldCon shirts.

We will be using Gildan Ultra Cotton men's and women's t-shirts. [NOTE: This is a different style of shirt than we have used in the past!] Sizing charts can be found here [Men’s] and here [Women’s] (or here). My general impression of Ultra Cotton vs. Soft Style (which we used for the last 4 shirts) is that Ultra Cotton run slightly larger and true-to-size than the Soft Style shirts.  Please email me if you have questions about sizing. 

To print the shirts, we are returning to Works in Progress NYC, because we love them and they love us.  They are a silk screening company that also operates a non-profit internship program for high school students. More info here.

You can order the shirts by emailing me (MisterX AT brotherhoodwithoutbanners DOT com) with the quantity, style, and size(s) you would like. Please specify men's or women's in the order.

The price for the shirts is $20. You can pay me for the shirt at the con in cash OR in advance via PayPal (PM or email me for details). I will distribute the shirts at the con. If you have questions about payment (currency issues, PayPal, etc.), ask me via email. Any profits will be rolled into the BWB general fund.


Either post your name, shirt size, and quantity of shirts in this thread or email them to MisterX AT brotherhoodwithoutbanners DOT com. I'll keep a list here of people I've heard from so you know I have your order.



Lily Valley


RaceBannon42 a.k.a. multiple Hugo winner for "Most Awesome Guy"

Mlle. Zabzie


Howdy Phillip

lady narcissa




Let's Get Kraken

Lany Cassandra

maid of woodlynne (2 shirts)


Missy Mayhem (2 shirts)

Ser Scot




Ghosts Companion (2 shirts)

Lady with Ink

Regina (2 shirts)





Yalen & Elgernon


Arlington Bill


Perrianne Lurie

Joan Jett

Fragile Bird

Nichole G. (I totally forget your board name because I'm that kind of idiot sometimes. :( )

boiled leather

The Red Woman

Lucky Pierre

Ser Camaris

Elder Sister






Ser Knight Somerville (5 shirts)

Daenerys Stormborm (2 shirts)

kissdbyfire (2 shirts)


Mark H.



Salome Sand Witch (2 shirts)

Caryn Stark (2 shirts)

ithanos (4 shirts)

Rohanna Greywald

She Who Must Be Obeyed


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Awesome design! Love the colour! :wub:

I'll take a men's 4XL, please. :)

I'll pay in advance via PayPal. 


I'll ask Jo if she can collect it for me. :)

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Men's XL for me, please, Mr. X.

And a Men's Medium for Dr. Katie, who is avoiding the boards due to spoilers and international internet.

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Thank you for doing this again Mr. X! I'll take a Men's L. Thank you! PM PayPal. I forgot your details. :(

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35 minutes ago, the maid of woodlynne said:

I may end up picking up for a couple of people. If so, I will update this post and PM you. 

If you do end up picking up shirts for other people, could you just make a new post with those orders? Easier for me to keep track of things that way.

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I would like 1 Men's shirt size XL and 1 Women's shirt size 2XL please.  Thank you kindly.

Very excited to get a shirt this year, I missed the boat to get one for San Antonio.  My first con shirt!  :wub:  The design is gorgeous.

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What a beautiful design. Raya has excelled herself, and that's a high bar.

Put me down for a men's M!

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