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Theon and the Unsullied *maybe spoilers*

Bog Devil

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So now that 


Dany is sailing the Iron Fleet back to Westeros,

it seems like Theon and the Unsullied will be spending a lot of time together in the near future. I wonder if this might be the next step in his redemptive story arc.

Earlier this season, it was established that Theon's castration is, understandably, a major source of anxiety for him. When he and Yara were hiding out at that brothel, he was visibly bothered by his inability to act on his carnal temptations the way he once would have. Theon defined his masculinity, and by extension his persona, by his conquests of lust. After he gets cut, he's pretty much been reduced to a quivering pile of crap for a couple seasons now.

Lately, he's been relying on his underlying bravery, in rescuing Sansa and escaping Winterfell, but he hasn't been the same. Yara finally confronts him and tells him in no uncertain terms to kill himself or grow a spine, and to his credit, he makes a good effort, but he's still not convincingly comfortable.

So, in the next season, can we expect to see the Unsullied act as a driving force for Theon to start reassessing and redefining his masculinity? Maybe through a conversation with Grey Worm, or through seeing the Unsullied in action, Theon might come to realize that he's more than the sum of his, uh, "parts." 

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