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How long could Cersei realistically hold King's Landing and Casterly Rock?

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3 hours ago, xjlxking said:

Yeah, without a doubt. I like the idea behind a long winter and all, but if you think too much on it, you start to realize that it's not really possible 

As far as the reserves are concerned, i imagine it's things that can be preserved for a long time. Wheat can be preserved for a few dozen years. Other possible food would be things like chickens or other live stock but even than the sheer number of people to feed is really hard to imagine 

I wonder if there's anyone on these boards that can address these issues more definitively than me, since I'm not really sure.

IS it even theoretically possible for them to preserve food for what could be 6-8 years, given their (apparently) very primitive technology? (And assuming such matters in Westeros are governed by the same laws of nature as what we call "the real world")

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Most winters aren't the years-long winters that are so feared.

Most summers aren't as long as the one that just ended, either.


Most of the really long-duration stuff isn't going to be especially attractive, by our standards. And none of it is going to be luxury foods.

That said, even with their apparent technology base, I would expect that their food preservation and storage practices are somewhat further advanced, if only out of necessity.

You can get a good seal on containers, presumably pottery, since glass would be expensive, with pouring molten wax on the top. You'd need to store them carefully in order to protect the wax seals. You'd probably be storing things like jams and preserves, and boiled fruits/vegetables like that.

If memory serves, there's some sort of Roman fish-paste or something that stored quite well in sealed amphorae.

Dried, salted, and smoked meats would also last fairly well, if stored properly.

It depends on how and in what conditions you're preserving and storing the food. In the right conditions, stuff can last ages longer than one might think.


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My theory is Cercei will send Jaime to Casterly Rock to bring in new levies to reinforce the Lannister Garrison at King's Landing. While he and Bronn are doing just that Dany moves on King's Landing with her easy mode army. Cercei being smart enough to realize the end is nigh opens the gates so the barbarians can rush in. Then a bell sounds and another, and another. The commanders thinking something is wrong (soldier's intuition) due to how the gates to the greatest city in Westeros and meeting no resistance start organizing their men to get out once they hear the bells. Then the caches of wildfire ignite destroying most of the city and a large chunk of Dany's army.

Cercei by this time is out of the city and high tails it to Casterly Rock where she tells Jamie what happened. Jamie then sickened by this revelation kills her.

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