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I don't think Gregor killed baby Aegon; only Elia and Rhaenys

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Don't ask me who did but it seems like Gregor Clegane wasn't the one who smashed baby Aegon's face. In fact, he seems to have only smashed Elia's face.


"Elia of Dorne," they all heard Ser Gregor say, when they were close enough to kiss. His deep voice boomed within the helm. "I killed her screaming whelp." He thrust his free hand into Oberyn's unprotected face, pushing steel fingers into his eyes. "Then I raped her." Clegane slammed his fist into the Dornishman's mouth, making splinters of his teeth. "Then I smashed her fucking head in. Like this." 

- A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Three - A Storm of Swords, Chapter Seventy (Tyrion X)

[Disclaimer]: The above transcript is from a fight-scene. One in which Gregor was a little bit preoccupied with a trial by battle and might not have recounted things the way they actually happened.

Having said that, it seems strange to me that this is the one piece of first-hand evidence we get of the events involving Elia and her children.

The fact is that Gregor killed at least one of her children (I think it was Rhaenys). "I killed her screaming whelp"; notice how he only says one whelp, not whelps. Then he says that he crushed Elia's face. Why would he say that? Wasn't it supposed to be baby Aegon's face which he smashed?

I'm not usually one to be so nit-picky about something that was said in passing, but this just struck me as odd. And GRRM is known to be precise about most things he says.

All throughout the series, we're reminded of how Gregor smashed baby Aegon's face - making it conveniently unrecognisable - and yet suddenly, Gregor says it was Elia's face which he smashed.

What say ye?

Am I onto something, or just reading too much into it?

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