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My version of what "ASOIAF: The Musical" might sound like

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I've been working on a series of songs from the perspective of different POV characters. Basically, I like to imagine what it would be like if Arya or Jaime had had a guitar with them at crucial points in their story lines and just wrote what they were feeling at the time. My three most recent songs can be found here: https://asoreahigh.bandcamp.com/

Arya is set during her time with the faceless men and covers her training and inner conflict from clinging on to her identity. I also have a video version of Arya II set to pictures from the TV series that go along with the music that can be seen here.

Ned is about Eddard's reflections on Roberts Rebellion and the Tower of Joy and its outcomes (i.e. Jon)

Sansa/Sandor is a dual song where the first half is Sansa and the second half is Sandor. It covers Sansa's feelings of being trapped in the Red Keep as well as Sandor asking Sansa to leave the city with him.


Thanks for checking this out! I'll have more to come!


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What kind of style do you like best?  They sound a bit like country mixed with 90's alternative.  


Poor Ned tho - it sounds like his head was in the clouds!

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