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About Dany's Movements at the end of the episode?

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They have a magical bond with Daenerys. They can use it to track her.


Also, a fleet of several hundred ships is going to stand out as distinct. I assume that dragon eyesight is at least as good as that of a bird of prey - they'd be able to tell the difference between one group of ships and another. Especially since they can "feel" Dany through the magic tying them together.

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On 7/2/2016 at 4:02 PM, xjlxking said:

Yet it works more when they are around. That's stupid! Yet we accept it because it's from Martin. Yet, a dragon that can fly for a long period of time is totally stupid 

I'm not even going to get into the fact that there are animals out there that move without ever sleeping like sharks. 

Actually, it has been theorized that magic is returning to the world and the rebirth of the dragons was a catalyst, being how it allegedly took magic to hatch them. The wargs, faceless men and warlocks have always been able to use their abilities, even after the last dragons died. So right now you need to think of magic being behind a dam, and the return of dragons has caused the dam to crack. Thus causing the more traditional uses of magic to begin to happen.

On 7/2/2016 at 3:56 PM, Ser Scot A Ellison said:

Magic never completely died.  

This is also true. In the books when Tyrion is talking to the pyromancers, they state they used magic formulae to create wildfire in the days of the Mad King. After the Mad King's death they stopped making it. Once they started to produce wildfire again the alchemists guild did say that it took a few tries but after they were successful it became easier each time.

In essence magic in Martin's world was atrophied for the most part.

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It is clear that the final scene is various months after every other scene in the sixth season, that much is fine with me. The only problem I have is about Dorne and Tyrell fleets (which are quite big to go unnoticed) to be sent to Slavers bay without having someone else fleet tailing them (Lannisters or Euron). Maybe there was already a naval battle and it was discarded as a minor detail, but still I find this ships teleporting more disturbing than supposed Varys teleporting or any other problem that was highlighted.

Anyway S7EP01 may clarify a lot of this. My guess is that it will be completely centered on events that are between Cersei/Jon coronations and Dany sailing to westeros. The last scene of S6 was just a temporal leap for the sake of the finale and now the hole needs to be filled.


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