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Democracy is when the power emanates from the people. She was publicly acclaimed by mostly every slave in the city, which clearly configurates a majority, so it was an "absolutist democracy" while she ruled.

The moment power emanated from her, it changed to an autocracy, unless Daario´s ordered to be a provisory government while elections are held.

Republic is a harder thing to define even in real life. In certain ways, westeros can be considered a monarchic republic (even though the main understanding of "republic" nowadays confuses itself with representative democracy), since there is a public institution in the Crown that is supposedly separate from the individual sphere (the crown has its own "bank account" independent of houses targaryen or baratheon, as well as a navy and a tiny standing army). Qarth under the 13 could be an oligarchic republic, depending on certain details I´m not sure about.

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