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Westeros Dynasty 2016


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Sorry, really busy at work.

Let's get this back up and running.  Post here if you are back in.  I will update rosters tomorrow or the next day,

Not sure when the other board drafts are, so if there are particular days that work, let me know.

The league automatically renews with the same managers, so if you are not in the league and interested, post here too and you can get first crack at a team if someone is not back.



@Jace, Basilissa

@Bronn Stone

@Tywin et al.

@Jaxom 1974




@Manhole Eunuchsbane

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13 hours ago, grozeng said:

OK, we have me, Jace, tywin, Jaxom, Lord Dracarys, Blu-ray, briantw and Race

@Bronn Stone

@Manhole Eunuchsbane


we need to them to respond.

What day works for drafting?

Manhole is banned, so reaching out here is worthless. I’ll email him.

Regarding a date, I have drafts each of the next four evenings, and we collectively still need dates for this league, Thunderdome and Survivor.

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9:30 Eastern is a huge difference for me compared to 9:00.  Difference between leaving work an hour early or having to leave two hours early - because of bus schedules.  My colleagues aren't too thrilled seeing me leave early all week because of FF - except for the one who plays FF.

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