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Westeros Dynasty 2016


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2 hours ago, SpaceForce Tywin et al. said:

Watson at $9 for 3 years was looking like the steal of the draft until he caught that exploding knee disease.

Him and Kamara at $6 is pretty good.  And Garrappolo at $3 or whatever he is at.  There are some really good deals out there.

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13 hours ago, grozeng said:

Teams are updated on the first page.  Feel free to tell me your drops but they won't be due until a couple of days before the draft.

We need a replacement for Scuba Steve.

We need to come up with a draft time.

We need to confirm if we are OK with the IR slot now being for anyone on your roster injured or anyone you draft that is injured (from discussions last season, that is what we were all in favor of, but just want to confirm).


For Scuba Steve - I'd be in favor of giving Analu/Mahaka first refusal on that slot, in case he wants it (IDK if that team is any good). For draft time - I have drafts on the 29th and 30th, and that's it.


IR slot, I am OK with it, assuming the majority wants it. No strong feelings.

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5 hours ago, grozeng said:

Him and Kamara at $6 is pretty good.  And Garrappolo at $3 or whatever he is at.  There are some really good deals out there.

Yeah that's a great price for both of them. I have Latavius Murray on a $1 deal. Carr at $6 is great too, but he's in his final year.

Also, count me as a yes vote for an IR slot. I had so many guys go down last year and it would have sucked to not have one.

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On 8/28/2016 at 10:57 PM, grozeng said:


Dollars Spent: 121
Penalty: 4 (4 - 1 years, 1 - 2 years)
Available Budget: 79
Roster Spots Remaining: 11

Allen Robinson - 29 (1 years)
Lamar Miller - 29 (1 years)
DeVante Parker - 19 (2 years)
Deshaun Watson - 9 (2 years)
Tevin Coleman - 7 (1 years)
Marvin Jones - 7 (1 years)
Derek Carr - 6 (1 years)
Will Fuller - 5 (1 year)
Bilal Powell - 4 (2 years)
Tyrell Williams - 1 (2 years)
Latavius Murray - 1 (2 years)

Dropped Players:

David Cobb - 2 (1 years)
Brock Osweiler- 4 (2 years)
Cody Latimer - 2 (1 years)
Phillip Dorsett - 1 (1 years)

Just an FYI, I will likely be dropping Robinson for the one year, $10 hit. He wasn't worth $29 before, and he's coming off of a torn ACL and who knows what he will do in Chicago. Frankly I regret not dropping him last year. Thankfully this season will be the last of the rebuilding period. It looks like all my bad contracts will be gone after this year and I'll have almost all my cap space back and a cheap elite FF QB. Still should have locked up Watson for 4 years though. 

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I don't know if you saw this, but there is an open spot in this league. The team you would take over is in far better shape than the team I got last year. You don't have any star players, but you do have some decent starters, no terrible contracts and lost of money to use. This would be your team:

On 8/28/2016 at 11:00 PM, grozeng said:

Scuba Steve

Dollars Spent: 75

Penalty: 7 (7 - 1 year)

Available Budget: 125

Roster Spots Remaining: 13


Martavius Bryant - 19 (3 years)
Derrick Henry - 17 (2 years)
Cooper Kupp - 7 (3 years)
Samaje Perine - 6 (3 years)
Kevin White - 6 (3 years)
Tyler Eifert - 4 (1 years)
Jamaal Williams - 3 (3 years)
Zay Jones - 3 (3 years)
Danny Woodhead - 3 (1 year)


Dropped Players:

Josh Gordon - 16 (1 years)
Devon Funchess - 6 (2 years)


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On 8/28/2016 at 8:57 PM, grozeng said:


Dollars Spent - 128
Penalty - 3 (3- 1 years, )
Available Budget - 72
Roster Spots Remaining - 6

Julio Jones - 39 (1 years)
Andrew Luck- 23 (2 years)
Mitchell Trubiskey - 10 ( 2 year)
Larry Fitzgerald - 8 (1 year)
DeSean Jackson - 7 (1 year)
Marlon Mack - 7 (1 year)
Josh Doctson - 5 (1 years)
Curtis Samuel - 5 (2 years)
Jared Goff - 4 (2 years)
OJ Howard - 4 (2 years)
Terrance West - 3 (1 years)
Deonta Foreman - 3 (2 years)
Wendell Smallwood 3 (2 years)
Mike Williams - 2 (1 year)
Ty Montgomery - 1 (1 years)
Trevor Simien - 1 (2 years)


Dropped Players:
Robert Griffin III - 8 (1 years)

Tentative drops:

DeSean Jackson (Free up $7, take a $2 penalty)

Terrance West (Free up $3, take a $1 penalty)

Trevor Siemien (Free up $1, take a $1 penalty)

Will decide on D'onta Foreman and Wendell Smallwood closer to date, but that will take me to 9 roster spots remaining, with $79 available.


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So I think we still need to find replacements for Scuba and maybe Race (I think he is now  @Lionel Messi 42 ) if he does not respond.

What draft days/times work?  I am not available labor day weekend (going to see Pearl Jam at Fenway)


Race just emailed me.  He is back in for this year.  So we just need to replace Scuba I think.  Anyone want it?

Edited by grozeng
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On 8/28/2016 at 10:58 PM, grozeng said:

Lord Dracarys

Dollars Spent: 145

Penalty: 3 (3 - 1 years)

Available Budget: 55

Roster Spots Remaining: 6


Christian McCaffrey - 28 (3 years)
Joe Mixon  - 26 (3 years)
Tyrod Taylor - 19 (1 years)
Ameer Abdullah - 17 (1 years)
Phillip Rivers - 13 (1 year)
John Brown - 8 (1 years)
Allen Hurns - 8 (1 years)
Kenny Golladay - 6 (3 years)
Chris Carson - 5 (2 years)
Stefan Diggs - 3 (1 years)
Julius Thomas - 2 (1 years)
Chris Hogan - 2 (1 years)
Seattle - 2 (1 year)
S. Coates - 1 (1 years)
Dorial Green-Beckham - 1 (2 years)
Taj Boyd - 1 (2 years)

Dropped Players:

Nelson Agholor - 9 (2 years)

Dropping: Ameer Abdullah (penalty 5?). Leaving me with 67 for 7 roster spots I believe.

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I have drafts next Wednesday, Aug 29 (8:30 PM EST) and Thursday, Aug 30 (10:00 PM EST); can draft whenever else.


Groz - do you want to email Analu (I think he put his contact info in the main FF thread)? I don't know if he checks the board with any frequency.

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2 hours ago, Lord Dracarys said:

Wasn't sure on the rounding for it, would make sense it was rounded up.

Yeah, unless I misread something, it rounds both up and down, so if you had used $16 on him instead, you would have saved a dollar. 

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13 hours ago, grozeng said:

Can someone email Analu?  I do not see his email.

We still need to figure out the draft.  I can do any day next week or after Labor day

I emailed him. Sounds like he doesn't want to do a dynasty or auction draft, so we still need someone to fill that spot.


For the draft, anytime is good for me except the 29th and 30th of August, I have other drafts then.

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