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Clegane bowl is on!


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I could not see the Celeganebowl that people were suggesting as a possibility because it really didn't work. The Hound was in the wrong place for a start and the obvious champion for the faith would be Lancel or some other knight they knew and trusted. The Hound is not a member of the faith militant. It was a nonsense proposal.

The new setup makes Cleganebowl a racing certainty. It fits perfectly with the redemption arc they have given the Hound. He has just avenged the death of a village murdered building a sept. It makes logical sense for him to attempt to avenge the murder of everyone in Baylor Sept. The missing factors are that he doesn't yet know that Cersei did it.

Some other factors that might come into play here. The Red Woman is headed South towards Arya and the Hound. We know Arya meets the Red woman and it makes sense for the Hound to meet Arya again. What if all three meet up? the Red woman has to visit the brotherhood without banners it is her only logical faction.

The Red Woman speaks Valyrian. The only way she can help Jon now is to guard his back against Cersei. It is logical for her to suggest a Cersei killing mission to Arya.

Valonquar means little brother. Cersei takes it to mean her little brother but there is a tradition in these prophecies that they are literally true in unexpected ways. The Hound isn't just 'a' little brother. His entire life has been defined by being the little brother of the Mountain. I suspect we find it means little brother who kills the elder.

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