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Houses & Male Heirs (maybe mild book SPOILERS)


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This is my first topic post. Don't beat me up.

It seems that it's being set up that all of the major houses are losing their primary heirs. I don't think their names & houses are going to matter anymore once the WW descend.

Stark - Only Bran is left as a male heir... I've seen people saying that maybe he can still produce offspring, but I don't agree with that. & he is the 3EC (or 3ER).
Lannister - Tyrion &/or Jaime would need to get busy.
Baratheon - Gone...
Greyjoy - Theon. :unsure:
Martell - Only Arianne will be left? (book)
Tyrell - Willas & Garlan? (book)
Targaryen - Only Dany left as of now...Not sure if Jon is still going to be a bastard even after the father is confirmed.
Arryn - Robert/Robin, who I hope goes out the Moon Door with LF.
Tully - Edmure?
Bolton - Bye. (love the Bolt-On theory)
Frey - I guess there are a few of them, haha, but they are seemingly marked for death... 

I'm probably missing people, but I think it's interesting how all of these houses are being decimated. Even House Mormont only has Jorah in exile as a male heir. These houses have a lot of legitimizing to do... 


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