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20th Anniversary Edition of A Game of Thrones


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Here’s an <a href=“http://www.amazon.com/Game-Thrones-20th-Anniversary-Illustrated/dp/0553808044/?tag=westeros-20”>interesting discovery</a> at Amazon.com: a 20th Anniversary edition of <em>A Game of Thrones</em> from the publisher of the series, with indications that it will be illustrated. It’s due for publication this October, so it’s a ways off yet, and there’s not much more information in the accompanying description.

Truth be told, we were told that something like this was in the planning stages, so it’s good to see that Random House is ready to start revealing some information about it. Whether the illustrations will draw from the rich body of artwork that Random House has already commissioned over the years, or will commission a single artist to illustrate all the pieces (as with the Subterranean Press limited editions), appears to be something fans will have to wait to discover.

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