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Balticon Reading Features New Winds of Winter Chapter

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At <a href=“http://balticon.org/”>Balticon</a>, George R.R. Martin finished his highly anticipated reading where he offered fans one of three chapters to read: the “Sons of the Dragon” material from <em>The World of Ice and Fire</em>, and two chapters from <em>The Winds of Winter</em> . . . but one of those George has released previously, while the other was one that he had offered to read only once before and fans had turned it down. This time, they chose otherwise.

For those who are concerned about spoilers, won’t say anything more here, but you’ll find the discussion thread—with links to various reports—<a href=“http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/140571-twow-spoilers-aeron-i-balticon/&page=1”>on the A Song of Ice and Fire forum</a>. It even inspired some speculation from us!

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