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Was The High Sparrow Really No One Important?


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24 minutes ago, Mourneblade said:

This. The HS became the figurehead for a movement, that was a direct result of the war of the 5 kings. This was a direct consequence, and a believable one at that. It was interesting to see that the HS was a Fanatic, but also had some pragmatism as well.


One other thing, although there is no particular reference, I would think that Trial by Combat, would fall into the realm of the Warrior. I think the show failed really convey that, just as they failed to convey the Smith would have favored the HS's cobbler's work, although the debauchery that followed would have been punished accordingly. Just musings lol 

As is the case with mostly all religious fanatics, the interpretation of religion & beliefs is always done with a slightly biased eye towards one's own motivations & goals. 

While you are right (regarding the Warrior, etc)., this felt more like a case of The High Sparrow using his influence & belief to bend the faith of the seven to get what he wanted - the elimination of the Trial by Combat - because it served him well to do so. 

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