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Illyrio's 3 heads

Brad Stark

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10 hours ago, girlfrommonday said:

@Tini I agree with your summary, but I still have problem with this plan. Why not having Viserys and Dany as assets? Why they don't plan something along the lines "Aegon for the Iron Throne, Viserys will be spending time at Dragonstone, and our Targaryen princess can be valuable bride for some Lord (Highgarden, Riverlands?)". Hand of the aunt of the king could tempt someone with an army in Westeros. And Viserys would be not a threat for Iron Throne, everybody would have found out, that he was crazy like a Mad King. But what if Aegon will be childless? Viserys as a backup for Targaryen bloodline should be protected (I'm thinking about his potential children). Basically, the more Targaryens the merrier.

The best explanation for this is that Illyrio/Varys loyalties are not really with the Targaryens, they lie with the exiled rebel branch of the Targaryens called the Blackfyres, who hated the Targs.

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