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Giannis L


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I think I have solved the riddle of Lightbringer , the red sword of Heroes that Azor Ahai must hold to defeat the champion of the great other.

Let's assume for a second the Azor Ahai is Jon Snow as he was resurrected by the red woman matching the profile of Azor Ahai.

To win the war with the others he needs to forge the lightbringer. This sword can only be created from an act of pure love and sacrifice were a woman willingly will bear her chest and allow her heart to be pierced by the sword that will transformed into the lightbringer.

This is were Samwell Tarly, Gilly and Tarly's family sword of valyrian steel will play an important role.

The sword is name heartsbane, which in archaic language can be translated as heart killer. We saw Sam taking the sword from his father's castle as he left along with Gilly for the Citadel.

I sense that in the Citadel Sam will discover the craft to forge lightbringer and help Jon Snow and his armies to defeat the others.

Only that lightbringer request the owner of the sword to pierce the heart of his beloved one to create the ultimate weapon.

The only pure love in this series is that of Sam and Gilly. Silly will bear her chest so that her desperate lover Sam to pierce her heart with Heartsbane creating the Red sword of heroes that will assist his friend Jon to triumph .

Thats why the visit to Tarly's castle is not at all random but a turning point to the story. The sacrifice of Gilly will be one of the most dramatic moments equal to the red wedding.


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