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Distances travels on Westeros, Varys - Arya Teletransportation, Time Jumpers and more


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Related with the last episodes travels and the supossed time conflicts I was watching a Map of the known world in the novels and it would be easy estimate the distances between the main cities / places:

Meereem - Vaes Dothrak: 1200 miles

Meereem - Dorne: 3000 miles

Meereem - Dragonstone: 4000 miles

Meereem - King's Landing: 4500 miles

Meereem - Iron Islands: 6000 miles

Braavos - The Twins: 1300 miles

Vale - Moat Cailin: 1000 mles

Moat Cailin - Winterfell: 500 miles

Then we can estimate the duration time of every travel and to suppose the speed of a ship or a horse.

May be 20 o 30 days from Meereem to Dorne (Varys on a Ship) and 5 - 7 días from Braavos to The Twins (Arya on ship + horse). 60 days from Iron Islands to Meereem (Yara and Theon on the Iron fleet).

What do you think?

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